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Top tweets SOA Partner Community – April 2014

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clip_image001[18]SOA Community@mvzoest Hi Michael hope you passed! If you want to take it prepare with … & get free vouchers …

clip_image002[6]Michel van ZoestJust finished the 1z0-478 exam. I'm now an Oracle SOA Suite 11g Certified Implementation Specialist :-) #soa #Oracle

clip_image003[26]OTNArchBeatPodcast: #BigData Architecture - Part 3 w/ @gwenshap and "Oracle Big Data Handbook" authors. #hadoop

clip_image001[19]SOA Community Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum XVIII February 2014, Malta all presentations & follow-up

clip_image001[20]SOA Communitythanks for 5555 followers :-) great to see such a large and active #soacommunity THANKS to All! @OracleSOA @OracleBPM


clip_image006[6]ipt.chUnternehmenseigene Mobile Apps mit Zugriff auf die Backend-Systeme – aber sicher! …

clip_image007[18]Dain Hansen Dear @OTNArchBeat thanks for saving trees - #theLorax 54-page Chapter: Integration with Fusion Applications #soa

clip_image008[6]ADF Code Corner Looking forward to: "AMIS "Enterprise to Mobility” Oracle ADF Conference" because its spot on given the web - to - mobile transition in IT

clip_image009[6]CapgeminiIs process the new #app? via @leonsmiers #Technovision

clip_image010[10]Andreas Koop Emdeon Simplifies Healthcare with Oracle SOA on Exalogic

clip_image011[6]Lionel Dubreuil @soacommunity Win free pass to Oracle OpenWorld. Using Oracle Fusion Middleware? Call for nominations - SOA category

clip_image012[18]Oracle SOAWin your free pass to Oracle OpenWorld 2014 - Oracle SOA Innovation Award. Here are the details #oraclesoa #soa

clip_image001[21]SOA Community Did you read the SOA Community Newsletter March 2014? … #soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM @ORCLPartnerBiz @Oracle

clip_image013[6]JDeveloper & ADFDesign - Architecting for Mobile Integration Overview - YouTube

clip_image014[14]demedGet recognition you deserve for these cool #oraclesoa projects! Call for Nominations: FMW Innovation 2014

clip_image015[6]Debra Lilley Almost halfway in the #OOW call for papers trying to do mine this weekend #fb #ukoug

clip_image003[27]OTNArchBeatVideo: #SOA Principles, SOA Applications | Chris Ostrowski #collab14 #bpm #oracleace

clip_image003[28]OTNArchBeat#IoT end-to-end demo: Remote Monitoring and Service | @harishd

clip_image016[10]Danilo Schmiedel Great input by ADF expert @andrejusb to implement interaction between BPMN processes and Oracle Process Spaces. Thank you! @soacommunity

clip_image017[10]C2B2 ConsultingCommon Service Oriented Architecture Problems #SOA #SOASuite @soacommunity #JEE #Java #middleware

clip_image007[19]Dain Hansen#Cloud Integration – a comprehensive solution: via @soacommunity

clip_image012[19]Oracle SOAOracle's Bob Rhubart on managing resistance to change to SOA #soa #oraclesoa

clip_image018[6]Oracle Middleware Enterprise apps made mobile --true AppAdvantage by Oracle. Hear what this means and how to get value. #oracle

clip_image007[20]Dain HansenCheck out the Oracle SOA Suite Developer Virtual Machine blog post..."think of it as your very own PaaS" #oraclesoa

clip_image019[14]Bruno Neves Alves How to set custom Fault Handling Framework actions with properties?Check it out: @soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image019[15]Bruno Neves AlvesThanks to this :O post from Oracle A-Team about Fault Recovery one more happy BPM customer! @soacommunity @OracleBPM

clip_image019[16]Bruno Neves AlvesTried to customized BPM workspace and Ps6 Webforms. Check out my experience: @soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image020[10]Rajesh Raheja@dschmied @soacommunity Looking forward to your feedback once you start using the VM!

clip_image021[10]Oracle Tech Network Entering the #IoT Developer Challenge? Check out these free training resources. #RaspberryPi

clip_image021[11]Oracle Tech NetworkAdaptive Case Management, Predictive Analytics, Process Mining>> interview with @dschmied #oracleace

clip_image022[6]Oracle ACE Program Oracle ACE Director and SOA/BPM expert Danilo Schmiedel sheds light on Adaptive Case Management, Predictive...

clip_image003[29]OTNArchBeatMaturing #REST Specifications and the Internet of Things | Phil Hunt

clip_image020[11]Rajesh RahejaAnnouncing the SOA/BPM 11g Virtual Machine appliance.

