Oracle Fusion UX Design Patterns and Tools for the Cloud Crowd by Ultan O’Broin

The Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience Design Patterns and Guidelines are out-of-the-box, developer productivity enablers. As ready-made, yet flexible, usability solutions, the patterns are easily applied when building Fusion applications and UI integrations in the cloud with the Oracle toolkit.

Design patterns as reusable solutions to common problems when designing are all around us. Keen to tell this story in new ways, I was inspired by an Engine Yard “Cloud Out Loud | Ruby“ podcast mention of knitting patterns on GitHub.

I assigned my partner a proof of concept project for one such knitting pattern in the cloud. The pattern was quickly applied, and reflecting pattern ideas of content and skin neutrality, I soon took delivery of “HCM” and “CRM”, two little knitted aliens. Concept proven!

Knitted aliens. Proving the design pattern concept.

Knitted aliens brought to life from a pattern in the cloud. I used this story at a SAMBA UX outreach workshop in Amsterdam earlier this month.

Our UX design patterns have been proven in usability labs, in offices, and on the street, with real users, real tasks, and real apps. We’ve done the thinking and testing so that builders of Fusion apps cloud solutions don’t have to. To get your hands on UX design patterns for use across the Fusion apps suite (not just HCM and CRM), go to the Usable Apps website “For Developers” section. Read the full article here.

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