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clip_image002[8]orclateamsoa A-Team SOA Blog: Enhanced version of Thread Dump Analyzer (TDA A-Team)

clip_image003[10]OracleBlogs Enterprise Architecture tools: New partnership with Troux

clip_image004[4]BPM Forum SOA, BPM & Integration Days 2012 – Start in zwei Wochen: In zwei Wochen finden vom 29. Februar bis zum 1. März 2…

clip_image005[14]SOA Community Learning Oracle SOA Suite – available options… by @demed #soacommunity #soa #education #training

clip_image005[15]SOA Community BPM 11g Task Execution Data – Rejection Notification Pattern… #soacommunity #bpm #ateam

clip_image007[4]JDeveloper & ADF Pattern: Building Reusable Java-Based BPM Task Form- Part 2

clip_image005[16]SOA Community Enterprise Architecture tools: New partnership with Troux

clip_image008[4]Oracle ACE Program New book release "Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook" written by 3 #ACE and 2 others.

clip_image010[4]Lonneke Dikmans VENNSTER BLOG: Website users in different stages of the experienc……

clip_image011[4]Oracle SOA Video: SOA Governance in the real world – Oracle customer Pacific Life tells us how #soa #governance

clip_image012[8]OTNArchBeat The making of the Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook | @gschmutz

clip_image012[9]OTNArchBeat Unit Testing Asynchronous BPEL Processes Using soapUI | Daniel Amadei

clip_image013[4]Danilo Schmiedel New blogpost: Oracle Partner Community Forum 2012 in short =>… => Thanks to Jürgen and Hans @soacommunity @wlscommunity

clip_image014[4]David Shaffer Just scheduled the Advanced SOA training (aka blackbelt workshop) with Exilor for Redwood City Apr 30-May 4. Agenda:…

clip_image003[11]OracleBlogs Your Presentation at the "Oracle SOA & BPM Customer Insights Online Summit"

clip_image015[4]Heidi Buelow Podcast interview on BPM 11g Handbook with Heidi and Manoj #OracleBPM

clip_image016[4]Oracle BPM Book review: Oracle BPM Suite 11g Handbook,

clip_image003[12]OracleBlogs Diagnose SOA Suite 11g Issues Using RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent)

clip_image003[13]OracleBlogs Learning Oracle SOA Suite – available options

clip_image017[4]Estafet Limited We attended a great OPN conference in Malaga last week. Great learning, well organised. Thanks Jurgen & Hans @soacommunity @wlscommunity

clip_image018[4]leonsmiers to see a recurring discussion > RT @markxnelson: Choosing BPMN or BPEL to model your processes

clip_image020[4]Yannick ongena Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum Malaga Summary #ofmforum #webcenter #weblogic

clip_image021[4]A. Chatziantoniou waiting for my flight – then home by train; after malaga and cold nürnberg I need to keep the feeling – searching for tapas recipes

clip_image022[10]Simone Geib Thus ends a very interesting fun week where I met a lot of great people. Thanks for organizing #ofmforum, Juergen! Hope to be here again…

clip_image026[4]Marc Here is my review on the Oracte Partner Event in Malaga 2012 @wlscommunity @soacommunity #ofmforum

clip_image002[9]orclateamsoa A-Team SOA Blog: Analyzing Thread Dumps in Middleware – Part 4

clip_image002[10]orclateamsoa A-Team SOA Blog: Writing Human Task User Interfaces in .Net -  This post explores how to use the Human Workflow…

clip_image022[11]Simone Geib Day 2 of our #soasuite bootcamp in Malaga. All bright eyed and bushy tailed :) #ofmforum

clip_image028[4]Eric Elzinga Thanks @JuergenKress for a great #ofmforum event.Had 2 nice days,made some nice contacts and received interesting prod. news @soacommunity

clip_image005[17]SOA Community SOA bootcamp time at the #ofmforum run by @SOASimone and James #ofmforum

clip_image029[4]Hajo Normann Thanks a lot Jürgen for great community building at #ofmforum !!! #soacommunity

clip_image012[10]OTNArchBeat White Paper: Oracle SOA Suite 11G Database Growth Management Strategy

clip_image030[4]Mark Simpson Really useful 10 step guide for soa10g to 11g migration from Danilo. Experience shows a lot of pre steps + checks to each service #ofmforum

clip_image031[4]WebLogic Community @SOASimone presenting new purging features in SOA PS5 and new OTN purging paper #ofmforum #soacommunity

clip_image032[6]Jon petter hjulstad SOA/BPM Rules Composer will get improvements in PS5

clip_image032[7]Jon petter hjulstad SOA PS5 is a major release #ofmforum

clip_image033[6]Torsten Winterberg #ofmforum Oracle is coming up with case management in BPM Suite. See more details and Oracle keynote at #sbidays:

clip_image034[8]Kritikos Standing room only @ #ofmforum

clip_image034[9]Kritikos Cloud App Foundation/WebLogic 12c+Enterprise Manager 12c+ExaLogic = 1st open cloud infrastructure that provides customers choice! #ofmforum

clip_image022[12]Simone Geib ·Interesting SOA/BPM/Web Center customer case study by eProseed #ofmforum

clip_image005[18]SOA Community Business Process Accelerators call to action we want to work with you to create additional processes #ofmforum

clip_image022[13]Simone Geib Regis Louis presenting at #ofmforum. Great comparison between choosing hifi system and middleware software

clip_image034[10]Kritikos Nice overview of OFM opportunity by Leopoldo Boado. #ofmforum #orcllovespartners

clip_image005[19]SOA Community Gartner predictions Oracle middleware is a hugh business – make sure you participate!

clip_image033[6]Torsten Winterberg #ofmforum in Málaga is about to start. Excellent program agenda packed with highlight topics. FMW attracts 200+ people…


Lucas Jellema Great article on using MDS in SOA Suite 11g by my colleague at AMIS, Robert:… on connecting, deploying etc. to MDS

clip_image025[4]AMIS, Oracle & Java Blog by Robert van Molken: "Using the MetaData Services (MDS) in a SOA environment – part 1"

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