SOA Symposium 2009 by Thomas Erl results & wrap-up: joint booth & presentations & book launch & SOA Manifesto

The Oracle community had a strong presence at the SOA Symposium 2009. Together with our partners eProseed, HP Enterprise Services, iAdvice, IT-eye and Opitz Consulting we did host an joint Oracle booth. Our Oracle Fusion Middleware ACE Directors Mike van Alst, Geoffroy de Lamalle, Hajo Normann, Guido Schmutz & Torsten Winterberg delivered jointly with our HQ Team David Chappel, Manas Deb and Clemens Utschig-Utschig several presentations.

Joint booth
Together with our key SOA partners we did host the Oracle Fusion Middleware booth. At the booth in a joint presentation we highlighted our partners references, knowledge and solution offerings around fusion middleware. At the two workstations our partners presented live SOA demonstrations.

Our Community and partners delivered the following presentations:
• Keynote: David Chappell, Oracle - Next Generation Service-Orientation: The Grid, The Cloud, and The Bus
• "The Convergence and Unification of SOA, EDA & BPM: Benefits and Challenges" - Manas Deb, Oracle
• "Selecting the Right Program Management Style: A Crucial Part of SOA Project Success" - Wouter Paul Trienekens, Logica
• "Next Generation SOA Practices and Patterns" - Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Oracle & - Torsten Winterberg, OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH & Hajo Normann, HP Enterprise Services
• "Service-Oriented Business Architecture and Business Model Innovation" - Linus Malmberg, Cordial
• "SOA Rollout Strategies" - Dirk Krafzig, SOA Park
• "Moving from Classic SOA to Next Generation SOA: A Study of Modern Architecture Refactoring" - Satadru Roy, Sun Microsystems
• "SOA and Cloud Computing - A Match Made in Heaven?" - David Chappell, Oracle
• "BI, BPM, and BRM Guide SOA Through The Cloud" - Dirk Krafzig, SOA Park
• "User Interfaces and SOA" - Torsten Winterberg, OPITZ Consulting GmbH
• "From Business Strategy to SOA Project Delivery, Successful Governance and Practices" - Mario Moreno, Logica
• "How Smart Use Cases Drive Service-Oriented Projects" - Sander Hoogendoorn, Capgemini
• "Building a Brokerage Marketplace to Sell services in the Cloud" - Arnaud Leruyet, Logica
• "Navigating the Bermuda Triangle" - Thomas Rischbeck, IPT
• "SOA Governance Touch Points" - Dirk Krafzig, SOA Park

Book launch
One of the highlights of the conference was the book launch "Modern SOA Infrastructure: Technology, Design, and Governance" written by David Chappell, Thomas Erl, Mark Little, Brian Loesgen, Satadru Roy, Thomas Rischbeck, Arnaud Simon

SOA Manifesto
The highlight of the conference was the SOA Manifesto presentation. From Oracle David Chappel and Clemens Utschig-Utschig contributed to the SOA Manifesto. Right after the launch we had the opportunity to talk to several of the authors who shared some insights with us.

If you like what you see, you are encouraged to become a signatory.

The simplicity and clear language in the manifesto was hard work. During the conference the team meet over 3 days. Key of SOA are the business benefits. The challenge was to reduce the more than 40 ideas for the SOA values to the final 6 values. In the second part of the SOA Manifesto focus on the guiding principles.
One of the key ideas was that you can not buy SOA, it is a result of hard architecture work. The goals of the manifesto are highly ambitions, high volume of website hits and the use in SOA RFIs.

The SOA community discussion acknowledges that the SOA Manifesto supports the SOA efforts and success. For more feedback on the SOA Manifesto please visit the following blogs of David Chappel, Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Hajo Normann & Mike van Alst.

THANKS for the great event! Jürgen Kress

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For more information become a member in the SOA Partner Community please feel free to register at (OPN account required)


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