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OracleSOA Replay videos & presos for SOA VirtDevDay incl. video of the lab exercise. Sincere apology for late start.…

Java Java On-demand webcast: Introducing Oracle #JavaME Embedded Client

MagicChatzi now with the launch of #java7 this one is again very appropriate

OracleBPM Interested in adding intelligence to your processes? Read why #bpm and Complex Event Processing are better together

OTNArchBeat Oracle to Announce Datanomic Integration Plans – 7/19 – 8am PT / 11am ET w/Michael Weingartner, Martin Boyd, Dain Hansen

ADF Summit sample application, a case study in redeveloping Forms applications in ADF

adfcodecorner ADF Summit, Forms to ADF transition experience paper and sample out on OTN: . Learn abou… (cont)

soacommunity @avijeetd Yes the Java7 webcast replay is available for the link best to visit my blog

OracleWebLogic New Blog Post: WebLogic Weekly for July 11th, 2011 – The weekly summary of all things WebLogic Server for July 11th,…

OTNArchBeat Latest OTN member discount codes for books and other goodies

OTNArchBeat OIPA: Leveraging Oracle Coherence for Distributed Execution of High Volume Transactions | Paul Cleary

OTNArchBeat Innovations and Integrations: Applying Trendy Technologies to NASA Mission Operations Planning | Mark Powell #infoq

andrejusb Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: Unique Key Validation for LOV Based on Reference A……

OracleWebLogic James Bayer Blog: WebLogic Server Work Manager Demo Recording and Slides

simon_haslam Useful comparison of #jee6 servers …none are ent production ready so looking fwd to next #weblogic

mkelderman @SOASimone @ayers_dl #SOA11g #PS3 #PS4 Default purging scripts significant purging Performance Improvement

“Introducing Java 7″ Webcast replay > Tech breakout replays and presos still to come #java7

soacommunity SOA Community
How to get started with SOA Suite – How to become an expert with SOA Suite? Register for the OTN Virtual… #soa #in

gschmutz gschmutz Just uploaded ‘Oracle SOA Suite in use – a practical experience report’ to SlideShare.

soacommunity SOA Community How to use the OMM model to become SOA Specialized #soacommunity #opn #omm

oracle_em Price drawing: Our 3000th follower will receive a free, signed copy of this #em11g hands-on BSM book pls RT #BSM

OracleBlogs Topmodel – Open Market Model (OMM)

OracleBlogs How to get started with SOA Suite – How to become an expert with SOA Suite? Register for the OTN Virtual Devel…

mkelderman #SOA11g an #AQ tuning tip:…

soacommunity How to get started with SOA Suite – How to become an expert with SOA Suite? Register for the OTN Virtual Devel…

Yenlo_BV @soacommunity We have received our #SOA #Specialized plaque :-)

Nice example of how to use a slider to filter an ADF table:

Online #bpm event: Transform Your Business by Connecting People, Processes, and Content. Register at

SOASimone New “Advanced Oracle SOA Suite” page on OTN: Watch this space, it will be constantly updated #soasuite

OracleBlogs ODI SDK: How to Automate Changes to Interfaces

java Java Forum Stuttgart celebrates #java7

brhubart Oracle Technology Network Virtual Developer Day: SOA – Tuesday July 12, 2011 – 9am PT/11am CT /noon ET

soacommunity SOA Community
Java 7 Webcast ready to go: Moving Java Forward – #java #soacommunity #in

AdamBien Summer Java EE 6 (With A Little Bit 7) Events: 3 Days Training Hamburg: 18.07.11 – 20.07.11 Java EE 6 Best Pract…

Updated my #SOA11g purging script:…

adfcodecorner Because seeing is believing ! – RT @JDeveloper: ADF Faces Skin Editor – How to Work with It

fnimphiu Interesting discussion on OTN : – Looks like the more we preach that Oracle Forms is aliv… (cont)

ricksschultz Team doing final prep for tomorrow’s #Java 7 launch event in Oracle Conference Center (and Brazil, London, Stuttgart)

bamaymedia #Java7 Launch Webcast and live events in Redwood Shores, London, Sao Paulo, Stuttgart and a number of other cities

mkelderman Struggling with purging in #SOA11g? Read my article on “Extreme Purging”, an different approach

OracleBlogs BPEL Certified for Prebuilt E-Business Suite 12.1.3 SOA Integrations on IBM Linux on System z

OracleSOA Register for Oracle Virtual Developer Day-SOA: Presentations, demos, & moderated hands-on labs #soa

webcenteropn Updated PS4 Version of “Using WebCenter Spaces Extension Samples” is now available

