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clip_image001SOA Community Online Learning Library free BPM training for everybody partners, customers and freelancer!

clip_image002Whitehorses Hoe kan architectuurgovernance SOA echt succesvol maken? Whitebook: "Realiseren van SOA onder architectuurgovernance" …

clip_image003André Sept Everything You Need to Know about ADF BC REST Support in Oracle Mobile with Frank Nimphius @fnimphiu #doagdev14


clip_image001[1]SOA Community BPM best practice by David Read and Niall Commiskey … @OracleBPM #soacommunity @OracleMiddle

clip_image006raggadaz Zero to SOA in Minutes! Announcing the SOA/BPM 11g Virtual Machine appliance By Rajes… via @soacommunity

clip_image007Antonis Antoniou Configuring the #SOA Human Task Hostname … | @soacommunity @OracleBPM @OTNArchBeat

clip_image008Simon Haslam @Jphjulstad Yes - well done for pushing that through MOS. Dang - that'll have to go onto the dev backlog!

clip_image009Jon petter hjulstad Can Coherence be upgraded in a OSB/SOA - …

clip_image010Dain Hansen Simple Introduction to using the Enterprise Manager with SOA/BPM via Jaideep Ganguli @soacommunity

clip_image011Sylvain GROSJEAN How to set the service endPoint URI dynamically in SOA Suite 11gR1 … @OracleSOA @soacommunity

clip_image012OTNArchBeat Integrating with #FusionApps using #SOAP web services and #REST APIs | Arvind Srinivasamoorth.

clip_image012[1]OTNArchBeat What is REST? >> answers from @MaartenSmeetsNL

clip_image012[2]OTNArchBeat The OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … Stories via @arungupta @soacommunity

clip_image013orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: IDM FA Integration flows - Introduction One of the key aspects of Fusion Applications operatio...

clip_image014AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - Reviewing Oracle BPM's New REST API … #oraclebpm

clip_image010[1]Dain Hansen Check out the latest FMW blog on the role of SOA in #oracle AppAdvantage #cloudintegration

clip_image010[2]Dain Hansen Hey SOA/BPM foodies! Cook a Dev Environment in 8 minutes! By Jorge Quilcate #YesChef

clip_image001[2]SOA Community Did you read the May edition of the SOA Community newsletter? … @OracleMiddle #soacommunity

clip_image015Lucas Jellema Excellent article by Betty van Dongen: using Oracle Edition Based Redef w/ multiple versions of SOA Suite composites …

clip_image016Frank Nimphius Sun and Fun! Register for Mobile Hackathon from August 4th - 8th in Lisbon: …

clip_image012[3]OTNArchBeat Learn to Expose Data via REST and Consume it in Java >> 5 minute silent video by @geertjanw

clip_image017Oracle.IMC Join TODAY Partner Webcast: Oracle Internet of Things Platform: Solutions for a Connected World … @oraclepartners @Java

clip_image012[4]OTNArchBeat SOA and Business Processes: You are the Process! @gschmutz @dschmied @t_winterberg et al #industrialsoa

clip_image018Oracle SOA New blog on Oracle SOA Suite Transportation & Travel customers as part of an industry series. #oraclesoa #soa

clip_image012[5]OTNArchBeat #OAG #OES Integration for Web API Security: skin and guts | Andre Correa

clip_image019Profit Online 5 Best Practices for Your #Mobile Strategy

clip_image020Federico Samyn Dowie I want to share with the @soacommunity my step-by-step guide to install @OracleSOA: . I'd appreciate your comments.

clip_image014[1]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - A Model for Planning Your Oracle BPM 10g Migration … #oraclebpm

clip_image001[3]SOA Community SOA Community Newsletter May 2014 read it! … @OracleMiddleware @OracleSOA @OracleBPM #soacommunity

clip_image002[1]Whitehorses Whiteblog: Oracle Adaptive Case Management - Exposing the API - part 2 by @rphgoossens ( …)

clip_image021AMIS, Oracle & Java Press start for the magic. @puppetlabs modules for #oracle by @biemond


clip_image018[1]Oracle SOA Best Patterns in HealthCare Integration #soa #healthcare

clip_image024Qualogy IT News OSB unit testing, part 1 #in

clip_image002[2]Whitehorses Whiteblog: Oracle Adaptive Case Management - Exposing the API - part 1 ( )

