Monday Oct 08, 2012

Deploying Fusion Order Demo on by Antony Reynolds

Description of Figure 3-1 followsDo you need to build a demo for a customer? Why not to use Fusion Order Demo (FOD) and modify it to do some extra things. Great idea, let me install it on one of my Linux servers I said "Turns out there are a few gotchas, so here is how I installed it on a Linux server with JDeveloper on my Windows desktop."

Task 1: Install Oracle JDeveloper Studio

I already had JDeveloper with SOA extensions installed so this was easy.

Task 2: Install the Fusion Order Demo Application

First thing to do is to obtain the latest version of the demo from OTN, I obtained the R1 PS5 release.
Gotcha #1 – my winzip wouldn’t unzip the file, I had to use 7-Zip.

Task 3: Install Oracle SOA Suite

On the domain modify the setDomainEnv script by adding “” to JAVA_PROPERTIES and restarting the Admin Server. Also set the JAVA_HOME variable and add Ant to the path.

I created a domain with separate SOA and BAM servers and also set up the Node Manager to make it easier to stop and start components. Read the full blog post by Antony.

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