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clip_image001SOA CommunityBPM Assessment Discover if your company is lagging or leading due to BPM readiness … @OracleBPM #bpmassessment #bpm

clip_image001[1]SOA Community Integrating Custom BPM Worklist into WebCenter Portal (Same Domain for BPM and WebCenter) by Red Samurai … @OracleBPM

clip_image002SOA ProactiveCheck it out! My Oracle Support Community has a new platform, with new functionality. More @

clip_image001[2]SOA CommunityTuned my laptop for the bootcamps 16 GB RAM and a SSD is super fast ;-) time to order yours! #soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image001[3]SOA Community BPM Poster for BPM Suite by Dan Atwood from Avio … @OracleBPM @jotiavionica #soacommunity #bpmposter #bpmn2.0

clip_image003OTNArchBeat#IoT Community on >> portal to news, information, and more.

clip_image004Andreas KoopADF Mobile Design - Oracle Wiki #ADFFitness14

clip_image001[4]SOA Community Poster: Adaptive Case Management (ACM) in Practice … @OracleBPM #ACM #ACMposter #soacommunity View photo

clip_image001[5]SOA Community Top tweets SOA Partner Community – January 2014 - RT if one is yours ;-) … @OracleSOA @OracleBPM #soacommunity

clip_image003[1]OTNArchBeatPodcast: Taking Charge - Meeting #SOA Governance Challenges - Part 1 w/ @luisw19 @manelrosa et al

clip_image005AVIO ConsultingAVIO Consulting Blog - BPMInstitute's Brainstorm DFW

clip_image001[6]SOA CommunitySOA Community Newsletter January 2014 read the newsletter to learn more about SOA Suite and BPM Suite … @OracleSOA

clip_image001[7]SOA CommunityBPM Demo for Higher Education by Griffith Waite … @OracleBPM #soacommunity @mark_gw #bpmsuite

clip_image005[1]AVIO ConsultingAVIO Consulting Blog - What Are Your SOA and BPM New Year’s Resolutions?

clip_image006Lucas JellemaGuest author on the AMIS Technology Blog: Vivek Acharya writes about custom escalation of Human Tasks in Oracle BPM: …

clip_image007Dain HansenLove is in the air...Everything you need to integrate with Oracle -#oracle.soa #soa #oracle #bemine

clip_image008Oracle SOAWebcast: Oracle Cloud Adapter for Integration - Reg now #oraclesoa #oracle

clip_image001[8]SOA CommunityManual Recovery Mechanisms in SOA Suite and AIA by Shreenidhi Raghuram … @OracleSOA #soacommunity

clip_image009Debra LilleyMy latest post as guest blogger with AppsAdvantage #ukoug

clip_image008[1]Oracle SOA SOA experts discuss how to "code" around organization dysfunction @OTNArchBeat #oraclesoa #soa

clip_image001[9]SOA CommunityBPEL, retrieving the validate activity fault message by Eric Elzinga … #soacommunity @OracleSOA @eelzinga

clip_image010Edwin BiemondREST, SSE or WebSockets on WebLogic 10.3.6: WebLogic 10.3.6 comes with Jersey1.9 and has no support for Server...

clip_image011RedfaireLooking forward to learning the latest #Fusion #Middleware solutions at the #Oracle Partner Community Forum in Malta #OFMForum2014

clip_image001[10]SOA CommunityDeliver on the promise of SOA with Governance … @OracleSOA #soacommunity #soa #soagovernance

clip_image001[11]SOA CommunitySOA Suite 11g: Consuming web service which enforce security policies on their WSDL files by esentri

clip_image012Luis Augusto WeirWhat is #SOA Governance and why do I need it? This and more in the SOA Governance #FAQ. @soacommunity @OTNArchBeat

clip_image013Yogesh SontakkeAntony Reynolds blogs Why You Should Use the Oracle Cloud Adapter rather than crank one on your own - @soacommunity

clip_image008[2]Oracle SOASOA experts discuss a shorter path to SOA... regardless of what you call it. @OTNArchBeat Podcast Part 1 #oraclesoa

clip_image014Peter LorenzenThe Oracle SOA Suite and the OSB are now free for developers! -

clip_image001[12]SOA CommunityCloud Integration Unified and Comprehensive Cloud and On-premise Integration – White Paper

clip_image001[13]SOA CommunityRoadmap for SOA Development and Delivery by Mark Nelson … @OracleSOA #soacommunity

clip_image015Simon HaslamGreat news: I've just seen in @soacommunity Jan newsletter that SOA/BPM is now covered by free OTN dev licence! …

clip_image001[14]SOA CommunityChalk Talk with John: How Does SOA Add Value to Your Enterprise? By John Brunswick … #soacommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image003[2]OTNArchBeatYour #SOA Governance Homework for the Week >> Interview with @Luisw19, article by @manelrosa et al

