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  • August 20, 2011

top tweets SOA Partner Community – August 2011

Juergen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption

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clip_image001soacommunity Hi Jan, to link PearsonVue to your Oracle account please see http://t.co/fv07Aho #soacommunity #bpm

clip_image003OracleMiddle 40 reasons Oracle outperforms IBM in middleware. Reason #18: Unfied tooling for SOA, BPM. http://bit.ly/qD07i0 #OracleOutperformsIBM

clip_image004SOASimone YouTube video: Create a BPEL flow with Human task Flow http://bit.ly/oqTI9R

clip_image005OTNArchBeat Entitlements servers, SOA foot-draggers, and communing with architects http://ow.ly/5XKzy

clip_image006jaxlondon @AdamBien is to hold a tutorial “Java EE 6/7: Productivity with Joy” @JAXLondon http://cot.ag/qdgjfx #JavaEE #Maven #Jenkins JB

clip_image005[1]OTNArchBeat BPMN standard User task explained in Oracle BPMSuite | Jaime Conejo Verheijden http://ow.ly/5XFJv

clip_image005[2]OTNArchBeat Interview with Greg Bollella, Chief Architect, Embedded Java | Janice Heiss http://ow.ly/5XF5g

clip_image005[3]OTNArchBeat Securing Weblogic Web servcies with OWSM Policies | Jiandong Guo http://ow.ly/5XEVP

clip_image001[1]soacommunity Value of SOA Specialization interview with Jag Puttanna, CEO of XTRON – part IV http://wp.me/p10C8u-96

clip_image008eelzinga Securing Weblogic Web servcies with OWSM Policies, http://bit.ly/rkoDqf #weblogic #owsm

clip_image005[4]OTNArchBeat Fun with JRockit | René van Wijk http://ow.ly/5Wn8t

clip_image005[5]OTNArchBeat InfoQ: Swarm Computing – Next Generation Clouds and the Role of SOA | Juergen Kress http://ow.ly/5WlxR

clip_image003[1]OracleMiddle 40 Reasons Oracle outperforms IBM in middleware. Reason #16: Unified BPM. http://bit.ly/pPOozu #OracleOutperformsIBM

clip_image010CapgeminiOracle Learn about BPM-related topics incl planning, mastering BPMN, rule usage, and more during webcast series. Register @ http://bit.ly/pX4ml2

clip_image001[2]soacommunity Swarm Computing – Next Generation Clouds and the Role of SOA – my presentation from the SOA & Cloud Symposium – http://icio.us/TyNYsu #cloud

clip_image012Oracle Learn about BPM-related topics incl planning, mastering BPMN, rule usage, and more during webcast series. Register @ http://bit.ly/pX4ml2

clip_image014adfcodecorner ADF Code Corner Great ppt deck by Sage Computing . Discusses different ADF architecture topologies for reuse and modularisation: http://bit.ly/oppTxz

clip_image015OracleBlogs Swarm Computing Next Generation Clouds and the Role of SOA my presentation from the SOA & Cloud Symposium http://ow.ly/1e6L14

clip_image016soabooks HL7 announced it is adopting the SOA governance framework as described in the book “SOA Governance” by Thomas Erl (et al)ow.ly/5VEFF

clip_image018andrejusb Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: ADF Dialog Framework and ADF Task Flow Re-Initiali… andrejusb.blogspot.com/2011/08/adf-di…

clip_image005[6]OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat Updated Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection Guide | @MikeJWalker http://ow.ly/5V4Nh

clip_image005[7]OTNArchBeat Java Champions at JavaOne 2011! | JavaOne Conference Blog http://ow.ly/5V2O7

clip_image019eelzinga Schematron Validation in Oracle BPEL using Custom XPath Function, http://bit.ly/rrgkeA #schematron #bpel

clip_image015[1]OracleBlogs Get linked to the Oracle SOA Partner Community! http://ow.ly/1e5K8X

clip_image005[8]OTNArchBeat Tuning WebLogic LDAP Authentication Providers | @FusionSecExpert http://ow.ly/5UuFB

clip_image005[9]OTNArchBeat ArchBeat Podcast: Thomas Erl and @ATManes on SOA Governance – Part 2/3 http://ow.ly/5UvZq

clip_image001[3]soacommunity thanks David: key OFM products FY12? Specialization? OOW? – http://icio.us/UmqPiG #soacommunity #shaffer

clip_image005[10]OTNArchBeat Invoking web services dynamically in BPEL 1.1 | Andy.Knight http://ow.ly/5U1cl #soa

