BPM PS6 video showing process lifecycle in more detail by Mark Nelson

imageIf the five minute video that I shared last week has whet your appetite for more, then this might be just what you are looking for!

The same international team who made that video - Andrew Dorman, Tanya Williams, Carlos Casares, Joakim Suarez and James Calise - have also created a thirty minute version that walk you through in much more detail and shows you, from the perspective of various business stakeholders involved in process modeling, exactly how BPM PS6 supports the end to end process lifecycle. The video centres around a Retail Leasing use case, and follows how Joakim the Business Analyst, Pablo the Process Owner, and James the Process Analyst take the process from conception to runtime, solely through BPM Composer, without the need for IT or the use of JDeveloper.


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