Monday Oct 24, 2011

Thanks for the nice ink–OPITZ CONSULTING @ OOW 2011

Welcome to San Francisco and Oracle OpenWorld! This sentence became true since I have the pleasure of attending Oracle Open World 2011. What can I expect? Five days in San Francisco packed with Oracle technologies – from the newest hardware and software products to sneak peeks at what’s coming soon. It started last Sunday on the 4th of October with the keynote of Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO. “The power of parallel-everywhere architecture” was his theme. If you are interested you can watch the Opening Keynote on demand on As part of his speech he announced Oracle Exalytics – a Business Intelligence Machine, which provides extreme in-memory analytics performance.  

Yesterday Thomas Kurian, executive vice president Product Development, introduced new software products that deliver the performance of all the engineered systems (Exadata Database, Exalogic Elastic Cloud, SPARC SuperCluster and Exalytics). Furthermore he introduced Oracle Big Data Appliance and announced the release of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, a centralized console for managing cloud computing systems. By the way: the “c” stands for cloud.

But that’s not all! Before OpenWorld I visited the Oracle Headquarter in Redwood Shores. Of course it was very exciting and I had the chance to discuss customer cases and project solutions in a lot of interesting meetings. Special thanks to Jürgen Kress for organizing the SOA & BPM Partner Advisory Council! There a group of Oracle Ace Directors discussed together with the Oracle product management future directions and improvements. The day after I was able to see how beautiful San Francisco is! Again thanks to Jürgen who arranged a very nice sightseeing tour!!!!

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Friday Oct 21, 2011

Thanks for the nice ink– e-vita SOA-team @ OOW 2011

Open World 2011 was a great success with 45.000 people. I will in this posting share some of my experiences and thoughts.  You can have a short look at the announcements made at OOW here (I will only get in detail on some of them).

imageWhat Oracle-people can tell us depends very much of what is already announced, so at OOW the news are being portioned out during the week. We can get a sense of what will happen during the week (reading session titles/descriptions), but one is not sure before it is announced. The biggest thing this year is the Cloud – and I see how this has been a focus at Oracle for a long time now. I believe Cloud will be even bigger the next years. They will provide a Cloud that is a service comparable to what is available on Amazon AWS today, but the Cloud-support will also be available in all layers in the software. This is the reason why next version of Fusion Middleware will be named 12c – for cloud. First available 12c-product is Grid Control 12c – released at OOW.

Fortunately for those that were not at OOW and for those of us that missed some good sessions, Oracle has made them available for all. I think this is excellent. Content catalog

All keynotes and general sessions were also streamed live on YouTube, and Twitter made it possible to follow what colleagues and friends where experiencing in the other sessions. It is now possible to be a part of OOW even if not being there.

If there is one thing that I would like to share for newbies on OOW: Go to Demo Grounds – there you meet the experts, and they can demonstrate the products for you. They can give you the answers to your questions. It is open Monday to Wednesday, so Thursday is too late. I spent a lot of time there.

This was a busy week, from early morning to late night – the social part of OOW is as important as the sessions. There were over 300 Norwegians in SF this year, most of them at the yearly Sunday dinner at O’Foleys. As every year we met there for the daily beers from 17-19.

My week was as follows:

  • Thursday : Arriving SF
  • Friday: Webcenter Partner Advisory Council, SOA/BPM Partner Advisory Council at Oracle HQ
  • Saturday: Bicycling with SOA Community around SF, ending up in Sausalito for dinner. Thanks to Jürgen Kress for the arrangements @soacommunity
  • Sunday: ADF Methodology group, Glassfish roadmap, Norwegian Dinner.
  • Monday: Demo Grounds, Webcenter reception
  • Tuesday: Took the Application Grid certification, Application Grid Partner Advisory
    Council, SOA Partner Community Reception at Gordon Biersch
  • Thursday: SOA/BPM Customer Advisory Board, Beer and food at Thirsty Bear
  • Very,very early Friday – return to Norway

First part of OOW was very focused on HW, but Larry’s Keynote on Wednesday was the better one in my opinion. I will share some of the themes that I found interesting this OOW.