clip_image007[1]Dain HansenBPM Integration Days 2014 in Munich learn more about BPM & ACM … #bpmidays #soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image007[2]Dain Hansen Introducing Oracle Cloud Adapter: a single integration platform to unify #cloud and on-premises #apps:

clip_image001[15]SOA CommunityBPM Integration Days 2014 in Munich learn more about BPM & ACM … #bpmidays #soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image001[16]SOA Community Distribute the soacommunity newsletter January edition - read it! Didn't get it register #soacommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image016Danilo SchmiedelInstall the new User Interface for Oracle Case Management (ACM) #OracleBPM @soacommunity"Social tools within #BPM must align with the overall business strategy," says @soacommunity's @khanna_aj #socialBPM

clip_image003[3]OTNArchBeatTracking progress of your #BPEL process using sensors | @RLuttikhuizen

clip_image018Lonneke DikmansVENNSTER BLOG: Tracking progress of your BPEL process using senso... …

clip_image019Devoxx4KidsWanna join the #Devoxx4Kids family as local chapter ? Read this :

clip_image001[17]SOA CommunityThreadLogic Thread Dump Analyzer

clip_image020Vikram@FusionApplied@soacommunity @OracleBPM Jaideep Ganguli from @fusionApplied will be at the #Ofmforum in malta!

clip_image021Robert van MölkenAfter soms discussion at work I just registered for the #FMW #Forum 2014 in Malta from Feb 18 to 21. Hopefully see you there @soacommunity

clip_image001[18]SOA CommunityAdapters for Mainframe and Change Data Capture

clip_image022Rajesh RahejaOracle Unveils New Adaptor for Salesforce Data Exchanges

clip_image016[1]Danilo SchmiedelRT @soacommunity: The New Industrial SOA Article Series | SOA Zone: … #industrialSOA

clip_image023gschmutz@gschmutz Dec 23

Updated my Blog article with the latest publications of our “Industrial SOA” series: … #industrialSOA #soacommunity

clip_image001[19]SOA CommunitySOA in Real Life: Mobile Solutions part of the Industrial SOA article series … #soacommunity @OracleSOA #industrialSOA

clip_image012[1]Luis Augusto WeirSFDC SOA Cloud Adapter now available!! this is great news! … #SOA #SFDC #OracleSOA

clip_image013[1]Yogesh Sontakke@OracleSOA Cloud Adapter for now available - @soacommunity

clip_image016[2]Danilo Schmiedel@demed good luck Says clemens

clip_image024demed@demed Jan 16

Full house at #oraclesoa #12c prod mgmt launch mtg. Still smiling despite hard work ahead! #lastmile

clip_image026clip_image027Ronald RoodMy trip to @soacommunity partner forum booked. … Now wait for #iot hardware to arrive. Lots of learning to do. dba-ofm

clip_image003[4]OTNArchBeatPodcast: Finding a Shorter Path to #SOA - Part 2 w/ @lonnekedikmans @rluttikhuizen @simon_haslam

clip_image028Frank NimphiusBooked my trip to Malta for week of February 17th to present at OFM Forum: …

clip_image001[20]SOA Community143 registrations for the - 95 confirmations - get your seat now @ORCLPartnerBiz #soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image001[21]SOA CommunityWhy is Specialization important for you? Oracle promotes Specialized Partners towards the customer base!

clip_image001[22]SOA CommunityJanuary 2014 FMW Proactive Patches Released

clip_image029Jon petter hjulstadConfirmed - See me at #OUGN2014 presenting "Administering SOA Suite"

clip_image002[1]SOA ProactiveSOA Suite PS6 Bundle Patch 2 ( is now available. See MOS Document ID 1485949.1 for details,

clip_image007[3]Dain HansenMobilize your Business Applications with Oracle Mobile Platform

clip_image030Java MagazinIn einer Woche endet der Frühbucher-Rabatt für die #BPM Integration Days

clip_image001[23]SOA CommunityAdditional new content SOA & BPM Partner Community

clip_image001[24]SOA CommunityThe AppAdvantage of Oracle Cloud & On-premises Integration by Bruce Tierney

clip_image012[2]Luis Augusto Weir#SOA #Governance implementation book review by @shawnruff … @soacommunity

clip_image001[25]SOA CommunityBuilding great-looking, usable apps

clip_image031OracleBlogsInvitation to Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum and Hands-on Bootcamps 2014

clip_image007[4]Dain HansenAVIO Releases On-Demand Oracle BPM 11g Training:

clip_image007[5]Dain HansenOracle BPM 11g: Adaptive Case Management Quick Start Series

clip_image007[6]Dain HansenOvum has published an analysis of #Oracle #BPM Suite 11g - "... good job of the Integration ...": …

clip_image001[26]SOA CommunityValidated Integrations – certified integrations build by Oracle partners

clip_image016[3]Danilo Schmiedel 18 Sessions and 6 interactive workshops with Real-World examples. Don't miss the BPM & Integration Days (Feb 24-25)

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