Case Management In-Depth: Cases & Case Activities Part 1 – Activity Scope by Mark Foster

In the previous blog entry we looked at stakeholders and permissions, i.e. how we control interaction with the case and its artefacts.

In this entry we’ll look at case activities, specifically how we decide their scope, in the next part we’ll look at how these activities relate to the over-arching case and how we can effectively visualize the relationship between the case and its activities.

Case Activities

As mentioned in an earlier blog entry, case activities can be created from:

  • BPM processes
  • Human Tasks
  • Custom (Java Code)

It is pretty obvious that we would use custom case activities when either:

  • we already have existing code that we would like to form part of a case
  • we cannot provide the necessary functionality with a BPM process or simple Human Task

However, how do we determine what our BPM process as a case activity contains? What level of granularity?

Take the following simple BPM process Read the full article here.


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