My favorite products are in the SOA/BPM space – the biggest announcement came before OOW. It was the release of BPM Suite Feature Pack. Look here for details:

This is a release made for improving BPM, but it is also possible to apply on SOA Suite installation. One such enhancement is around Rules: improved editing in JDeveloper, tracing and testing.

One new announcement was Oracle Process Accelerators. These are Pre-built BPM solutions to automate common business processes. This will reduce cost and time to deploy, embed best practices, they will be extensible and adaptive to customer-specific needs. Processes will be both horizontal and industry-specific. This will be available at no cost, and I think will be an excellent starting point for your processes. Read more here:

One book recommendation: Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g Handbook – this is an excellent follow-up of the book from last year. Authored by Oracle PMs. More focusing on best practices and with a good introduction to BPM and standards. It also covers the latest version.

I am looking very much forward to even more Social BPM and Adaptive Case Management in the future. This is the product I am most enthusiastic about – and I hope for a BPM service in the cloud.

Read the whole article please visit the e-vita SOA-team blog


Feel free to send us your Oracle Open World SOA & BPM experience!

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Thursday Oct 20, 2011

SOA & BPM Best of Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 is over – what important updates did you miss?

Keynotes: Best of Oracle OpenWorld keynotes and general session is available on-demand:

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We recommend to watch:

Oracle Cloud Computing


Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle

Watch full-length keynote


Middleware General Session


Hasan Rizvi, SVP, Oracle

Watch full-length general session

Presentations: All presentations are available online at the OpenWorld Content Catalog

Product highlight: Was to launch of BPM Suite Feature Pack Released and the Oracle Process Accelerators. For details please visit the Oracle BPM team blog and the Oracle SOA team blog.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2011

Thanks for the nice ink – Vennster @ OOW 2011

Oracle OpenWorld 2011, The Story So Far … ! image

It doesn’t matter how often you’ve visited Oracle OpenWorld before, it remains an overwhelming experience every year! The enormous crowds (over 45,000 this year), the gigantic amount of information to absorb, all the networking, business opportunities, social events and meetups with old friends and new people, all the new ideas that start bubbling in your head by listening, dicussing, asking, answering, and presenting.
Mix all of that with a proper jetlag and you’ll get a feel of the spicy cocktail that OpenWorld is :-) Returning from OpenWorld gives you a tired yet really energetic feel!
Tuesday feels a bit like the calm before the storm. Everyone digested a lot of information and attended a lot of events these last few days and is now prepping for the final encore on wednesday with Larry’s keynote and the appreciation event that evening at Treasure Island.
To give you an idea of the things going on at OOW, I’ve compiled a short list of activities we participated in so far:

  • ACE Director Briefing at Oracle HQ. Product management gives a preview of the things to be announced at OpenWorld and presents roadmaps of Oracle’s products and tools.
  • BPM and SOA Partner Advisory Council. Every year Jürgen Kress organizes a partner council at OOW in which product management present a detailed roadmap for BPM and SOA products such as Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BPM Suite, Oracle Enterprise Repository, AIA, and so on. Partners are encouraged to provide feedback for product improvement. It’s good to see that the Oracle products in this space such as OSB and SOA Suite are mature and future versions will build on the same programming models and will be made even more stable. 
  • SOA & BPM Partner Social Event. This year Jürgen took us eBiking in San Francisco and Sausalito. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, and a lovely dinner at Sausalito. Excellent event. This was followed up by the SOA & BPM Community Reception at Gordon Biersch later this week. Again a great event. And on behalf of the Dutch, thanks for the "active community" award :-)

Feel free to send us your Oracle Open World SOA & BPM experience!

