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clip_image001soacommunity SOA Community Dutch ACEs SOA Partner Community award celebration

clip_image002OracleBPM Gauging Maturity of your BPM Strategy – part 1/2,

clip_image003MagicChatzi Dutch ACE’s and ACE Directors had a small party:…

clip_image004leonsmiers #Capgemini #Oracle #BPM Blog index #yam

clip_image005lucasjellema Blog post by my colleague Emiel on the AMIS blog: Timeouts in Oracle SOA Suite 11g –

clip_image007 biemond Solving __OAUX_GENXSD_.TOP.XSD with BPEL: When you use an external web service in combination with a BPEL servic…

clip_image008OracleBlogs Jumpstart Fusion Middleware projects with Oracle User Productivity Kit

clip_image009cpurdy on Oracle Coherence data grid, its new RESTful APIs, and Oracle Service Bus (OSB):…

clip_image010Accenture Learn how Service-Oriented Architecture can help public service agencies solve legacy system issues. #SOA

clip_image012eelzinga Thanks for organising it Andreas! #soacommunity

clip_image012[1]eelzinga Had a nice drink with the fellow Dutch Oracle ACE members for a little celebration of the SOA Community Partner Award. #soacommunity

clip_image013EmielP Wrote a blogpost about timeouts in the #Oracle #SOA Suite:

clip_image008[1]OracleBlogs Processing Binary Data in SOA Suite 11g

clip_image008[2]OracleBlogs Finding the Value in SOA by Stephen Bennett

clip_image014OTNArchBeat SOA All the Time; Architects in AZ; Clearing Info Integration hurdles

clip_image008[3]OracleBlogs Demo: Business Transaction Management with SOA Management Pack

clip_image014[1]OTNArchBeat SOA All the Time; Architects in AZ; Clearing Info Integration hurdles

clip_image016oracletechnet lives

clip_image004[1]leonsmiers A new #capgemini #oracle #blog, Measuring the Human Task activity in Oracle BPM #yam @CapgeminiOracle

clip_image014[2]OTNArchBeat 3 SOA business cases, explained in a 2-minute elevator speech | @JoeMcKendrick

clip_image014[6] OTNArchBeat Gartner, Inc. places Oracle SOA Governance in Magic Quadrant for SOA Governance Technologies

clip_image020[1]Jphjulstad Red carpet to Oracle BPM –…

clip_image023Oracle #Oracle Named a Leader in #SOA Governance Magic Quadrant by Leading Analyst Firm

clip_image001[5]soacommunity What presentations & topics do you like to see at the next SOA & BPM & Webcenter Community Forum early 2012? #soacommunity

clip_image001[4]soacommunity Oracle BPM Suite 11g Handbook Released

clip_image014[3]OTNArchBeat SOA Development Virtual Developer Day (On Demand) | @soacommunity


OracleBlogs SOA Development Virtual Developer Day (On Demand)

9 Nov Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

clip_image008[5]OracleBlogs Specialized Partners Only! New Service to Promote Your Events

clip_image007[1]biemond @stevendavelaar this is for you it explains your sso problem

clip_image001[1]soacommunity SOA Development Virtual Developer Day (on demand)

clip_image001[2]soacommunity IPT Swiss SOA Experts – thanks for the nice ink

clip_image001[3]soacommunity Enjoy #wjax specially the presentations from our #ACE @t_winterberg @myfear @AdamBien

clip_image014[4]OTNArchBeat Discounts on books, more, for Oracle Technology Network members

clip_image017OracleSOA Justify the ROI of SOA in 10 seconds…a pic is worth 1000 words #oraclesoa #soa #oow11

clip_image018orclateamsoa A-Team SOA Blog: Case Management in BPM 11g -  Mark Foster Oracle BPM 11g & Case Management I’ve seen…

clip_image019t_winterberg Die nächste SIG #SOA steht an: 7.12. in Hamburg. Neues Tooling und Erfahrungen rund um Oracle FMW, SOA, BPM… (cont)

clip_image008[6]OracleBlogs Continuous Integration for SOA/BPM

clip_image008[7]OracleBlogs BPM Suite 11g Handbook Released

clip_image005[1]lucasjellema Iterating over collection (array) in BPM (and dispatching jobs for entries in array): – subprocesses are the key.

clip_image005[2]lucasjellema Lucas Jellema

Useful tip from Mark Nelson: BPM API documentation (as well as Human Workflow Service) available:…

clip_image014[5]OTNArchBeat SOA, cloud: it’s the architecture that matters | Joe McKendrick

clip_image018[1]orclateamsoa: Building a job dispatcher in BPM -or- Iterating over collections in BPM

clip_image018[2] orclateamsoa Using the Database as a Policy Store for SOA 11g

clip_image002[1]OracleBPM Oracle launches Process Accelerators for BPM:

clip_image020Jphjulstad Human-Centric BPM Selection Checklist

clip_image008[8]OracleBlogs Fusion Middleware General Session at OOW 2011: Missed It? Read On…

clip_image021gschmutz Great! The product page of the OSB 11g Development Cookbook is now online: Looking forward to get it, u too? ;-)

clip_image024brhubart Oracle IT Architecture Essentials; Lightweight Composite Service Development with SCA and Spring; Cloud Migration

clip_image012[2]eelzinga New blogpost : Oracle Service Bus, Generic fault handling, #osb #oracleservicebus

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