Top tweets SOA Partner Community – March 2013

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clip_image001SOA CommunityB2B samples and training material available

clip_image002SOA Proactive Check out Oracle Learning Library for videos and demos on SOA and OSB

clip_image001[1]SOA CommunityGenerate Tradingpartners for Oracle B2B 11g with Ant by Martien van den Akker

clip_image004Bilalogic @soacommunity Thanks Jurgen, it was a successful meeting. We'll be glad to barter a container of them (dates) for SOA-BPM competency :)

clip_image001[2]SOA CommunityThanks to the #ITComp team for the wonderful jammy present at the #ofmforum … #soacommunity

clip_image006ServiceTechSymposiumThe February issue of the Service Technology Magazine is now published with new articles. Read them at:

clip_image007Oracle BPMForbes: Fast Data gets a jump on Big Data, Hasan Rizvi #OracleFastData

clip_image008C2B2 Consulting#SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning Webinar Series-Part 6: #Oracle Enterprise Manager-Mon,4th of March …

clip_image001[3]SOA CommunityBPM panel at #BPMintegrationDays "when your BPM project fails rename to SOA project" #soacommunity #soa

clip_image009Torsten Winterberg @soacommunity moderating fish bowl mode panel on BPM at BPM Integration days. Good discussions. Thx Jürgen!!

clip_image010Danilo SchmiedelMunich/BPM Integration Days: Nice session by @gschmutz and @t_winterberg how BPM, SOA, Architecture and Mobile belong together @soacommunity

clip_image001[4]SOA CommunitySOA Community Newsletter February 2013

clip_image011Simon HaslamBlog: Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community (SOA and WebLogic) Forum in Faro …

clip_image012OTNArchBeatOracle Fusion UX Design Patterns and Tools for the Cloud Crowd | @ultan

clip_image013Oracle SOAFilter and Correlate. Move and Transform. Analyze. Act. In real-time.

clip_image001[5]SOA CommunityTop tweets SOA Partner Community – February 2013

clip_image014Mark NelsonBPM 11g Performance Tuning Whitepaper published

clip_image001[6]SOA Communitygreat party & conference with 125 friends - missed it? impressions & ppts - hope to see you again #soacommunity #jwc

clip_image012[1]OTNArchBeatAdditional new SOA Community content | @soacommunity

clip_image015Jon petter hjulstadIt was an honor to receive the Oracle SOA Partner Community Award for Outstanding SOA 11g Contribution 2012

clip_image010[1]Danilo Schmiedel

@simon_haslam @soacommunity I missed you too! Reading the Tweets from the past days I notice, that I also missed lots of useful sessions :-/

clip_image010[2]Danilo Schmiedel@soacommunity Thanks for providing new SOA Community content under . Contains a great post on BPEL performance stats!

clip_image016Matthias Fuchs@soacommunity Great #ofmforum super location perfect speakers and instructors - beats many other oracle events even in the database division

clip_image016[1]Matthias Fuchs@MagicChatzi maybe interesting #wls12c - but our #soasimone as referent is the best we ever had ;-) #ofmforum

clip_image017Simone GeibGetting ready to go home from #ofmforum. Thanks again for a fantastic and memorable week @soacommunity. Hope to come back next year

clip_image001[7]SOA CommunityThanks to my 3400 followers - keep the community rocking! Invite your colleagues! #soacommunity #opn @oraclesoa

clip_image018gschmutz#ofmfourm was great! Thanks to Jürgen Kress for a great event at a nice location! Liked the networking as always - CU all in 2014!

clip_image019Lucas JellemaOSB 11g: Stuck Threads when using inbound database adapter via @wordpressdotcom

clip_image001[8]SOA Community ‏Additional new content SOA Community:

clip_image020A. Chatziantoniou#ofmforum is almost over - big thanks to jürgen kress for an excellent event, great content, super location, networking - cu next year

clip_image010[3]Danilo SchmiedelNews from the CattleCrew: OSB 11g - Avoid stuck Threads when using inbound database adapter

clip_image013[1]Oracle SOABPM paired with Fast Data & Big Data can transform business operations.

