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Security Improvements for Database & FTP Adapters by Michael Meiner

Juergen Kress
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Oracle Integration (OIC)  has a rich set of security capabilities to enable our customers to connect applications and technologies in a secure manner. We continue to enhance Oracle Integration to provide additional security settings and functionality. In the November 2020 release, Oracle Integration offers new security-related functionality for the Database and FTP adapters.

The features discussed here include:

  • Integration with ATP Serverless configured with Private Endpoint
  • Support for Wallet based authentication with privately hosted databases
  • Automatic Database Wallet and Password refresh
  • Message payload security capabilities with privately hosted SFTP servers

Two of these features involve use of the Oracle Integration Connectivity Agent. Using the connectivity agent, you can create hybrid integrations and exchange messages between applications in private or on-premises networks and Oracle Integration.

1. Integration with ATP Serverless configured with Private Endpoint

Autonomous Database (ATP) is becoming more widely adopted, along with its use within integration flows using OIC. When configuring your Autonomous Database, you can specify that it use a private endpoint within your VCN in your tenancy. This allows you to keep all traffic to and from your Autonomous Database off of the public internet. When using the ATP adapter in Oracle Integration to connect to an ATP instance using a private endpoint, you need to set up the connectivity agent. Inside the connection details for the ATP adapter, there are 2 options for security: JDBC Basic Authentication and JDBC over SSL. When selecting JDBC over SSL, you are prompted to enter the wallet and wallet password. Prior releases of Oracle Integration do not allow you to use the JDBC over SSL (wallet) option with the connectivity agent. In addition, Username-token policy is not supported by ATP Serverless, This means that there were no options for integrating OIC with ATP-S with the connectivity agent. Read the complete article here.

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