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What are LIMIT_EXCEEDED errors I encounter while using Oracle Cloud Adapter for imposes different types of limits on users using the APIs to connect to This is a common feature across all cloud vendors and it ensures optimal as well as balanced access to the hosted services. Two such restrictions are the “API usage limit” and “Storage Limit” imposed on each “Organization” by This article briefly tries to explain these limits and how the Oracle Cloud Adapter for can help you to optimize your integration with

API Usage Limit
When the Oracle Cloud Adapter for communicates with, it does so by making SOAP calls. The number of calls made during the execution of a SOA composite depends on the complexity of the orchestration and amount of data flow being handled by the adapter.

Limits are calculated against the total of all API calls made by a“Organization” in a 24-hour period, and not on a per-user basis. When your Organization exceeds the limit of its API calls, all users in the organization will be blocked from making additional calls until the 24-hour period is over and your organization’s call limits are reset.

This is when a user will get the REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED fault message while invoking the Oracle Cloud Adapter for There is no work around for this fault and you will have to wait for the 24-hour period to lapse, and your organization’s limit to be reset by

For instance, if you are using the Enterprise Edition of, your organization will have a per user limit of 1000 API calls in a 24-hour period up to a maximum of 1,000,000 API calls. To further simplify, say your organization has 100 users; allows your organization to make 100,000 API calls per 24-hour period. When your organization reaches this limit, the users of this organization will be temporarily blocked from connecting to via the API. Please note, that this has no effect on the users of your organization accessing in their browsers. Read the complete article here.

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