SOA Starter Day @ jax 2009

Our SOA Team organized an excellent „SOA Starter Day” as part of the jax 2009 conference. The room was over-crowded and the feedback was great.

Presentations included:
• SOA reference architecture & optimal SOA demo
• BPM myth and reality
• SOA classifications
• Loose coupling
• UI Patterns: interfaces for SOA
• Transactions in SOA
• SOA Security
• Canonical Data Model

As a resume of the panel discussion we see that SOA becomes mature and SOA adoption continues to grow. As a survival role in the current economic situation it is key that your SOA business case is focused on:
• It’s now all about cutting cost and improving efficiency (time to market won’t count…)
• Immediate (& on-going) cost savings
• Iterative programs (no big bang)
• Self-funding

Special thanks to the team:
Torsten Winterberg & Hajo Normann & Bernd Trops & Clemens Utschig & Berthold Maier.

We are more than happy to support you if you want to run a similar event. To access all information about Oracle SOA Suite and to become a member in SOA Partner Community please fell free to sign up: (OPN account required)



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