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Top tweets SOA Partner Community – May 2014

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clip_image001Lonneke Dikmans Curious what is adaptive in Adaptive casemanagement? Read my article in OTech magazine

clip_image002SOA Community Adaptive Case Management customer presentation and video … #AdaptiveCaseManagement @OracleBPM @OracleMW #soacommunity

clip_image002[1]SOA Community BPM Solution Catalog … @OracleMiddle @OracleBPM @oraclepartners #soacommunity #bpmsuite

clip_image003Torsten Winterberg Webinar der Enterprise BPM Alliance zu Enterprise BPM Methodik am 21.5. 16:00. Anmeldung hier …

clip_image004Othmane Zrikem Internet of Things (IoT) customer presentation and demo … @OracleMiddle @soacommunity #IoT #soacommunity

clip_image005Danilo Schmiedel Oracle SOA Suite achieves significant Customer Adoption and Industry Recognition … @soacommunity @OracleSOA @OC_WIRE

clip_image006OTNArchBeat Podcast: SOA and Cloud - Where's This Relationship Going? - Pt 3 w/ @hajonormann @gschmutz @soacommunity

clip_image007Luis Augusto Weir Secure your services: OWASP Web Service security threads cheat sheet … @soacommunity

clip_image008AMIS, Oracle & Java Blog by Rutger van Iperen: "Using Split-Joins in OSB Services for parallel processing of messages."

clip_image007[1]Luis Augusto Weir 9 Tips for Organizational Maturity in SOA … #soaMagazine

clip_image009Cato Aune Wrong timezone causes TopLink warning in SOA suite - …

clip_image010Ronald Rood Have you heard about ODA and wonder about OBOX? Join @lonnekedikmans on @ogh_nl event on May 6. @soacommunity #soa on #Oracle Db Appliance.

clip_image011AVIO Consulting AVIO Newsletter: - Now Is The Time To Tackle Mobile BPM

clip_image012Usable Apps Oracle UX VP Jeremy Ashley is @makercon Don't miss it! @ORACLE

clip_image013Marcello Marinho Submit your article for #soamagazine! Share your knowledge with professionals in Brazil and rest of the World! @soacommunity #soacommunity

clip_image002[2]SOA Community Published SOA Magazine II April 2014 edition for customers & partners read & subscribe … #soacommunity #soamagazine

clip_image014Oracle WebLogic Gartner reports: Oracle [#WebLogic], yet again, #1 in application platform [p.k.a application server] market for 2013

clip_image015Oracle SOA Cloud Adapters quote from partner "it was a breeze to identify APIs" #soa #cloud

clip_image014[1]Oracle WebLogic SOA and Cloud - Where's This Relationship Going?

clip_image016Sylvain GROSJEAN BPEL and BPM Performance monitoring Mbean … @OracleBPM @OracleSOA @soacommunity

clip_image017Oracle Magazine RT @OTNArchBeat: Podcast: #SOA and #Cloud - Where is this relationship going? w/ @hajonormann @schmutz @soacommunity

clip_image018Dain Hansen #cloudcomputing and On-Premises Integration for Oracle Applications #moderncloud #modernbusiness

clip_image006[1]OTNArchBeat #SOA and #Cloud: final article in the #industrialsoa series

clip_image002[3]SOA Community Missed an #industrialSOA article visit OTN … or our website #soacommunity

clip_image019C2B2 Consulting C2B2 Consulting: Our History #JBoss #WebLogic #GlassFish #Tomcat #SOA #Java

clip_image020Michel van Zoest Just finished the 1z0-478 exam. I'm now an Oracle SOA Suite 11g Certified Implementation Specialist :-) #soa #Oracle

clip_image006[2]OTNArchBeat Podcast: #BigData Architecture - Part 3 w/ @gwenshap and "Oracle Big Data Handbook" authors. #hadoop

