SOA Solution – End to End B2B Scenarios DSS Demo

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  • Comprehensive document management and trading partner management
  • Extensive B2B protocol support
  • Secure and reliable message exchange
  • B2B batching feature
  • B2B Security & B2B Reports/Metrics
  • Complete end-to-end processes tracking
  • B2B - BAM Integration (New)!!

Demo Flow

This demo primarily provides hands on experience of B2B. It illustrates various stages of setup required to electronically transfer the documents between the business partners.

The demo flow continues with Creation and setup of Document Definitions, Partner Profile Management, Creation and deployment of Agreements, Deploying SOA composites, Executing test case of message flow, Viewing B2B Reports/Metrics, Applying security to document transfer, Transformation to B2B-EDI X12 message, Observing B2B batching feature, Complete end-to-end processes tracking.

View BAM dashboards for the B2B instances Key Process Indicators (New)!!

DSS: Enhanced B2B SOA Demo Now Available for more information and access visit OPN.

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