Tuesday Jan 06, 2015

Using DB Adapter in SOA Suite 12c by Waslley Souza

clip_image001When you have a BPEL Process, and it needs to perform an operation on a Database Table, for example, insert an employee, you have to use the Database Adapter. The Database Adapter exposes to SOA, tables and SQL transparently and non-intrusively.

In this post, I will create a BPEL Process to insert employees into Employees table from HR Schema. Best practises, like the use of MDS and Mediator, are not the purpose of this post. Download the sample application: SOADBAdapterApp.zip.

Create a SOA Application.

In Step 1, set the Application Name and Application Package Prefix.

In Step 2, set the Project Name. Read the complete article here.

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Wednesday Jul 06, 2011

Introducing Java 7 Webcast: Moving Java Forward

Step Forward and Celebrate
As a member of the Java community, you played a critical role in building Java 7. You contributed great ideas for new features and new ways of working and collaborating to take the next step in development. And now, it’s time to celebrate with a global gathering of the Java community—online and live. See your ideas at work. Hear about everything Java 7 can do for you and how we’re moving Java forward together.
Join us for the global introduction—in person at celebrations in Redwood Shores, São Paulo, or London, or via our live Webcast—as we unveil the latest innovations in Java 7. Learn from fellow developers around the globe who are getting the most out of the new features. Discover what lies ahead for Java from the communities and organizations—your groups—that are driving the continued evolution of Java. Find out how Oracle’s ongoing commitment to Java will benefit you.
Hosted by:

Adam Messinger Bruno Souza Ben Evans
Adam Messinger
Vice President, Development Fusion Middleware, Oracle
Bruno Souza
Founder and President of SOUJava; Java Community Process Representative 
Ben Evans
Author and Java SE Executive Committee Member

It’s all happening on July 7. So don’t miss it.
Twitter Join the conversation on Twitter: #java7 Join us and Register for the live webcast.
Able to join us in Redwood Shores? Register for the live celebration.

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