clip_image015[2]OracleBlogs Invoking web services dynamically in BPEL 1.1 http://ow.ly/1e4JRS

clip_image020OracleSOA Monitoring SOA Composites w/ Enterprise Manager youtube video bit.ly/MonitoringSOA #soa

clip_image005[11]OTNArchBeat Mastering Oracle BPM Suite 11g Webcast Series – weekly 8/18 thru 9/29 – 10am. PT / 1pm ET http://ow.ly/5Sulx

clip_image005[12]OTNArchBeat The Cloud Prenup; Thomas Erl and Anne Thomas Manes on #SOA; Agile Product Lifecycle Management http://ow.ly/5SoQk

clip_image005[13]OTNArchBeat Introduction to Oracle Web Services and Web Services Manager | Jiandong Guo http://ow.ly/5SoB8

clip_image015[3]OracleBlogs OracleBlogs OpenWorld and Oracle ADF: The ADF Enterprise Methodology Group Presentations http://ow.ly/1e2VHM

clip_image018[1]andrejusb Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: How To Handle Web Browser Buttons in ADF/WebCenter… andrejusb.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-to…

clip_image019[1]eelzinga Eric Elzinga Nice overview of VisualVM, “VisualVM for Java Development”, http://bit.ly/qwo7qM #visualvm

clip_image015[4]OracleBlogs VIDEO: New Certification: Oracle Weblogic Server 11g System Administrator http://ow.ly/1e1Ykt

clip_image021TheSOANetwork Three reasons cloud and SOA will boost outsourcing – ZDNet: Here is an updated point of view. As more enter… http://zd.net/qEAx18 #SOA

clip_image023soacloud The 3rd and final part of the video, The Four Pillars of Service-Orientation. View it at http://ow.ly/5QU9j

clip_image014[2]adfcodecorner ADF Code Corner Sample 087: “How-to improve LOV performance with shared AM in ADF BC” by Andrejus Baranovski… (cont) http://deck.ly/~A35lh

clip_image024OracleEvents Oracle Oracle Service Bus 11g new features for integration developers http://ow.ly/1e0z09

clip_image001[4]soacommunity July SOA Partner Community Newsletter 2011 – http://icio.us/R8GdXi #soacommunity #in #oracle #opn

clip_image005[14]OTNArchBeat Podcast: Thomas Erl and Anne Thomas Manes on SOA Governance http://ow.ly/5PvEm

clip_image004[1]SOASimone Simone Geib Jeff Davies: adding video tutorials to the sample code for Oracle Service Bus: http://bit.ly/nw3d6s #osb

clip_image025fnimphiu Who said Fusion Applications isn’t real? Addressing who think ADF cannot be used for projects like this, see http://bit.ly/fCY1GD

clip_image023[1]soacloud The Four Pillars of Service-Orientation by Thomas Erl (Part 1) video is published on the Arcitura Youtube Channel: http://ow.ly/5P539

clip_image026brhubart Podcast Show Notes: Thomas Erl and Anne Thomas Manes on SOA Governance http://ow.ly/1dZofz

clip_image028OracleProfit Leveraging Opportunities in Life Sciences with BPM: What are the three ways BPM can help? bit.ly/oP3fSB

clip_image005[15]OTNArchBeat “The Year of the ADF developer” at Oracle Open World 2011 | @ChrisCMuir http://ow.ly/5OL3n

clip_image030oracle_em Middleware Mgmt Blog Where can I find the most common log files for Middleware (including FMW, ADP, JVMD) monito… http://bit.ly/pI5feH

clip_image031VikasAatOracle Met Oracle partners, presented on SOA on Exalogic #Exalogic #SOA ..amazing possibilities with Software and hardware engineered together !!!

clip_image032exalogic_emea SquareTwo Financial Goes Live with Oracle Engineered Systems – Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Exadata…: http://lnkd.in/q4Rb-H

clip_image033simon_haslam GridLink Data Source now part of #WebLogic Suite :) My analysis: http://trunc.it/ho36l (thanks for heads-up @jambay)

clip_image018[2]andrejusb ADF/WebCenter Spaces 11g/BPM Suite 11g Integration Andrejus Baranovskis itevent.net/adfwebcenter-s… via @itevent

clip_image015[5]OracleBlogs Top 5 Docs to Introduce You to JavaFX http://ow.ly/1dYbHA

clip_image014[1]adfcodecorner Sample 88 released on ADF Code Corner: “How-to extend and nest page templates in Oracle JDeveloper 11g R2″ htt… (cont) http://deck.ly/~OQ8AL

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