clip_image025Debra Lilley @soacommunity says bring the OFM excellent awards for custs and partners back to EMEA. I say UK #ukoug #fb

clip_image012[6]OTNArchBeat The OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … Stories via @soacommunity @oraclebase @InfoQ

clip_image026Wilfred vander Deijl Cool sneak peek at Oracle Developer Cloud Service and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service … #amis_m2e

clip_image027Ronald Luttikhuizen A colleague just registered for the BPM 12c training in Lisbon this summer! @soacommunity Registration is still open

clip_image028Danilo Schmiedel ... @soacommunity @OracleMiddle If you have issues in downloading the pre-built VM - try a Download Manager. It worked for me & colleagues.

clip_image001[4]SOA Community SOA Magazine II good reading for the weekend … #soaMagazine #soacommunity

clip_image015[1]Lucas Jellema Check out … for live details on #amis_m2e Mobile security & REST side story @AMIS_Services

clip_image026[1]Wilfred vander Deijl Very cool demo by @stevendavelaar on ADF mobile BPM task handling through REST OSB and push notifications #amis_m2e


clip_image012[7]OTNArchBeat Supporting multiple #SOASuite revisions with Edition-Based Redefinition | Betty van Dongen

clip_image031Java @java 2 more IoT Developer Challenge Hangouts with @vsenger tomorrow #IoTDevChallenge

clip_image012[8]OTNArchBeat The OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … Stories via @SOASimone @AdamBien @oracle_em

clip_image032Simone Geib RT @OracleSOA: Simplifying Mobile with SOA #mobile #soa #oraclesoa

clip_image012[9]OTNArchBeat May edition of Oracle's Architect Community newsletter. Features on #WebLogic #WebCenter #SOA #Cloud.

clip_image009[1]Jon petter hjulstad IOT demo coming up with Oracle Event Processing:-)

clip_image033Manuel Rosa #oracle #SOA CAB in Milan. Hearing on how to take SOA to the cloud.

clip_image001[5]SOA Community EAMS – Oracle Enterprise Repository Edition for SOA Governance … @OracleSOA @OracleMiddle #soacommunity @manelrosa

clip_image034IT Convergence 14 tips to good @OracleSOA governance! #OracleSOA #SOA @soacommunity

clip_image010[3]Dain Hansen Oracle Event Processing - Real-time Responsiveness with Big Data #oep #fastdata #bigdata

clip_image014[2]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - Oracle ACM 11g - Activities

clip_image032[1]Simone Geib Greetings to the EMEA CAB! RT @dschmied: SOA CAB Milan - Listening to #oraclesoa 12c live-demo by @VikasAatOracle. Great!

clip_image035OracleBlogs Zero to SOA in Minutes! Announcing the SOA/BPM 11g Virtual Machine appliance By Rajesh Raheja

clip_image012[10]OTNArchBeat #SOA Transformation through SOA Upgrade | @LuisW19 #oracleace

clip_image012[11]OTNArchBeat #MDM and #SOA: Better Together | @OracleMDM

clip_image018[2]Oracle SOA TechDemocracy Validates Oracle SOA for Healthcare Integration #healthcare #soa

clip_image036Anant Kadiyala Thank you @OracleSOA for the screencast for #Healthcare Integration. Enjoyed doing it..! #interoperability #soa

clip_image037Oracle Middleware 1Month2Go Submit Nominations for Oracle Excellence Awards Fusion Middleware Innovation


clip_image040Harshal Agrawal Free SOA hands-on on-demand training for Oracle partners via @soacommunity

clip_image035[1]OracleBlogs Free SOA hands-on on-demand training for Oracle partners

clip_image041Luis Augusto Weir #SOA #Transformation through #10g / #11g or 11g / #12c upgrades … @soacommunity @OTNArchBeat via @manelrosa @gschmutz

clip_image032[2]Simone Geib Shreenidhi Raghuram: Resequencer Health Check: #oraclesoa #soa @orclateamsoa

clip_image032[3]Simone Geib Cliff Wright: Oracle SOA Suite for HealthCare – Using Remote JMS with Multiple Domains: #oraclesoa #soa @orclateamsoa

clip_image042Oracle Academy #Oracle MOOC: Develop #JavaEmbedded Applications Using a #RaspberryPi #IoT

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