Larry talks BPEL at OOW 2009 keynote. Fusion Applications is build on Fusion Middleware. The key technology which enables customization and integration is BPEL the hard of our SOA Suit

You implement Siebel, PeopleSoft or E-Business Suite - get your consultants trained on SOA technology.
You build applications - you can use the same SOA technology and middleware stack like Oracle is using to build Fusion Applications.

Use cases for SOA in combination with Applications
• Customize Fusion Applications solutions to customer needs
• Integrate applications into third party systems. (e.g. Siebel to PeopleSoft, Siebel to SAP, Siebel to Fusion Applications)
• Build custom extensions

Thorsten Winterberg, Fusion Middleware ACE Director at Opitz Consulting highlighted the architecture in his OOW presentation. Hajo Normann, Fusion Middleware ACE Director at HP Enterprise Services wrote explains details in his blog.


If your consultants are skilled in Peoplesoft, Siebel or E-Business Suite tools this is the wake-up call to become trained in Fusion Middleware:

• Become a member in the SOA Partner Community
• Watch the SOA Webcast Series
• Attend the SOA Bootcamp
Specialize on SOA

For more information become a member in the SOA Partner Community please feel free to register at (OPN account required)


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