Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Benefits and Opportunities for EMEA Partners

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Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is a pivotal launch for all Oracle partners, representing the latest incarnation of the most comprehensive, customer-proven family of pre-integrated, industry-leading middleware available to date. This premier application infrastructure foundation was developed to empower enterprises to create and run flexible, intelligent business applications and optimise IT efficiency by exploiting modern hardware and software architectures.
Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is the only middleware available from any vendor that is complete, integrated, hot-pluggable and best-of-breed. What this means, is that Oracle customers can: work with a single strategic partner for all their Middleware needs; have the peace of mind brought by seamless interoperability between Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database and Oracle Applications; ensure all industry standards are exceeded; and be confident that they have chosen the most efficient, cost-effective and powerful Middleware ever built.
Featuring increased functionality across its product portfolio, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g includes new capabilities in the Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle WebCenter Suite and Oracle Identity Management. It simplifies the complexity of IT, while integrating modern application infrastructure requirements for streamlined development, SOA, cloud computing, business process transformation, Service-Oriented Security, enhanced collaboration and IT governance
At the launch of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, Thomas Kurian, Oracle Senior Vice President Server Technologies said: "With the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, more than 90,000 current customers gain a foundation for innovation to further differentiate their organisations from competitors and efficiently identify and respond to changes in their business. Offering further integrations within and across the product line and major technical innovations in every product category, Oracle is helping customers realise the promise of modern IT efficiency."

Features, Benefits and Strategy
Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g will play a key role in Oracle's entire future product strategy.
You'll hear it again and again from excited partners and customers - this is a huge release because it is so complete, integrated, open and best-of-breed.
At Oracle we believe very strongly in the power of integration coupled with openness. Our Middleware underlies our entire technology stack, a significant part of which must run seamlessly across third-party servers in heterogeneous environments. Catering for the complete horizontal and vertical needs of our customers has always been our aspiration. Our desire to be best-of breed is also a key element. We're fiercely attached to leading Gartner Magic Quadrants, Forrester Waves and any other recognised analyst metrics, so we develop and acquire the best technology and integrate it across our stack to extend our lead in Middleware.

"Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is by far the most comprehensive middleware stack now available on the market. Its open and integrated nature enables us to make even more flexible and adaptive solutions for our customers. We had to wait a bit longer than we expected but it was worth the wait!"
Mike van Alst, Principle Consultant at IT-eye
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Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g features close to 3000 new features and has been in planning for quite some time. Specifically, it fully embraces the functionality of BEA, combining two technology stacks into one integrated platform. It delivers major enhancements to SOA and BPM, Security and Identity Management, Portals and Collaboration. New features also underpin our Applications Grid, providing our Extreme Performance and Transaction Processing customers with the high availability, high-scalability, low-latency applications they demand. The service infrastructure supports our whole grid of modular next generation apps. We have created an infrastructure for highly available application deployments enabling a more mission-critical style of SOA application development. From a partner perspective, a highly-scalable, highly-available platform enables developers to deliver a new-breed of apps for end customers.
We are also now pleased to be able to offer our partners and customers a comprehensive set of pre-integrated, open and manageable Enterprise 2.0 services. Centred around Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g and Oracle WebCenter Services 11g our Middleware simplifies the development of secure Enterprise 2.0 enabled portals, composite applications, websites and more. It's all about putting productivity back into the hands of our partners and customers and enabling them to rapidly create their own working environments, user interactions and online communities. We're delivering a richer experience for business users and a powerful standards-based framework for developers.
It's also important to mention several performance enhancements that offer a better user experience for Oracle Identity Management 11g partners. We have enabled tighter integration within the IDM product portfolio and also with the larger Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products. All IDM products now use common Fusion Middleware components and services such as a single installer, shared infrastructure services for encryption, meta-data management, auditing and logging, and common systems management. Additionally, these products are now certified on a broader and consistent set of technology platforms giving customers unparalleled choices for deployment. We are also delivering the foundation for a unique concept called Service-Oriented Security (SOS), which is all about enabling identity management functionalities for applications via reusable shared service interfaces. With SOS, we are abstracting the complexity of implementing security artifacts into applications. Developers can now seamlessly weave security into their applications, as well as rapidly deploy them into an enterprise identity management framework. 11g also offers a modern unified user interface based on Oracle's Application Development Framework (ADF) Faces which is tailored to offer an enriched administrator experience.
The release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g represents a huge step forward for ourselves, our partners and end customers, but it is also the beginning of the evolution, not an end in itself. We are already looking forward to bringing you a train of new and exciting releases attached to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g over next 12months that will follow up on this primary release and deliver even more functionality, integration and innovation.
Opportunities for Partners