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Friday Oct 14, 2011

SOA Partner Community Awards 2011

Congratulations to the whole Community for a very successful year with great growth of revenue and 193 EMEA partners Specialized in SOA! Within the last year our community grew to more than 3000 members!

Like every year hard to decide,… Many additional great contributions like Leon Smiers from Capgemini who is working on three BPM11g projects (he just won an additional one!), Danilo Schmiede, all the Product & Development Team (Special thanks to Simone), all the new books, papers and blog entries written by you… And the winners are:IMG_0202

  • Marketing innovation process technology: Thomas Schaller & Marceline Gloor for the SOA, BPM Integration Forums
  • BPM 11g link CONSULTING: João Assunção & José Afonso Pires for the BPM 11g Workflow migration project
  • SOA 11g GRIFFITHS WAITE: Mark Simpson for proofing SOA Business Value by using BAM technology
  • Specialization FUJITSU: Debra Lilley achieving more than 32 Specializations and as one of the first global partners SOA Specialization, and her ongoing support for Fusion Applications in combination with Fusion Middleware
  • Community Middleworks: Dave Shaffer: Product Management Commitment to build the Community
  • Community ACE Team Netherlands: Lonneke Dikmans,Edwin Biemond, Andreas Chatziantoniou, Eric Elzinga, Lucas Jellema, Leon Smiers, Mike van Alst, Ronald van Luttikhuizen, Douwe Pieter van den Bos

Thanks to the whole community for their contribution! Thanks to the whole product management and development team for the support and the great products!

image image image image image image image image image imageimage image image image image

Our most favorite chocolate award becomes a tradition, we would like to say a special thanks for the on-going support to make the community happen. This year this Oracle internal award, goes to Carmen Dumitrascu. Thanks to her we are so successful in Specialization, any training, education or bootcamp material questions she can answer and help!

Best regards from Munich Jürgen Kress

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Friday Sep 30, 2011

SOA Community at Oracle Open World 2011

The community is on the way to Oracle Open World 2011 in San Francisco! We are excited to meet and welcome you there. Please make sure you attend and follow the Fusion Middleware tracks:

Twitter Do you want to share your session and experience? Please Send your tweets to @soacommunity

Facebook And post your message on our SOA on Facebook page!

If you can not make it to OOW 2001 watch our live stream:

Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Watch Oracle OpenWorld

Watch live and learn about all things Oracle.

JavaOne 2011

Watch JavaOne

Watch what’s happening at JavaOne 2011 live.


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Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

August SOA Partner Community Newsletter 2011

Dear SOA Partner Community member

  • Are you ready for Oracle OpenWorld?
  • Why are the partners important for Product Management?
  • How can partners help us to make our products event better?

Watch the video with David Shaffer, VP- Product Management.As David Shaffer left Oracle last week, we want to keep him within the SOA Partner Community.Please feel free to be in contact with him!

Be ready for Oracle OpenWorld 2011: Attend the Middleware Session and the Demo Ground.Register for our legendary SOA Partner Community Reception!

IDC rates Oracle BPM the market leader. Thanks to you for making this possible! The market adoption is phenomenal! In this article Michael Connoughton, Director BPM gives you an insight of our strategy and advice for your next steps to participate in the success.

In August we are distributing 100 free vouchers to WebLogic experts to help them to become an Oracle Application Grid Certified Implementation Specialist – please read the below details to get a free voucher. If you have any problems with your Pearson VUE account or to link your certifications to the Oracle PartnerNetwork please read the document “Accounts for implementation assessment” .

Every year we would like to know your feedback on our SOA Partner Community and therefore we invite you to participate in the SOA Partner Community Survey 2011. It is key for us to get your feedback to prepare for the next fiscal year and support you with best of our knowledge. Please make sure that you take part to further develop our community and support our planning!
Please feel free to invite your colleagues to join the SOA Community. To register, please login the Oracle PartnerNetwork and go to:

To read the newsletter please visit (OPN Account required)

To become a member of the SOA Partner Community please register at

SOA Newsletter

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