BPM_Consultant Oracle Named a Leader in Business Process Management in IDC’s …: REDWOOD SHORES, CA–(Marketwire – 07/06/11)
@soacommunity I enrolled for the launch in the Oracle London office
6 Jul

soacommunity SOA Community Introducing Java 7 Webcast: Moving Java Forward

Sample #85 ” af:query component complex field validation” released on ADF Code Corner (P… (cont)

OracleWebLogic The University of Adelaide Implements Oracle #soa Suite 11g and Oracle #WebLogic Suite 11g…

OracleSOA Upcoming Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum events- Milan, Buenos Aires. Bridgewater NJ Coming to 64 cities #soa

Oracle Technology Network Virtual Developer Day: SOA – Tuesday July 12, 2011 – 9am PT/11am CT /noon ET

soacommunity Reviewing the Specialization Award submission thanks to You we received again more middleware than database submissions!

soacommunity Preparing a trip to Zürich to celebrate with our partner IPT a huge JCAPS to SOA project – as a result of #Specialization #soacommunity

whitehorsesnl Whiteblog: Looking back on Kscope 2011 (

OracleWebLogic New Blog Post: WebLogic Weekly for July 4th, 2011 – WebLogic Content for the week leading up to July 4th, 2011

enterpriseadf Sten Vesterli Review of “Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development” by Grant Ronald:

OracleBlogs Book review of Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simpl

OTNArchBeat Introducing Java 7 Webcast: Moving Java Forward

stenvesterli Fusion Middleware: Only used outside the U.S.? FMW presenters at #Kscope were non-US. Blog post:

soacommunity SVs: Is your solution running on WebLogic? Make sure you become ready & optimized on Exalogic – #soacommunity #in

rluttikhuizen Uploaded #odtug #kscope presentation to SlideShare: Overview of Eventing in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

OracleBlogs ISVs: Is your solution running on WebLogic? Make sure you become ready & optimized on Exalogic

oop_conference @AdamBien Blog: A Great Place To Start With Java and Java EE: is probably one of the o…

leonsmiers My Oracle Open World session around Oracle BPM has been selected! Thanks all for the votes! #yam #oow11

soacommunity SVs: Is your solution running on WebLogic? Make sure you become ready & optimized on Exalogic

soacommunity On my way to the german SOA community workshop in Berlin. Are you (attendees) all SOA Specialized? #soacommunity #Specialization

simon_haslam @eelzinga @sasahohol @biemond OS for SOA11g usually set by prior HW choice. Linux/x86-64 is probably most common/best value (& dev plat)

eelzinga New blogpost : Oracle Service Bus, Implementing Aggregator pattern by use of Split-Join, #osb #oracleservicebus

soacommunity @sasahohol Hi Sasah we support all major platforms dor details please visit #otn. Development is based on Oracle Linux #soacommunity

AMIS_Services Blog by Lucas Jellema: “Creating an ADF Faces Dynamic Table with multi-faceted Head-to-Head comparison between records”

Jphjulstad Impressions from Advanced BPM training in Lisbon: #soacommunity

JavaSpotlight Java Spotlight Episode 36: Anil Gaur, Vice President of Java Platform on Glassfish 3.1

OracleMiddle Learn how Oracle WebCenter and BPM integrate to make enterprises social

OTNArchBeat Powering the Cloud with Oracle WebLogic | @LucasJellema #kscope

OTNArchBeat Kscope 11 Fusion Middleware presentations | @deltalounge

OTNArchBeat Purging SOA Suite 11g, the Extreme Edition | Mark Kelderman

oraclewebcenter Does your organization use social tools and BPM? See how others are benefiting from #Oracle #WebCenter

AMIS_Services Blog by Lucas Jellema: “Suggestion for new type of ADF DVT (Data Visualization): the Delta Graph – to visualize re…

OracleBlogs Reviewing Orace ADF Enterprise Application Development Made Simple Book

jaxlondon #Java7 is coming! Check out the webcast from #Oracle on Thurs July 7, 9.00am-1.30pm (PT) #java JB

soacommunity BPM11g Advanced Workshop – blog article by Darwin – #bpm #darwin #soacommunity

soacommunity June SOA Partner Community Newsletter 2011 – #soacommunity

OracleBPM Great #bpm read from Leon Smiers: Oracle BPM Suite, The importance of sub-processes within BPMN20

OracleBPM #bpm spotlight: ItellaNLC LLC Automates Order Processing, Enables Online Inquiries to Improve Service and Reduce Costs

OracleBPM Coming to a City Near You: Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum Event Sessions include BPM, SOA, Cloud and more. Register at

OracleBPM #bpm spotlight: United States Marine Corps Reduces Requisition Request Cycle Time by 80% with New Logistics System

For regular information on Oracle SOA Suite become a member in the SOA Partner Community for registration please visit (OPN account required)

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