ACM 11g – Activities by Suyash Khot

In my previous blog, we looked at Oracle ACM's Title, Priority, and Category artifacts and their configurations in an Oracle ACM project. In this blog, we will dig a bit deeper into ACM, specifically ACM Activities. Within an ACM Case, when you create an ACM Activity, you are presented with a few properties that need be set for the activity. The values you select in these properties will define that activity. In this blog post, we will take a look at these properties and, more interestingly, at how a combination of these properties define a case activity, and hence the case.

Before we dive into the properties, here is a quick look into how to create an ACM activity and the three levels an activity progresses through within a case.

Creating a Case Activity

While creating your BPM project, make sure you selected the 'Composite with Case Management' option. If you do that, when you right-click any BPM process or Human Task it gives you an option to 'Promote as Case Activity'. When clicked, this creates a case activity under the case. That specific BPM process or that specific human task gets associated to the case activity, such that when that case activity is set to Running (see below for definition of Running), it kicks-off the BPM process or human task that you associated to that case activity. Read the complete article here.

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