clip_image017[11]C2B2 Consulting C2B2 Blog: 'Prevent Looping and Inefficient Rule Executions' by @mbrasier @soacommunity #SOASuite #Java #JEE

clip_image016[11]Danilo Schmiedel Excellent news @RahejaRajesh! Having our running environment a few minutes after download saves so much time!! Thank you! @soacommunity

clip_image023[6]Manuel Rosa#SOA #B2B Scalability strategy when the number of partnerships explode.By Cristina Arbues - Fidelidade @soacommunity


clip_image026[6]Oracle.IMCPartner Webcast – Foundation for Innovation: Oracle Fusion Middleware

clip_image012[20]Oracle SOA Check out the Oracle SOA Suite Developer Virtual Machine blog post..."think of it as your very own PaaS" #oraclesoa

clip_image014[15]demedPre-built VM for #OracleSOA and #OracleBPM 11g PS6 available on #OTN …

clip_image027[10]AMIS, Oracle & JavaConnect your @TeslaMotors with #rest #api with #oraclesoasuite #11g by @PeterEbell @soacommunity


clip_image012[21]Oracle SOAArchBeat podcast - Finding a shorter path to SOA - Part 2 #soa #oraclesoa

clip_image003[30]OTNArchBeat Get Ready for #IoT: Challenges and opportunities in the Internet of Things

clip_image003[31]OTNArchBeat#SOA Governance Technical Standard : Introduction | @theopengroup

clip_image010[11]Andreas KoopReading: SOA Governance Through Enterprise Architecture by Manuel Rosa and André de Oliveira Sampaio

clip_image007[21]Dain HansenBoots not included SOA Suite Bootcamp on-demand training … @OracleSOA @ORCLPartnerBiz #soacommunity

clip_image027[11]AMIS, Oracle & Java @soacommunity: SOA Black Belt Cheat Sheets (Free Download of the Year!) By Rajesh Raheja … @OracleSOA #soacommunity

clip_image014[16]demedThe role of Oracle Event Processing in the #InternetofThings - #oep #oraclesoa #iot #whiteboarding


clip_image032[6]Lucas JellemaSome interesting slide decks from the AMIS & Oracle UX event from last Tuesday have been published today: … @usableapps

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Integration for Airlines and Cargo Hubs By Krishnaprem Bhatia

Market Trend
Many airlines today are using antiquated mainframe and proprietary systems for maintaining their Passenger Service Systems (PSS). These systems are  typically mainframe systems which are old and complex with a high cost of maintenance. Airlines want to modernize these systems and reduce their costs by consolidation of numerous point solutions and legacy applications.

The need to reduce complexity, bring down IT costs and increase their flexibility is driving airlines to outsource their PSS systems to vendors such as Amadeus. Although self development of these PSS systems can be done in-house by major airlines, it can be more expensive, less flexible, and less feature rich than the outsourcing option.
As airlines outsource more of their PSS systems, they need to exchange business documents such as reservations and ticketing with the outsourced provider. They also need visibility and manageability into the data flowing from outsourced systems into their enterprises. This incoming passenger data also needs to be integrated back into their internal systems. For example, different documents received from the outsourced PSS systems need to be processed and stored so that they are available to other internal systems. This has to be done using standards-based technologies for compliance and interoperability, ensuring that performance and operations SLAs are met at the same time.
How does Oracle Service Integration fit in?
Oracle B2B allows airlines to connect with their outsourced PSS systems such as Amadeus using industry standards-based technologies. Airlines can exchange different document types (typically EDI variants, non XML formats) such as passenger reservations, updates to reservations, inventory management, departure control systems and ticketing. Oracle B2B provides the ability to exchange these documents, process them, validate them, and translate them into XML for further processing by downstream components.

Airlines typically exchange information with Amadeus using two modes. In the real-time (online) mode the messages are sent 'live' by the PSS systems on an ongoing basis as they occur. In the batch mode many messages are batched together and sent at a particular time. Oracle B2B provides support for both real-time and batch modes, providing critical functionality such as document translation, validation, de-batching for these documents. It also provides the communication mechanisms such as File, FTP and MQ for exchanging these messages with outsourced systems. All this is done using standards based technologies such as standard document and exchange protocols. Once B2B is done processing the messages, these are typically sent to adjacent components within Oracle SOA Suite for message enrichment and transformations. Messages can then be stored in an enterprise warehouse where this data can be used by other internal applications. The end to end scenarios typically have high performance SLAs in terms of throughput and end to end processing time.
The products typically deployed in such scenarios include Oracle B2B, Oracle SOA Suite BPEL Process Manager for data transformation and enrichment and Oracle Data Integrator for migrating processed data into enterprise data warehouses. Customers may also choose to deploy this over Exalogic and Exadata systems for performance reasons. Read the complete article here.

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