clip_image021Ronald LuttikhuizenVENNSTER Blog | From the Trenches (2), Patching OSB and SOA Suite to PS5 | … #soasuite #oracle

clip_image022Emiel PaasschensThe OFM forum in Faro Portugal is over. Thanx to Jürgen Kress for an excellent event, great content & super location. #ofmforum #yam

clip_image011[1]Simon Haslam#ofmforum is wrapping up. Very productive few days: post-OOW updates (thanks @SOASimone @MaciejGruszka!), training, networking - superb!

clip_image023OracleBlogs Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook Published!!

clip_image017[1]Simone GeibGlad you liked it RT @croft: Many thanks to @SOASimone and James A-A for excellent soa course! Shame to leave early! #ofmforum

clip_image012[2]OTNArchBeatThe OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … ▸ Top stories today via @soacommunity

clip_image015[1]Jon petter hjulstadEnd of Oracle Event Processing POC- this is a cool product!

clip_image001[9]SOA CommunityUploading all #fomforum presentations to the community workspace … access only for members

clip_image024Mike CroftMany thanks to @SOAsimone and James A-A for excellent soa course! Shame to leave early! #ofmforum

clip_image025OPITZ CONSULTINGRT @soacommunity: First impression from the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum … #ofmforum

clip_image027Oracle MW Support RT @soacommunity Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook Published!!

clip_image028Jan van ZoggelReceived @packtpub eBook of Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook. Time to read up & review :) …

clip_image015[2]Jon petter hjulstadThanks @soacommunity for the Oracle SOA Partner Community Award - Outstanding SOA 11g Contribution 2012 #ofmforum - I have great colleagues!

clip_image029Cato AuneCongratulations to my colleague @Jphjulstad for the Oracle SOA Partner Community Award - Outstanding SOA 11g Contribution 2012 at #ofmforum

clip_image030Deepak AroraHow interesting that my slides from 3 years ago are still popular in the SOA community...things that make you go hmmmm

clip_image018[1]gschmutzOracle BPM PS6 is great, with new BPM Composer and Web Forms. Can't wait for GA, so that I can show it to customers :-) #oraclesoa #ofmforum

clip_image018[2]gschmutzFirst day of Oracle BPM PS6 training at #ofmforum is over. Very interesting with good hands-on workshops, thanks Niall, Angelo and David.

clip_image009[1]Torsten WinterbergFlying back to cold Germany. Thanks @soacommunity for great Fmw forum with great networking, several new ideas and a lot of good sessions!

clip_image016[2]Matthias Fuchs@soacommunity nice workshop with #soasimone and many infos about BPEL - now we are ready for "fast" BPEL

clip_image017[2]Simone GeibEmbedded Oracle Event Processing makes Internet of Things a Reality #cep

clip_image018[3]gschmutzNow Angelo is presenting Web Form of Oracle BPM PS6, the cool new feature of PS6. Agile BPM at its best! #ofmforum #soabpm

clip_image011[2]Simon HaslamVery refreshing approach to ADF training, architecture first, by @fnimphiu (and some content from @chriscmuir) at #ofmforum

clip_image001[10]SOA CommunityHands-on WebLogic 12c training by @MaciejGruszka Hard working students @MagicChatzi #ofmforum

View photo

clip_image018[4]gschmutzBPM PS6 Bootcamp with Niall Commiskey & David Read just started. Looking forward to 2 interesting days! #ofmforum #oraclebpm

clip_image017[3]Simone Geib After 2 exciting days at #ofmforum, meeting old friends and making new ones, now teaching partners #oraclesoa foundation training

clip_image022[1]Emiel PaasschensAttending BPM PS6 Bootcamp with Niall Commiskey & David Read. Looking forward to 2 interesting days! #ofmforum #yam

clip_image001[11]SOA CommunityThanks for attending the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2013 Did you like it? send a your feedback! #ofmforum

clip_image024[1]Mike CroftUPKs available to help learn about process accelerators #ofmforum #bpm @c2b2consulting

clip_image032Dominika Tasarzphotos from #ofmforum you can find some of them interesting Mike ;) @croft

clip_image024[2]Mike Croftaccelerators using accelerators! #ofmforum #bpm @c2b2consulting

clip_image024[3]Mike CroftGoing silent for the #ofmforum secret session!

