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Mike van Alst Priciple Consultant at IT-eye
“Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is by far the most comprehensive middleware stack now available on the market. Its open and integrated nature enables us to make even more flexible and adaptive solutions for our customers. We had to wait a bit longer than we expected but it was worth the wait!”

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Lucas Jellema CTO of AMIS
"The essence of SOA is achieving business agility, through decoupling and reuse. The new 11g release of the SOA Suite builds on years of experience with applying SOA in the real world and on open standards and advanced technology that has been maturing very rapidly over the last few years. With SOA Suite 11g we start to reap the benefits of these developments:
- support for Composite Applications (based on the SCA standard) that tightly integrate the main service engines and especially deployment has become so much easier and more elegant
- much improved and integrated management console: all of SOA Suite in one place, integrated in Enterprise Manager; managing the SOA Suite in daily operations has been somewhat challenging; this new console will really make life a lot easier for SOA Administrators
- SOA Suite 11g brings support for extreme decoupled architecture (EDA or Event Driven Architecture)-based through the Event Delivery Network
- integration with ADF”
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Ronald van Luttikhuizen Architect for Approach Alliance
"The great thing about the Service Component Architecture (SCA) standard -on which Oracle SOA Suite 11g is based- is that you do not need to expose low-level mediator services and adapter functionality as a separate external service. It can be a local component to a composite and therefore not visible to other service composites. This promotes much better integration and encapsulation of infrastructure and low-level services. You only need to expose those artifacts that are -or will be- reusable!"
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Andrejus Baranovskis Independent Oracle Consultant and CEO for Red Samurai Consulting
“Oracle Fusion Middleware allows to design advanced architecture and implement enterprise level systems for my clients. This platform brings all together - standard enterprise patterns, rich frameworks and reliable security. We can use rich set of already developed reusable components, this improves development quality and helps to speed up implementation process. My clients think - Oracle Fusion Middleware is Nr. 1 enterprise platform.”
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Edwin Biemond Architect at Whitehorses
“With SOA Suite FMW 11G you can build composite applications in which Mediators ( ESB Routers), BPEL , Human Tasks and Business rules can work perfectly together. You can configure this composite application in one project which makes deployment very easy. Some great new adapters like SDO, EJB and Socket adapter. Human Task views and email can be customized with ADF so it can be fully integrated in your own Company applications. And SOA Suite 11G Mediator component can react on Events which are delivered by the Event Delivery Network.”
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Hajo Normann Oracle ACE Director, Co-Leader DOAG SIG SOA at EDS an HP Company

“There is an attribute of SOA Suite 11g I really like which is easily overlooked among the overwhelming wealth of new features: Although SCA adds yet another technology to the acronym zoo in modern middleware, it rather not increases complexity, but decreases it. Through SCA as a bundling technology it becomes easier to understand an assembly of the constituents of a composite such as a BPEL process, a human interaction, some rules and routing logic. In earlier versions those have been scattered over JDeveloper and we had to figure out through clicking around how they fit together. Now these puzzle pieces of a composite are graphically grouped in one view, so it becomes way easier to grasp what is actually going on and get started. This reduction of complexity continues during deployment and administration, you always look at one bundle, a SCA composite. This reduction of complexity promises to help adoption of SOA based on Oracle Fusion Middleware.”

Nathalie Roman ACE Director / Competence Leader iAdvise FM Team at iAdvise
“Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g has finally arrived and it'll give as well developers as customers the possibility to implement bleeding edge technology throughout the Oracle Stack. Just looking at the different features and functionalities that have been build into the stack is amazing and most of all, you can't get round fusion anymore. In other words SCA Suite, Webcenter Suite, Forms, Reports and Fusion Apps will use the same infrastructure which will enable the usage of consistent admin and management tools whilst leveraging capabilities of the infrastructure and database throughout the entire stack. My 2 cents ... Fusion has become a reality with unlimited functionality and features ! Working within a forms , JEE , DB or Apps environment, everyone will be using the same technologies throughout the stack ... The fusion ages kicked in!”
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Thorsten Winterberg Head of the Competence Center SOA at Opitz Consulting
“Looking for real EDA? Check out for Oracle SOA Suite 11g.The new EDN (event delivery network) is a simple, but important feature, which allows very easy development of event driven architectures. We get an event definition language to build events of special types. A mediator can publish events as routing rule or subscribe to events to initiate some logic. Best feature: the loose coupling through the events is tied together again in the runtime console, where you can see all events, the publishers and the consumers, even the flow traces show the call stacks of event.”
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Mark Simpson Director of SOA at Griffiths Waite
"The release of Fusion Middleware 11g has been eagerly anticipated and it is great to see it ready for production release. The current 10g middleware stack has enabled us to deliver automated, agile and visible business processes for a large number of customers using components within SOA Suite and BPM Suite including BPEL, Rules, BPM, BAM and ESB.
The release of SOA Suite 11g is worthy of the term next generation - it greatly extends the current stack with key functionality, such as richer support for events, extended packaging and deployment options, a Java version of Business Activity Monitoring component, new user interface for Business Rules, better and more extensible Human Workflow, more use of ADF as the strategic framework for building user interfaces and a multitude of important enhancements to each individual component.
In addition to key new features, SOA11g is the first fully integrated enterprise SOA infrastructure available from Oracle (and on the market if you compare the necessary features for an enterprise class rollout of SOA), bringing together seamlessly the best components from the BEA and Oracle stacks. Choosing Weblogic Server as the foundation for 11g SOA will allow us and our customers to leverage the comprehensive J2EE, Spring, transaction and thread management, messaging and clustering support from a best in class Application Server.
The integration spans the whole stack above the Application Server; all components are now fully integrated. The new support for Service Component Architecture (SCA) is providing a standardised assembly and deployment model to simplify the design and management of all the moving parts. Another key component in bringing all the pieces together is Metadata Services (MDS) - this is something we will be hearing a lot about over the next few years as it is one of the key elements of the whole Fusion Middleware Architecture. MDS is a metadata repository underpinning all components across FMW 11g allowing all components to access and is what enables the rich drill-down and navigation capabilities between the components at design and runtime - it will simplify the management of the your solutions and ensure compatibility with future releases.
FMW 11g is a major release, it has been 3 years in the making with a huge investment in testing - from what I have seen in the technology previews and early access releases it looks well worth the time spent."
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