Partner Webcast – Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Connect 4 Cloud, Mobile, IoT with On-premise - August 28th 2014

Thursday August 28th 2014 SOA Suite 12c Webcast

The pace of new business projects continues to grow from increasing customer self-service to seamlessly connecting all your back office and in-the-field applications. At the same time increased integration complexity may seem inevitable as organizations are suddenly faced with the requirement to support three new integration challenges:

  • » Cloud Integration - integrate with the cloud, rapidly integrate a growing list of cloud applications with existing applications
  • » Mobile Integration - the urgency to mobile-enable existing applications
  • » IoT Integration - begin development on the latest trend of connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices to your existing infrastructure.

Join this webcast to get an overview of what is in Java 8 from a business perspective and how with Java 8, you are uniquely positioned to extend innovation in your solutions through the largest, open, standards-based, community-driven platform.
Oracle SOA Suite 12c Oracle SOA Suite 12c, the latest version of the industry’s most complete and unified application integration and SOA solution, aims to simplify, accelerate and optimize integrations. Oracle SOA Suite 12c and its associated products, Oracle Managed File Transfer, Oracle Cloud and Application Adapters, B2B and healthcare integration, offer the industry’s most highly integrated platform for solving the increased integration challenges.
Oracle SOA Suite 12c is a complete, integrated and best-of-breed platform. It enables next generation integration capabilities through

  • A unified toolset for the development of services and composite applications.
  • A standards-based platform that is service enabled and easily consumable by modern web applications, allowing enterprises to quickly and easily adapt to changes in their business and IT environments.
  • Greater visibility, controls and analytics to govern how services and processes are deployed, reused and changed across their entire lifecycle.

Join us to find out more about the new features of Oracle SOA Suite 12c and how it enables you to reduce time to market for new project integration and to reduce integration cost and complexity. Oracle SOA Suite is the ability to simplify by integrating the disparate requirements of cloud, mobile, and IoT devices with existing on-premise applications.

Oracle SOA Suite 12c new Features

Cloud Integration

Mobile Enablement

Interent of Things (IoT)

Summary - Q&A

For details please visit our registration page here.

Thursday, Aug 28th 2014
10am CET  (9am GMT / 11am EEST


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