clip_image033leonsmiersVery proud to receive the #Oracle SOA Community award for Oracle BPM in 2012! Thanks @soacommunity #yam #capgemini

clip_image001[12]SOA CommunityInsights for the soacommunity for all partners at #ofmforum - special thanks to @SOASimone

clip_image001[13]SOA CommunityCouldn't attend the #ofmforum? Want to get the slides? Register for the #soacommunity

clip_image017[4]Simone GeibYummy! RT @magicchatzi: The #HILTON at Vilamoura takes good care of us #ofmforum

clip_image001[14]SOA CommunityEvent processing for devices - OEP no longer complex - James AA #ofmforum

clip_image001[15]SOA CommunityLots of interest in #BPM process accelerators by David Read at #ofmforum

clip_image001[16]SOA CommunityLunch outside in the sun #ofmforum

clip_image011[3]Simon HaslamI knew nothing about Oracle B2B so @SOASimone's #ofmforum session/demo was really helpful

clip_image001[17]SOA CommunityWorking on a SOA suite project? Have you seen this screen? Adopt your audit level? James AA #ofmforum

clip_image001[18]SOA CommunityWhat to listen for to identify BPM projects - check the process accelerators - a starting point Barry #ofmforum #bpm

clip_image001[19]SOA CommunityWhom to sell BPM -run discovery workshop! Use sample processes start with simple process high impact Barry #ofmforum

clip_image001[20]SOA CommunityNr. 1 advice read the paper … to manage your process data for Soa suite. #purge #ofmforum #ateam James AA

clip_image001[21]SOA Community ‏Make sure you follow and read the blog #ofmforum #ateam #soasuite

clip_image001[22]SOA CommunityATeam #soasuite best practice by James AA. A-Team can support with architecture review & upgrading Read their blog!

clip_image034Frank HoppeRobina enjoyed the meeting with Alistair and Ed @t_winterberg at #ofmforum

clip_image024[4]Mike CroftSOA Suite dos and don'ts at #ofmforum thanks, A-team! @c2b2consulting

clip_image008[1]C2B2 Consulting#Oracle #BPEL Performance Best Practices Webinar is now available online … #Java #SOA @soacommunity #middleware

clip_image001[23]SOA CommunityB2B one of the gold nuggets in #soasuite11g - try it! #ofmforum #b2b

clip_image001[24]SOA CommunityAdvice for #BPM11g projects read the documentation & train team & prototype your process #LinkConsulting #ofmforum

clip_image001[25]SOA CommunityFirst impression from the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum share yours! #ofmforum … #soacommunity

clip_image001[26]SOA CommunityOracle customers choose specialized companies with certified skills & successful projects Thanks to Link Consulting

clip_image001[27]SOA CommunityWhere to use OSB or BPEL or Mediator @gschmutz Guido Schutz #ofmforum #osb #soacommunity

clip_image001[28]SOA CommunityIntegrate mobile applications by using OSB rest @SOASimone Simone Geib and Grant Ronald at #ofmforum

clip_image022[2]Emiel PaasschensReally nice weather today in Faro! But I am inside the hotel attending the presentation by @gschmutz about the OSB. #ofmforum #yam

clip_image017[5]Simone GeibThank you! RT @soacommunity: Thanks for a wonderful evening at the #ofmforum networking dinner - Good night jk #soacommunity

clip_image022[3]Emiel PaasschensHad great diner with nice food and good talks about food (and a little about SOA) with lovely @SOASimone at #ofmforum

clip_image001[29]SOA CommunityThanks for a wonderful evening at the #ofmforum networking dinner - see you at 9.00 am to start the sessions! Good night jk #soacommunity

clip_image035Arnoud RothFirst day of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Forum was a great success! Now for some serious networking :-) #ofmforum

clip_image001[30]SOA CommunityThanks for a wonderful dinner with 100+ friends! Thanks for all your middleware business #ofmforum

clip_image001[31]SOA CommunityFusion Middleware Partner Community Forum - social network event share & enjoy - thanks for the business #ofmforum

clip_image022[4]Emiel PaasschensWebLogic cloud application foundation roadmap presented by @MaciejGruszka at #ofmforum #yam

clip_image009[2]Torsten WinterbergRT @FHoppe: A lot of information on ORACLE Fusion Middleware in Faro. #ofmforum

