Tuesday Apr 09, 2013

The latest version of Oracle BPM 11g PS6 introduces a set of new features that are of extreme value for the BPM lifecycle – José Afonso Pires, Link Consulting

imageOne of the challenges with most BPM project is in the way the business users and the analysts are involved in the projects. How is the process modeled, how are the interfaces defined and how is it that the analyst can preview the end result during the early analysis phase. With Oracle BPM the analyst can do all this within the Process Composer, a web based tool that is specifically designed for analysts, but whose artifacts are 100% shared with the development team.

On top of the BPMN 2.0 support for process modeling, the Composer now supports the definition of user interfaces using web forms. The analyst can define the information that should be displayed on each form and how it is organized within the web page. But there is more to it. It is also possible to play the process within composer. The analyst can start the process, fill in the information on each web form, and see how the process will move forward. This is a huge benefit for almost all BPM projects, as it will allow analyst to share with business users a functional prototype of the final solution. It will also help establishing the correct expectation earlier on, when a project is being planned. The stakeholders can now better understand what will be the result of the project.

These new features will also allow faster deployment of BPM projects. Simpler processes can be delivered much faster based on web forms, and new versions can be delivered afterwards enhancing the process design and the interfaces based on feedback from users, allowing an agile like approach to BPM projects. José Afonso Pires, Link Consulting

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