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  • February 27, 2013

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – February 2013

Juergen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption

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clip_image001SOA CommunityFast Data: When Big Data Comes to you Fast–Webcast February 27th 2013 http://wp.me/p10C8u-CN

clip_image001[1]SOA Community Quality Analysis for SOA and Cloud http://wp.me/p10C8u-Ce

clip_image002Simone GeibRT @oracletechnet: Stay in, stay warm, and improve your technical skills with this list of online BPEL and BPMN training resources...

clip_image001[2]SOA Community ‏Winter time is training time! http://wp.me/p10C8u-BV

clip_image003AMIS, Oracle & JavaBlog by Marcel van de Glind: "SOA/BPM:Incoming Message dispatcher (part 2 of 2)" http://bit.ly/VGMjDE

clip_image001[3]SOA Community

Your One-Stop Shop for Middleware Webcasts http://wp.me/p10C8u-Cd

clip_image004Rajesh RahejaCommunity Management: The Next Wave of SOA Governance and API Management http://flip.it/EHv3J

clip_image006Oracle Middleware Miss the BPM demo? Watch it now! http://pub.vitrue.com/PCZM

clip_image007MarcDid some nice performance test with #OSB. Will come back on that later this week, to share the experience. #osb11g @soacommunity

clip_image008Jan van Zoggelblogpost: Integration of Oracle #BPM and Oracle UCM/WCC http://wp.me/p1H430-qO

clip_image009Dain HansenFully implemented, free business processes available from industry leader to kick-start BPM implementation. http://pub.vitrue.com/i7AK

clip_image010OTNArchBeat Oracle Service Bus Performance Tuning - RouterRuntimeCache | Mike Muller #soa http://pub.vitrue.com/r6az

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clip_image001[4]SOA Community ‏SOA Community Newsletter January 2013 http://wp.me/p10C8u-BR

clip_image011Mark Nelson ‏Collecting diagnostic information for BPM http://wp.me/pgVeO-H5

clip_image013orclateamsoaTeam Blog #ateam: OSB Performance Tuning - RouterRuntimeCache http://ow.ly/2uzXrM

clip_image010[1]OTNArchBeatSOA guru Thomas Erl's Arcitura Education has launched http://CloudPatterns.org , a community resource. http://pub.vitrue.com/hNLu

clip_image001[5]SOA CommunityUKOUG Conference middleware track presentations http://wp.me/p10C8u-BS

clip_image001[6]SOA Community Remote Diagnostics Agent webcasts January 30th & 31st 2013 http://wp.me/p10C8u-CF

clip_image014Jon petter hjulstadLearning Oracle Event Processing- cool!

clip_image001[7]SOA CommunityTop tweets SOA Partner Community – January 2013 http://wp.me/p10C8u-BL

clip_image001[8]SOA CommunityWriting the February edition of the SOA Community newsletter - send us your content @soacommunity ;-) #soacommunity #oracle #opn

clip_image015Oracle SOA Add the power of discrimination, making enterprises human with Oracle Event Processing http://pub.vitrue.com/Um1C

clip_image002[1]Simone GeibMala Ramakrishnan: Making Enterprises More Human: Removing the Complexity in Event Processing: http://ow.ly/h9QbX #oraclesoa #oep...

clip_image001[9]SOA CommunityOOP 2013 - IT Stammtisch thanks to Nicolai Josuttis http://wp.me/p10C8u-Bn

clip_image015[1]Oracle SOAYour next WebEx mtg-powered by Oracle SOA integration. 3-min video on how Cisco managed int, mobile #soa #oraclesoa http://pub.vitrue.com/idMh

clip_image016OracleBlogs ‏SOA Suite 11g Demo http://ow.ly/2utBxg

clip_image016[1]OracleBlogsHow to Configure Multiple Authentication Providers for Oracle SOA Suite Human Workflow http://ow.ly/2uqPFU

clip_image017C2B2 Consulting Register to #SOA Webinar Part 2- Diagnosing&Tuning Performance Problems in the #JVM Mon 28th Jan 5pm GMT http://www.c2b2.co.uk/oracle_soa_suite_webinars … @soacommunity

clip_image010[2]OTNArchBeat#Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum - Vilamoura, Portugal - Feb 19-20 #SOA #BPM #WebLogic #ADF http://pub.vitrue.com/HTqX

clip_image006[1]Oracle MiddlewareThe January edition of the Fusion #Middleware Newsletter is now available http://pub.vitrue.com/ZhNi

clip_image001[10]SOA Community@ORCLPartnerBiz At the #soacommunity partners get all material: trainings, documentation, roadmaps, marketing, sales... http://www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa

clip_image016[2]OracleBlogsBPM Integration Days 2013 become an BPM and ACM expert! http://ow.ly/2urP3a

clip_image001[11]SOA CommunityBPM Integration Days 2013 – become an BPM and ACM expert! http://wp.me/p10C8u-Bk

clip_image001[12]SOA CommunityWant to learn more about Oracle BPM - become a member in the BPM Partner Community http://www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa #soacommunity #bpm #oop2013

clip_image018Hajo Normann #BPM tooling productivity in 2013 is impressive, process modelled, services designed incl. db table, UI impl all in one hour