"Oracle Fusion Middleware allows me to design advanced architecture and implement enterprise level systems for my clients. This platform brings everything together - standard enterprise patterns, rich frameworks and reliable security. Because we can use rich sets of pre-developed, reusable components, this improves development quality and helps to speed up implementation process. My clients think that Oracle Fusion Middleware is the number one enterprise platform."
Andrejus Baranovskis, Independent Oracle Consultant and CEO for Red Samurai Consulting
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Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g serves as a Foundation for Innovation, extending our commitment to Oracle's unique, fundamental design principles while presenting myriad new opportunities and positionings for our partners. It is essential that all relevant partners adopt Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and get trained up on the new features and possibilities as soon as possible.
System Integrator (SI) partners understand the industry requirements and key business processes of their customers. Therefore they can implement and integrate our Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions. Our Partner Communities will support SIs to generate more service revenue and to complete projects faster based on Oracle Fusion Middleware technology.
Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can use the same proven Oracle Fusion Middleware technology that Oracle is using itself to build Fusion applications. Therefore they can easily integrate into Oracle and third party applications and adopt customer processes. The Partner Communities will support them to build faster and more flexible solutions based on Oracle Fusion Middleware technology.
Our Middleware Resellers enjoy a good deal of commitment on both sides of the partner relationship, which is gratifying for everyone involved. At Oracle we make full use of the open market model (OMM). This is a channel opportunity registration programme that helps us recognise the contribution of partners to the Oracle economy, regardless of their business model. Partners can resell by registering deals upfront, they can refer opportunities to Oracle and qualify to earn a 5 percent referral fee, or they can co-sell and receive acknowledgement for opportunities in which they played a strategic role in the sale by providing assistance to Oracle. OMM ensures better sales alignment, improves win rates, and shares sales intelligence. It ensures partners bring us opportunities and that we are very happy to work jointly with them. In our last quarter, 24 percent of technology reselling was in the Middleware space.
Because our partners are key to extracting full value from Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, we kick-started our whole partner training roadshow back in January, working with beta releases. This meant that key partners were trained up with Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g before it went out on the market, each benefitting from a half a day executive briefing, half a day technical briefing, plus our very popular workshops. This training, which many more partners are currently undertaking, is an important anchorage for our Middleware partner communities. We provide various touch-points for education and partner interactions, including online conferences and our Mix group, embracing every aspect of the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g portfolio from SOA and BPA, to Security and IDM, BI and Enterprise 2.0.
Our Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g communities are already proving really popular with over 1500 very active members to date and rapidly growing memberships. They are the first places that partners go to receive the latest product information, marketing opportunities, joint campaign possibilities, iLearnings, webcasts and more. Communities offer partners a unique way to enhance their day-to-day work, not only to find out about the latest news and training, but to network with other community members. Our partners really want play an active role, to invest their own time and give us as much feedback as they can. In return we offer them information and support for training, education, marketing, pre-built campaign kits, budgeting guidance, joint value propositions and target customers and GTMIs.
Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is the result of more than three years of planning, investment, testing and feedback from our long-standing partners. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g can help partners to deliver flexible business processes for a very wide range of customer needs. It's critical that end customers work with Oracle partners wherever possible to ensure they benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience our partners are developing all the time, as well as growing their businesses through the deployment of Oracle technology.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Executive and Technical Briefings for Partners
At each of these comprehensive, in-person briefings, senior Oracle managers will provide an executive overview, list value propositions and detail new features available in the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g product stack. These briefings all include WebCenter.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Partner Executive and Technical Briefing
• 2nd September: Turkey, Istanbul
• 8th September: Czech Republic, Prague
• 9th September: Austria, Vienna
• 10th September: Poland, Krakow
• 11th September: Russia, Moscow
• 14th September: Romania, Bucharest
• 15th September: Italy, Milan (exec only)
• 16th September: Norway, Lysakar
• 17th September: London, UK (tech only)
• 17th September: Switzerland, Baden-Daetwill (exec only)
• 24th September: Switzerland, Baden-Daetwill (tech only)
• 25th September: France, Paris (tech only)
• 29th September: Italy, Milan (tech only)
• 6th October: Jordan, Amman
• 12th October: Eqypt, Cairo
• 14th October: Saudi Arabia, Riyad
• 16th October: Greece, Athens
Registration" is FREE but seating is limited. Register Here Today!

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Launch - Recordings Now Available
Earlier this month we held a very successful virtual conference to launch FMW 11g to customers and partners. These recordings are now available at the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Launch Center. including the WebCenter 11g Release session from Jim Sullivan, Enterprise 2.0 Product Manager, EMEA. and the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Partner Launch Webcast from Clemens Utschig-Utschig, SOA Senior Principal Product Manager.


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