clip_image018[1]Dain Hansen Oracle SOA Suite Achieves Significant Customer Adoption and Industry Recognition #cloudintegration #mobile

clip_image021Lucas Jellema Good explanation of OSB ThreadModel - …

clip_image022Maarten Smeets New blog post: Comparison of Jenkins and Hudson: Sharing configuration among projects #jenkinsci #hudsonci

clip_image002[4]SOA Community SOA Transformation video with Lonneke Dikmans by Bob Rhubart … @OracleSOA #soacommunity @lonnekedikmans

clip_image023Misha Vaughan Congratulations @AMIS_Services On the SOA Community Award! …

clip_image024OracleSupport_WLS SOA 11g - weblogic.connector.exception.RAException: Jndi name is null or empty #weblogic #JCA

clip_image025Oracle Middleware FMW newsletter is out and ready for reading.. Find out what's new, webcasts, releases and more. #oracle

clip_image026Ahmed Aboulnaga Upgrading to #Oracle #SOASuite 11g PS6 ( You may need code changes if using 'setProperty' or 'out.header'. …

clip_image002[5]SOA Community 100 days until the #OFMSummerCamps for Oracle partners. Registration will launch soon - details in May newsletter

clip_image028clip_image018[2]Dain Hansen Great new #AppAdvantage content on SOA & BPM via our Partner Community

clip_image006[3]OTNArchBeat Working with #OSTS in an Architecture Involving #WebLogic and #OSB | Rolando Fernandes

clip_image018[3]Dain Hansen Integration for Airlines and Cargo Hubs By Krishnaprem Bhatia … @OracleSOA #b2b2 #soasuite @Oracle_B2B #soacommunity

clip_image002[6]SOA Community Writing the May edition of the #soacommunity newsletter. Share your SOA & BPM content @soacommunity thanks :-) @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image029Bruno Neves Alves @soacommunity @eProseed implementing #b2b as a hub @champcargosysyem …

clip_image030OPITZ CONSULTING RT @OTNArchBeat: #SOA and #Cloud: final article in the #industrialsoa series

clip_image031Michael Krebs The future of Application Development Tools … #soacommunity

clip_image002[7]SOA Community Missed the SOA Community Newsletter April 2014 edition - visit our blog … @OracleSOA @OracleBPM #soacommunity

clip_image018[4]Dain Hansen SOA and Business Processes: You are the Process! Part of the Industrial SOA series … @OracleBPM @soacommunity

clip_image007[2]Luis Augusto Weir Check out my tags in Oracle SOA Community @soacommunity #SOA #SOAGovernance

clip_image002[8]SOA Community SOA Suite 11g On-Demand, Self-Pace Course Now Available! only for Oracle partners … @oraclepartners @OracleSOA

clip_image006[4]OTNArchBeat Podcast: #SOA and #Cloud - Where's This Relationship Going? w/ @hajonormann @gschmutz @soacommunity

clip_image002[9]SOA Community SOA Community Newsletter April 2014

clip_image018[5]Dain Hansen Cloud and On-Premises Integration for Oracle Applications … @OracleSOA #soacommunity #servicebroker #cloudintegration

clip_image002[10]SOA Community Meeting SOA Governance Challenges – OTN podcast series … @OracleSOA @oraclepartners #soacommunity #soagovernance

clip_image032Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: Ready-To-Use SOA/BPM Virtual Machine and Case Management...