clip_image022[5]Emiel PaasschensBig data is a buzz, but what is the value of data when you react too late? Fast Data is the answer! #ofmforum #yam

clip_image001[32]SOA CommunityWebLogic cloud application foundation roadmap presented by @MaciejGruszka at #ofmforum

clip_image020[1]A. Chatziantoniou#soasimone talks about fast data, but apparently she hasn't read Jürgens newsletter fast enough before #ofmforum

clip_image001[33]SOA CommunityFast and big data how OFM can help filter, move, analyze, act @SOASimone Simone Geib at #ofmforum

clip_image001[34]SOA CommunityRe-use you SOA integration platform to build mobile apps @SOASimone Simone Geib at #ofmforum

clip_image001[35]SOA CommunityCloud integration advice by @SOASimone Simone Geib #ofmforum

clip_image001[36]SOA CommunitySOA is more relevant than ever to integrate cloud and mobile @SOASimone Simone Geib #ofmforum

clip_image020[2]A. ChatziantoniouBPMN Player is like IT shown in Hollywood movies. Your Boss will be impressed. #ofmforum is getting better by the minute!

clip_image020[3]A. ChatziantoniouDavid Reed shows the coolest BPMN with quick Webforms and Simulation at #ofmforum . I'm impressed and will try to use this in my project.

clip_image001[37]SOA CommunityProcess accelerators - pre-start your race! Bring your customers in production much faster - David Read #ofmforum

clip_image001[38]SOA CommunityAdaptive case management support - event driven processes #bpmps6 David Read #ofmforum

clip_image001[39]SOA CommunityBuild webforms in the browser. Simple forms in seconds - complex forms in ADF - choice #bpmps6 David Read #ofmforum

clip_image001[40]SOA Community Bpmn modeling and simulation in a browser for business user #BPMps6 David Read at #ofmforum

clip_image008[2]C2B2 Consulting#Oracle Service Bus Performance webinar recording in now available to watch … #OSB #Java #SOA @soacommunity

clip_image001[41]SOA CommunityNetworking at the #ofmforum community - scan the qr code and connect at linked

clip_image001[42]SOA CommunityUse OFM to integrate Apps with Apps and FusionApps and to customize them - Ed Zou at #ofmforum

clip_image001[43]SOA CommunityBig data and fast data integrated & analyst & real time pattern matching by Middleware - Ed Zou #ofmforum

clip_image020[4]A. ChatziantoniouSunny day on the Algarve but at #ofmforum a lot of info about clouds. CloudLogic sounds cool!

clip_image001[44]SOA CommunityExalogic best platform for E-Business and Tuxedo - Ed Zou #ofmforum

clip_image001[45]SOA CommunityOracle Java Cloud and Developer Cloud is GA for partner - try it out Ed Zou at #ofmforum #soacommunity

clip_image001[46]SOA CommunityOracle Fusion Middleware is by itself the 6th largest software company by itself - lots of service business for partner Ed Zou #ofmforum

clip_image001[47]SOA CommunitySpecialized partner make more and larger business with Oracle - thanks to all Specialized partner Alistair #ofmforum

clip_image001[48]SOA CommunityInternet of things needs middleware - Alistair Hopkins at #ofmforum

clip_image020[5]A. ChatziantoniouSome confidential stuff is menioned at #ofmforum - cant tweet about it, but it sounds cool!

clip_image017[6]Simone GeibVery excited to be in Faro at the #ofmforum

clip_image001[49]SOA CommunityAlistair Hopkins #ofmforum middleware is big business for Partners and Oracle and growing. Ofm is the key #opn

clip_image020[6]A. ChatziantoniouJürgen kicks off the #ofmforum in #faro Lots of familiar faces, good networking already #soacommunity

clip_image018[5]gschmutzI'm at the ofm forum in faro. It just started with juergen's introduction. Looking forward to interesting days here! #ofmforum

clip_image009[3]Torsten WinterbergJürgen is kicking of #ofmforum. Packed with new stuff from Oracle #fmw. Great to be here.

clip_image014[1]Mark Nelson ‏Thinking of getting certified for SOA Suite?

clip_image035[1]Arnoud Roth Starting off with the Oracle Partner Fusion Middleware Community Forum! Exciting days! #ofmforum

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