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  • August 14, 2013

SOA Suite Knowledge – Polyglot Service Implementation with Groovy by Alexander Suchier

Juergen Kress
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Polyglot programming, defined most simply, is the use of multiple languages in software development. Implementing services on the SCA Container is already a intended polyglot development approach. Oracle SOA Suite have the SCA service implementation types of BPEL, Human Workflow, Mediator, Rule and Spring Components. These components are mixing the General-Purpose Language (GPL) Java with Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) like XSD, WSDL or Schematron. But Spring Components are also enabler of service implementations with other JVM GPL languages beside Java.image

In my opinion Neal Ford was absolutely right when he coined the term “Polyglot Programming” and predicts “Applications of the future will take advantage of the polyglot nature of the language world … The times of writing an application in a single general purpose language is over” already in 2006. In order to produce polyglot implementations you need environments where polyglot-ism is required or at least encouraged. Oracle SOA Suite is such a polyglot supporting environment and you are doing polyglot development all the time (e.g. XML, WSDL, SQL, Java). But also on the GPL side the developers or not limited on Java. SCA Spring Components are supported since Patch Set 2 and the Spring Framework supports dynamic languages since version 2 (BeanShell, JRuby and Groovy).

Groovy is a General-Purpose Dynamic Language and has the best and seamless integration with Java (beside Spring integration Groovy supports also direct and JSR 223 integration). Therefore, using Groovy has a low threshold for Java developers; it is easy because Groovy has a Java-like syntax. Most Java code is also syntactically valid Groovy. So it’s an iterative learning approach for Java developers switching to Groovy. My first contact with Groovy was at the JAX conference in 2008. It was a Groovy newbie session from Dierk König (well-known book author of "Groovy in Action"). And for the first time in a long while of Java programming I had an awakening and still addicting interest on this development language. Read the full article here.

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