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  • March 5, 2013

Generate Tradingpartners for Oracle B2B 11g with Ant by Martien van den Akker

Juergen Kress
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At my previous customer, a Dutch energy infrastructure managing company, I worked on an implementation of AS2 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AS2) message exchanging with Oracle B2B (part of SOASuite 11g) The company needed to exchange information about energy delivery with other companies that supply and transport energy (in this case natural gas).

Since there are many companies in the Netherlands that supply and transport gas, we needed to enter about 80 tradingpartners (TP's), that were very similar in message-exchange capabilities. Instead of entering those 80 TP’s in Oracle B2B by hand, which is a lot of error-prone work, I decided to see if it was possible to automate the process, by generating an export file that would serve as input property file for B2B. Hence, as a start I looked at the B2B selfservice scripts. With those (ANT) scripts you can generate an export file based on a set of definition input xml files. Afterwards this export file can be imported into B2B. This last step can be done manually, but you could even import (deploy) the generated export file and even deploy the agreements automatically.

Generating the export file from an addressing properties input Excel sheet
Oracle B2B IntegrationIn our case we had two roles: shippers and suppliers. There are a few differences between the two tradingpartner roles, but all the shippers have the same capabilities as well as all the suppliers.
Hence, shippers and suppliers send and receive about the same set of messages.
Also, all the TP’s are identified in the same way, using a code. Furthermore, all the addressing properties were delivered in an Excel sheet. So I could generate a property file naming all the TP’s with all their properties and their roles. Based on the TP’s role I determined if the TP should be enabled or not: only suppliers and shippers had to be imported, the rest of the TP's I disabled in the property file.
Lets take a look in how this was done.

For the scripting I have some base targets and a base property file.

The property file: Read the full article here.

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