Saturday Jan 25, 2014

SOA Suite 11g: Consuming web service which enforce security policies on their WSDL files by esentri

Concrete WSDL VersionThe basic principle behind a Service Oriented Architecture is to orchestrate functional building blocks, primarily web services, in order to achieve a solution which fulfills the given requirements. In order to create a robust solution using Oracle SOA Suite several best practices emerged, one being decoupling web services in order to overcome dependencies during server/composite startup. A general approach for achieving this best practice is to use abstract and concrete WSDLs in combination.

An example for a working reference definition within the composite could look like follows:

<reference name="FooBarService" ui:wsdlLocation="oramds:/apps/com/foo/v1/bar.wsdl">

  <interface.wsdl interface=""/>

  < port=""





On a recent project we ran into some problems while implementing this best practice as some web services we had to consume not only protected their operations but also their WSDLs using basic authentication web security. Although we were able to access the operations by providing the security credentials within WebLogic Server using the Credential Store Framework (CSF), the solution never managed to successfully access the secured WSDL files.

After trying several approaches to overcome this problem, we implemented a workaround by storing an abstract WSDL within the shared MDS project as well as a concrete WSDL within the composite project in order to access the affected web services. We stored the concrete WSDLs within a wsdl folder in the project. Read the complete article here.

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