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  • October 30, 2015

Integration Success Workshops generate additional consulting business!

Juergen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption

clip_image002The Integration Success Workshops are technical workshops you can run with your customers. You can generate additional consulting business with existing customers e.g. SOA Suite customers with MFT, API Catalog & Manager or Stream explorer. Or You can use the excellent content to win new customers. We highly encourage you to make use of the ISW content at our SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required).

We just updated the ISW content with industry specific value propositions with focus on B2B and Stream Explorer:

New ISW Vertical Plays! all content here

Industry specific modules to target specific vertical customers


Business Benefits 

B2B for Airlines

  • Reduce complexity, bring down costs and increase flexibility by modernizing PSS systems
  • Exchange business information such as reservations and inventory securely with outsourced vendors
  • Increase visibility and manageability to reduce errors/risk

B2B for Supply Chain

  • Lower cost of operations by replacing outdated mechanisms of interacting with supply chain partners
  • Exchange business information such as purchase orders and invoices with manufacturers, suppliers and customers
  • Increase visibility and manageability to reduce errors and improve trading partner relationships

B2B for Retail

  • Increase margins, top line revenue and lower cost of operations by automating B2B integration with retail partners
  • Exchange business information such as purchase orders with retail partners using a secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure capable of handling variable transaction volumes
  • Increase visibility and manageability across diversified retailing channels to increase revenue and improve trading partner relationships

SOA for Healthcare

  • Build healthcare application for latest IOT and mobile trends
  • Sync up your healthcare device data into back end systems ( EHRs) for proactive patient engagement and analytics
  • Easy click through endpoint configurations, managing healthcare systems and SLAs remotely using Healthcare Console

Stream Explorer for Telecommunications

  • Address challenges such as Predictive/Silent Failures and Congestion Detection, detection of network elements, Topology Aware Traffic and Trend Analytics for Better Capacity Planning, Real-time Usage Monitoring and improving Traffic Control User Experience Management for User Satisfaction (QoS to QoE)
  • Reduce costs by optimizing and expanding existing infrastructure bandwidths by wi-fi offloading, charging for greater bandwidth at special events and using networks with a lower cost of operation
  • Increase profits by using Real Time Streaming Analytics to understand and capitalize on individual customer activity, uniquely identified by their lifestyle preferences

Stream Explorer for Financial Services

  • Process large volumes of financial data in real-time
  • Proactively manage indications of interest or detect fraud
  • Reconcile enormous amounts of trading data

Stream Explorer for Transportation

  • Reduce complexity, bring down costs, dynamically increase flexibility in exiting transportation services infrastructure
  • Deliver high quality, critical information to the traveling public in real time to improve the journey experience, reducing frustration and increasing productivity
  • Use leading Geo-spatial, real time capabilities to take immediate advantage of location-based opportunities and threats driving revenue and elevating customer satisfaction

Stream Explorer for Retail

• Increase Customer Engagement & Drive Demand by understand customers, anticipate their needs, deliver personalized, timely, relevant information, improve targeting/ROI, empower customers to control own experience; Increase customer loyalty & lifetime value
• Optimize Market Execution by ensuring consistent consumer engagement through mobile to in-store integration which enrich the in-store experience with optimized assortments & programs
• Improve Planning & Execution by enabling on-demand/real-time product availability, Improve proper branding/pricing, enable continuous improvements by providing real-time audit and compliance information

Stream Explorer for Utilities

• Solve Demand and Response power grid monitoring challenges with real time automation management and predictive analysis
• Mange SmartMeter and SmartGrid solutions using a proven real time streaming analytics infrastructure
• Ensure the right personnel are in the right place at the right time with an efficient mobility workforce

Stream Explorer for Oil, Gas & Mining

• Automated Monitoring and responding to Drilling Activity by understand the real time nature of the information from next generation sensor drill bits to evaluate opportunities immediately saving man-power & equipment costs. Engineers no longer have to travel to monitored sites as often and receive immediate notification when a specific parameter has been breached
• Tracking Trucks & Heavy Equipment (Logistics) by collecting data to make intelligent fleet management decisions. Locate missing equipment, distribute vehicle usage across the entire fleet and plan for maintenance activities. This will positively impact capital expenditures, as well as overall cost savings and operational efficiencies
• Improve Operational Efficiencies Reducing data by monitoring curve values for changes within defined tolerances, Identify trends in curve values – pressure, temperature, resistivity, etc, Correlate values across related curves to anticipate failures – pump intake/out-take pressures, motor temperature, fluid rates, Monitor curve value thresholds to identify conditions indicating safety/quality concerns and correlate curve values from multiple wells to identify relationships

Stream Explorer for Public Sector

• Establish a City Wide Nervous System, enabling the Citizens and the City to share responsibilities while offering maximum control at the lowest level in the Community
• Provide a Sentient City Infrastructure through intelligent controls that sense and action on the Real Time Streaming Analytics offered through connected sensors
• Maximize the reuse of existing infrastructure, allow future sources to be added and offer full independence towards additional solutions, disciplines and appliances

Stream Explorer for Healthcare

• Apply Streaming Analytics for Improving Healthcare Outcomes
• Extend Point of Patient Care
• Ensure Compliance & Reduce Cost of Care
• Improve Operational Efficiency and Population Health

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