ACM – Adaptive Case Management by Peter Paul

Adaptive case management (ACM) is also known as “dynamic case management”, is getting a lot of interest lately. BPM vendors identified this need while engaging with companies to manage existing business processes. And so ACM tools are emerging as complements to BPM. They provide a human-centric combination of process, content and collaboration to support knowledge workers to be more productive.

What is case management?

Case management is a way of organizing the work and activities in a company around a case instead of around a process or data. A Case is the coordination of multiple tasks – planned or unplanned - and associated content, towards a concrete objective or goal. Case oriented systems allow more flexibility and adaptability compared to process oriented solutions. Case oriented systems are better equipped to handle unstructured or less structured data compared to data oriented solutions.

Why would you need case management?

You would typically need ACM in a situation where you want activities to be managed, activities don’t have a fixed pre-determined sequence (there are unplanned parts), activities need access to content (both structured and unstructured data), and humans determine what need to happen while executing a process and/or need to interact with other experts (collaboration to solve the case).
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Peter, very interesting area, but I think your definition of a case is missing some of the relevant meaning that is well known by the community of clinicians who use these terms.

A case is not the various tasks--that is the management of the case, i.e. the care plan. The case is the occurrence of a disorder (be it a diagnosis, sign, risk or symptom) in a patient. This is meaning of the term for at least that last two centuries and it will be confusing to try and redefine it at this point.

I would suggest that you replace use of "A case is..." with "A Care Plan is.."


Posted by guest on March 02, 2013 at 10:05 PM CET #

Peter, just following up on comment by the guest physician. IT and Medical worlds are using the same word to mean different/similar things. "Case Management" for IT are things like incident reporting, customer service request, business license application request, court case, and so on. Obviously in medical terms "case management" applies to actual condition of a patient and resolving that - but that is OK - "care plan" - whatever - it is still a defined process with steps and actions and decision points.


Posted by David Webber on April 15, 2014 at 06:05 PM CEST #

Thanks David for helping me clarifying things. Indeed case can refer to loads of "things", see for example

Posted by guest on April 16, 2014 at 01:08 PM CEST #

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