clip_image001[13]SOA CommunitySuper BPM Session - 3 different tools live overview #OOP2013 thanks to Nicolai Josuttis for the excellent night session! #bpm #soacommunity

clip_image019Kai WähnerLive BPM tooling "contest" with Oracle, SAP and Camunda / Activiti <-- Awesome session #OOP2013 http://lockerz.com/s/278908735

clip_image001[14]SOA Community Wow Oracle BPM Suite is super productive. Danilo is running tests while competitive tools are still working #OOP2013 t.co/MIIygxAM

clip_image001[15]SOA Community BPM11g live Demo at #OOP2013 by Danilo and Torsten from #Opitz #soacommunity #bpm #oracle pic.twitter.com/raAcRXfy

clip_image020Lucas JellemaParticipate in the discussion on Best Practices for ADF Frontend with ESB (SOA services) back end on ADF EMG forum https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/adf-methodology/GKgKgALg0N8 …

clip_image021ADF Code Corner Attend 2 day ADF architecture workshop at Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum, Portugal (Feb 21-22, 2013) http://www.tinyurl.com/ofmforum2013

clip_image010[3]OTNArchBeat#ADF interaction with business service – an ongoing discussion | @LucasJellema http://pub.vitrue.com/RoRf

clip_image014[1]Jon petter hjulstad Excellent Middlewaretrack at #ougn2013 this year: http://ougnvarseminar2013.sched.org/overview/type/middleware …

clip_image017[1]C2B2 ConsultingOracle #SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning -Live Webinar Part 2: 28th of Jan http://www.c2b2.co.uk/oracle_soa_suite_webinars …@soacommunity #Java #JVM #WebLogic

clip_image001[16]SOA CommunityFusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2013 http://www.tinyurl.com/ofmforum2013 almost booked out - register now! #ofmforum #soacommunity

clip_image001[17]SOA CommunityWant to learn more about Java and Cloud - attend the Oracle OOP Developer Day free of charge https://blogs.oracle.com/emeapartnerweblogic/entry/oracle_developer_day_oop_2013 … #oop2013 #oracle

clip_image022Rolando CarrascoNew entry @ oracleradio http://oracleradio.blogspot.mx/2013/01/oracle-bpm-process-accelerators.html#more … OBPM Process Accelerators @oracleace @soacommunity @OracleBPM @heidibuelowBPM

clip_image002[2]Simone GeibNot clear what SOA Suite is? RT @oraclesoa: Oracle SOA Suite in action. Watch the video demonstration #oraclesoa #soa http://pub.vitrue.com/8vEr

clip_image013[1]orclateamsoa Team Blog #ateam: Oracle SOA for Healthcare - Setting Endpoint Acknowledgement Acceptance http://ow.ly/2ujlBt

clip_image001[18]SOA CommunityFusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2013 - more than half of the seats booked! http://www.tinyurl.com/ofmforum2013 #opn #ofmforum #soacommunity

clip_image001[19]SOA CommunityDistribute January SOA Community newsletter - read it! Did not receive it - want to become a member http://www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa #opn #soacommunity

clip_image017[2]C2B2 ConsultingOracle #SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning -Live Webinar Series start 21st of January http://www.c2b2.co.uk/oracle_soa_suite_webinars … @soacommunity #Java #JVM #WebLogic

clip_image024Oracle UsableAppsGetting to Know Oracle Fusion Middleware: Jürgen Kress & Simon Haslam https://blogs.oracle.com/soacommunity/entry/getting_to_know_oracle_fusion … @SOACOMMUNITY) <-& meet #FusionApps too

clip_image002[3]Simone GeibCool! RT @oraclesoa: Check out the new Oracle SOA Suite video on Motability's 100% ROI in 2 months. #soa #oraclesoa http://pub.vitrue.com/EDXy

clip_image020[1]Lucas Jellema ‏SOA Suite Testing Utilities: http://java.net/projects/soa-testing-snippets …

clip_image026Eric ElzingaReference Architecture Foundation for Service Oriented Architecture Version 1.0, http://docs.oasis-open.org/soa-rm/soa-ra/v1.0/soa-ra.pdf …

clip_image010[4]OTNArchBeatBest Practices for Integrating REST/SOAP Services into ADF | Grant Ronald's Blog http://ow.ly/gC12C

clip_image027Yogesh SontakkeConfused what all comes under the Fusion Middleware umbrella? Excellent overview here - http://bit.ly/VO7Tnr @soacommunity

clip_image001[20]SOA CommunityGetting to Know Oracle Fusion Middleware http://wp.me/p10C8u-A3

clip_image028Danilo SchmiedelConnect to multiple SOA / BPM Virtual Machines from different computers in your network http://goo.gl/DmLV3 @soacommunity @OC_WIRE

clip_image029Oracle BPMGeoffroy de Lamalle, CEO of eProseed, discusses Oracle BPM Suite #bpm #processmanagement http://pub.vitrue.com/evNq

clip_image031Oracle for Partners Do you want to learn about #Oracle Fusion Middleware? Register now! http://bit.ly/UsYzql #OPN #Fusion

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