Friday Aug 30, 2013

Enterprise Service Bus article part of Industrial SOA series

Everyone seems to need to use an enterprise service bus (ESB) nowadays, but there is so much confusion about its actual benefit and the various concepts this term entails. This uncertainity is revealed in statements like, "Help! My boss says we need an ESB," or "Why do I need an ESB at all? Can't I achieve the same thing with BPEL or BPMN?" or even "We can do everything ourselves in language X." This article is an attempt to answer some of the most important questions surrounding this term using concrete examples, so that the areas of application that can be deemed "correct" for ESBs can be clarified:

  • What exactly is the definition of an ESB? Is it a product or an architecture pattern?
  • What are some practical uses for an ESB?
  • Do I need an ESB to build an SOA platform?
  • Which requirements do I need to satisfy?
  • Which criteria can I use to select the ESB that is most suitable for my needs?

Defining the ESB
An accepted definition for this term has yet to be firmly established that is most likely caused by a lack of industry standards, whereas standards like BPEL and BPMN 2.0 exist for process engines and other components. The term “Enterprise Service Bus” was coined by Gartner in 2002, and further introduced by the analyst Roy Schulte to describe a category of software products that he observed were available on the market at that time. Ten years later, there is still very little agreement on what exactly an ESB is or what it should deliver. There are different definitions depending on the manufacturer or source. Among other things, an ESB is defined as:

"A style of integration architecture that allows communication via a common communication bus that consists of a variety of point-to-point connections between providers and users of services."

"An infrastructure that a company uses for integrating services in the application landscape."
Read the full article here.


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Wednesday Sep 05, 2012

WebLogic Server Provisioning and Patching with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Now Available

For access to the Oracle demo systems please visit OPN and talk to your Partner Expert.
SOA Suite and BPM Suite runs on WebLogic! We are pleased to announce the availability of a WebLogic Server Management demo that showcases some of the key provisioning and patching capabilities of WebLogic Server Management Pack Enterprise Edition (EE). To learn more about these features - as well as other features of the pack - please visit the pack's saleskit page.
Demo Highlights

The demo showcases the following capabilities:

  • Patching Oracle WebLogic Servers

  • Standardizing WebLogic Server Patch Rollouts

  • Creating a WebLogic Domain Provisioning Profile

  • Cloning a WebLogic Domain from a Provisioning Profile

  • Deploying a Java EE Application

  • Scaling Out an Oracle WebLogic Cluster

Demo Instructions Go to the DSS website for Oracle Partners. On the Standard Demo Launchpad page, under the “Software Lifecycle Automation” section, click on the link “EM Cloud Control 12c WLS Provisioning and Patching” (tagged as “NEW”). Specific demo launchpad page contains a link to the detailed demo script with instructions on how to show the demo.

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Wednesday Feb 15, 2012

Enterprise Architecture tools: New partnership with Troux

Oracle will offer BPM Process Composer Extensions which provide process decomposition / modeling, provide value chains, strategy maps, objectives, org. models etc.

BPM Suite 12 will be opened to integrate with other EA/BPA tools through import/export functionality. One of the first partners is Troux. For details please see our Enterprise Architecture presentation. (SOA Partner Community workspace access required)


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Tuesday Sep 20, 2011

A Better Way to Plan, Execute and Manage BPM & Enterprise Architecture IT Strategies from Oracle

clip_image002 is an authorized library of guidelines and reference architectures that will help you better plan, execute, and manage your BPM, enterprise architecture and IT initiatives. The IT Strategies from Oracle library offers two types of best practice documents: practioner guides containing pragmatic advice and approaches, and reference architectures containing the proven technology patterns to jumpstart your initiative.
Learn more:

The IT Strategies from Oracle library can help you establish a reliable set of principles and standards to guide your use of Oracle technology. We will expand this library over time across all of Oracle’s technologies. Today, you can access:

  1. Overview documents providing an introduction to all the resources available in the library and best practices maturity models
  2. Oracle Reference Architectures covering the application infrastructure foundation, management and monitoring, security, software engineering, service-oriented integration, service orientation, and a master glossary
  3. Enterprise Technology Strategies for Service-Oriented Architecture offering practitioner guides on creating a SOA roadmap, frameworks for governance, determining ROI, identifying services, software engineering, and more
  4. Enterprise Technology Strategies for Business Process Management including a practitioner guide on creating a BPM roadmap and reference architectures on the BPM foundation and BPM infrastructure

Register now or log in to your Oracle account to access the IT Strategies from Oracle library.

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Wednesday May 11, 2011

New version SOA Suite 11g R1 ( JDeveloper WebLogic Server 10.3.5 and Enterprise Gateweay

We just launched a new product Enterprise Gateway and new versions of SOA Suite ( & JDeveloper (PS4) & WebLogic Server 10.3.5 & Fusion Middleware 10.3.5 and for the Java Community is online! Check out the popular VM Templates for Middleware! First feedback from the Community:

Oracle WebLogicOracleWebLogic Oracle WebLogic

WebLogic Server 10.3.5 is in the process of rolling out to OTN. Contains primarily fixes. My Oracle Support note:

Edwin Biemondbiemond Edwin Biemond

The WebLogic ps4 10.3.5 download links win32… and generic…

Adam BienAdamBien Adam Bien 2.0 ...Rocks!: is the old, but nice URL, with the great infrastructure behind. I cre...


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