SOA Suite 11g Database Growth Management

This whitepaper “Oracle SOA Suite 11g Database Growth Management”  has been written to highlight the need to implement an appropriate strategy to manage the growth the of SOA 11g database. The advice presented should facilitate better dialog between SOA and Database administrators when planning database and host requirements

Whitepaper Oracle SOA Suite 11g Database Growth Management

Advisor Webcast “Oracle SOA Suite 11g Database Growth Management” April 11th 2012

Author: Michael Bousamra

Contributing Authors: Deepak Arora Sai Sudarsan Pogaru

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I have experience with Weblogic but am new to SOA and even newer to Exalogic.I will be installing SOA Suite with OSB in Exalogic for testing. It is not for the production environment and a very simple application will be used for testing. Database admin asked me what size database would be required but I did not find clear answer in the documentation anywhere. I just found the information about the Growth Management which currently will not be my concern. I just would like to know the minimum requirements. So, I am just surfing around for the answer. I would appreciate any answer.


P.S: Oracle Database 11.2 will most likely be the preferred choice for the database.

Posted by Subedi on June 19, 2012 at 10:35 PM CEST #

Dear Subedi
thanks for your comment, if you are working on an ExaLogic opportunity please make sure you get in contact with us! As part of the WebLogic Community we provide an ExaLogic Kit with many technical information.
Best regards Jürgen Kress

Posted by Jürgen Kress on June 20, 2012 at 01:55 PM CEST #

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