Expanding the Oracle Enterprise Repository with functional documentation by Marc Kuijpers

Have you ever experienced the challenge to map both your functional and technical assets in one software package? Finding a software package that is able to describe the metadata about these assets and their mutual relationships? And if you found the correct software package, was it maintainable?

The Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) is a powerful SOA repository. Its core task is to map and visualize the interaction between technical assets generated by the SOA Suite and OSB. However, OER can be configured to not only contain these technical assets, but also to contain functional assets, i.e.: functional designs, use cases and a logical data model. Now that’s interesting! OER is able to show all the assets in your system and, if necessary, zoom in on one of the assets and their mutual relationships (Figure 1). This opens a set of doors to powerful features, e.g.:

  • Impact analsysis
    If a functional design is adjusted, which other functional designs and use cases do I need to adjust?
  • Traceability
    If a web service generates an error, in which functional and technical designs is the web service described

oer2 Expanding the Oracle Enterprise Repository with functional documentation

This sounds great, but how do we get all the functional and technical documents in OER, and how are we going to keep this repository up-to-date?
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