clip_image006[5]OTNArchBeat BPM Workspace for iOS on iTunes | @MarkxNelson

clip_image006[6]OTNArchBeat Identity Propagation from #OAG to #REST APIs protected by #OWSM | | @andremo_br

clip_image033Ronald Luttikhuizen My latest upload : OUGN 2014 - Provisioning Oracle Fusion Middlew… on @slideshare … via @SlideShare

clip_image006[7]OTNArchBeat Podcast: #SOA and #Cloud - Where is this relationship going? w/ @hajonormann @schmutz @soacommunity

clip_image034demed @demed W #Oracle #EventProcessing > @m2mmagazine: Freescale #M2M demonstrates #IoT Gateway Platform …

clip_image021[1]Lucas Jellema That is a pretty good white paper: … on Mobile Oriented Architecture (& all it entails) using ADF. by @BlueberryCoder

clip_image035Mark Nelson BPM Workspace for iOS on iTunes

clip_image006[8]OTNArchBeat BPM update adds Case Management Web Interface and REST APIs | @markxnelson

clip_image035[1]Mark Nelson BPM update adds Case Management Web Interface and REST APIs

clip_image008[1]AMIS, Oracle & Java 3-day European Enterprise 2 Mobility #Oracle Conference. Must visit for FMW developer2. With @chriscmuir @fnimphiu

clip_image036Siva would you find this as a useful OSB tutorial ??

clip_image008[2]AMIS, Oracle & Java Blog by Marcel van de Glind: "Humantask Assignment: Names and Expressions Assignment via Rules"

clip_image037Simone Geib Maarten Smeets: Oracle SOA 11g BPEL transaction semantics and performance #oraclesoa #soablackbelt

clip_image022[1]Maarten Smeets New blog post: Controlling BPEL process flow on runtime #oraclesoa #soacommunity

clip_image038Oracle Academy Working on the @Java #IoTChallenge? Check out these training resources:

clip_image015[1]Oracle SOA Oracle IoT - Online Forum #soa #oep #iot

clip_image015[2]Oracle SOA Simplifying Enterprise Mobile Integration #mobile #soa

clip_image015[3]Oracle SOA Distributed Intelligence in IoT Deployments #iot #soa #java8

clip_image015[4]Oracle SOA Ricoh Differentiates Business with Unified Cloud and On-Premise Integration #soa #cloud #mobile

clip_image030[1]OPITZ CONSULTING Thanx! RT @soacommunity: Fusion Middleware Partner Community Awards 2014 congratulations @AMIS_Services & @OC_WIRE -

clip_image006[9]OTNArchBeat MDM and SOA: Be Warned! By @dschmied @tbmaier @hajonormann @gschmutz @t_winterberg et al #industrialsoa

clip_image006[10]OTNArchBeat How to configure Oracle #SOA / #BPM task auto release | @jvzoggel

clip_image025[1]Oracle Middleware Mobility, AppAdvantage and more @ COLLABORATE.. #oracle #C14LV

clip_image039Java Internet of Things, Java and Raspberry Pi: via @YouTube

clip_image040Jan van Zoggel How to configure Oracle SOA/BPM task auto release

clip_image041Markus Lohn SOA Suite 11g Basics – Configuring multiple email addresses for use in BPEL email activity

clip_image017[1]Oracle Magazine The role of the #SOA architect

clip_image043clip_image018[6]Dain Hansen [Video] Look into the different Oracle #Cloud architectures & how Oracle #DataIntegration fits into Cloud Computing

clip_image044Jon petter hjulstad Setting up BPM environment using Chef by @jeqo89 …

clip_image045vinay kumar Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2014 in Malta via @techartifact #ofmForum

clip_image046jeqo Cook a SOA/BPM Development Environment with Chef in 8 minutes! - … @learnchef @soacommunity @OracleSOA @Jphjulstad

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Video: SOA Principles, SOA Applications – Chris Ostrowski by OTN ArchBeat

Oracle ACE Chris Ostrowski, a SOA/Fusion Middleware specialist and a solution architect with Avout, will present three sessions at Collaborate 2014 (April 7-11 in Las Vegas), including a 2.5 hour deep dive into SOA applications (April 8), an overview of Oracle BPM (April 9), and a look at new features for developers in Oracle Database 12c (April 10). In this interview Chris talks about those sessions and shares his insight on SOA's role in today's IT landscape. Watch the video here.

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