Adaptive Case Management – Exposing the API – part 1 by Roger Goossens

Custom ACM Api One of the most important building blocks of Adaptive Case Management is the ACM API. At one point or another you’re gonna need a way to get information (think about a list of stakeholders, available activities, milestones reached, etc.) out of the case. Since there’s no webservice available yet that exposes the internals of the case, your only option right now is the ACM API.

ACM evangelist Niall Commiskey has put some samples online to give you a good feeling of the power of the ACM API. The examples show how you can access the API by means of RMI. You first need to obtain a BPMServiceClientFactory that gives access to the important services you’ll mostly be needing, i.e. the IBPMUserAuthenticationService (needed for obtaining a valid user context) and the ICaseService (the service that exposes all important case information). Now, obtaining an instance of the BPMServiceClientFactory involves some boilerplate coding in which you’ll need the RMI url and user credentials: Read the complete article here.

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