Top tweets SOA Partner Community – November 2012

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clip_image001OTNArchBeat ‏@OTNArchBeat

SOA Galore: New Books for Technical Eyes Only

clip_image002SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

SOA, Cloud and Service Technology Symposium a super success!

clip_image004Troux Technologies ‏@trouxsoftware

Get a complementary copy of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools!!

clip_image002[1]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Generating an EJB SDO Service Interface for Oracle SOA Suite by Edwin Biemond

clip_image005Danilo Schmiedel ‏@dschmied

How-to undeploy multiple SOA composites with WLST or ANT @OC_Wire @soacommunity

clip_image002[2]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Oracle Open World 2012 – Middleware update

clip_image006OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

Oracle BPM enable BAM by Peter Paul

clip_image007Jon petter hjulstad ‏@Jphjulstad

Installing Oracle Event Processing 11g Antony Reynolds- …

clip_image002[3]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Oracle BPM enable BAM by Peter Paul

clip_image008arjankramer ‏@arjankramer

[CG Oracle Blog] Expanding the Oracle Enterprise Repository with functional documentation #capgemini

clip_image006[1]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

Announcing Upcoming SOA and JMS Introductory Blog Posts

clip_image009Oracle B2B ‏@Oracle_B2B

Very Cool - Mobile ADF with SOA Suite and EBusiness Suite-check out the blog: - What could you do with this? #B2B #SOA

clip_image010Ronald Luttikhuizen ‏@rluttikhuizen

Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience Patterns and Guidelines available …

clip_image002[4]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

On the way to the German #opnday. Want to discuss OFM request a meeting for the oFM expert zone #soacommunity

clip_image002[5]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – October 2012

clip_image002[6]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Thanks for the excellent BPM Partner Advisory Council. Excellent product feedback and many new ideas for go 2 market View photo

clip_image002[7]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Hosting our BPM Advisory Council in London. Discuss with top BPM #Specialized Partners roadmap & joint go2market.

clip_image002[8]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

User Experience Monitoring with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and Real User Experience Insight 12R1 Demo Now…

clip_image006[2]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

Oracle Service Bus duplicate message check using Coherence by Jan van Zoggel

clip_image012orclateamsoa ‏@orclateamsoa

A-Team Blog #ateam: A brief note for customers running SOA Suite on AIX platforms

clip_image002[9]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Distribute #SOA #specialization plaques - let us know when you receive them! #soacommunity View photo

clip_image006[3]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

Critical Patch Update For Oracle Fusion Middleware - CPU October 2012

clip_image006[4]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

Storing SCA Metadata in the Oracle Metadata Services Repository by Nicols Fonnegra Martinez and Markus Lohn

clip_image002[10]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Sending out the October edition of the #SOACommunity newsletter - read it! Did not receive it - become a member #oracle Expand

clip_image014Whitehorses ‏@whitehorsesnl

Whiteblog: ACM – Adaptive Case Management ( )

clip_image006[5]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

BPM 11g - Dynamic Task Assignment with Multi-level Organization Units

clip_image006[6]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

Using Cloud OER to Find Fusion Applications On-Premise Service Concrete WSDL URL by Rajesh Raheja

clip_image002[11]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

BPM for Apps: BPM for EBS Demo available

clip_image015Sabine Leitner ‏@LeitnerSabine

@soacommunity Sie können am 24.10. nicht live in München beim #OracleDay sein? Dann verfolgen Sie hier unsere Live-Tweets! @OracleDay2012

clip_image001[1]OTNArchBeat ‏@OTNArchBeat

Following the Thread in OSB | Antony Reynolds #oracle #soa

clip_image002[12]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Thanks to #Accenture & @HajoNormann for an excellent 2 days #BPM workshop. Great results great projects ;-)

clip_image002[13]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

SOA Community Newsletter October 2012

clip_image017ServiceTechSymposium ‏@techsymp

The October issue of the Service Technology Magazine is now published with new items! Read them at

clip_image018Erl Tech Book Series ‏@techbks

New resource site goes live today! .

clip_image002[14]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

DSS: SOA 11g ( Solutions- End To End B2B Scenarios

clip_image006[7]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

Exploring MDS Explorer by Mark Nelson

clip_image006[8]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

Oracle SOA Governance EMEA Workshop for Partners & System Integrators: Nov 5-7th | Madrid, Spain

clip_image002[15]SOA Community ‏@soacommunity

Oracle Service Bus duplicate message check using Coherence by Jan van Zoggel

clip_image006[9]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs

DSS: SOA 11g ( Solutions- End To End B2B Scenarios

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