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Top tweets SOA Partner Community – January 2014

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clip_image001Java Magazin In einer Woche endet der Frühbucher-Rabatt für die #BPM Integration Days

clip_image002SOA Community Additional new content SOA & BPM Partner Community

clip_image002[1]SOA CommunityLast seat left for the Adaptive Case Management Bootcamp at #ofmForum2014 register now #soacommunity @OracleBPM #acm

clip_image002[2]SOA CommunityInvitation to Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum and Hands-on Bootcamps 2014 18-19th February and 20th-21st…

clip_image002[3]SOA CommunityThe AppAdvantage of Oracle Cloud & On-premises Integration by Bruce Tierney

clip_image003Luis Augusto Weir#Governance implementation book review by @shawnruff … @soacommunity

clip_image002[4]SOA CommunityBuilding great-looking, usable apps

clip_image004OracleBlogs Invitation to Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum and Hands-on Bootcamps 2014

clip_image005Dain Hansen AVIO Releases On-Demand Oracle BPM 11g Training:

clip_image005[1]Dain HansenOracle BPM 11g: Adaptive Case Management Quick Start Series

clip_image005[2]Dain HansenOvum has published an analysis of #Oracle #BPM Suite 11g - "... good job of the Integration ...": …

clip_image002[5]SOA Community Validated Integrations – certified integrations build by Oracle partners

clip_image006Danilo Schmiedel18 Sessions and 6 interactive workshops with Real-World examples. Don't miss the BPM & Integration Days (Feb 24-25)

clip_image007OTNArchBeatPodcast: Finding a Shorter Path to #SOA - Part 1 w/ @lonnekedikmans @simon_haslam @rluttikhuizen

clip_image009Cloud Foundation Video: Integration with Fusion Applications - Now available on OTN.

clip_image010AVIO ConsultingAVIO Releases On-Demand Oracle BPM 11g Training:

clip_image011Scott Haaland Best Practices for B2B AS2 MDNs. New blog entry: @Oracle_B2B @soacommunity

clip_image002[6]SOA Community Oracle Open World 2013 Case Management Smiers & Kitson

clip_image002[7]SOA Community Oracle BPM 11g: Adaptive Case Management Quick Start Series

clip_image002[8]SOA CommunityWriting the SOA Community newsletter January edition - send us your SOA & BPM content @soacommunity ! #soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image002[9]SOA CommunityACM Articles by Mark Foster from the A-Team

clip_image012Ronald LuttikhuizenChoosing the right SOA & BPM Suite component based on Classification is published in @OTechMag … #Oracle #soacommunity

clip_image014Lonneke DikmansCase management or Business Process Management? is published in @OTechMag winter issue: … #BPM #ACM #oracle

clip_image002[10]SOA CommunityAre you registered for the #ofmForum2014 get all the SOA12c & BPM12c details #soacommunity @ORCLPartnerBiz

clip_image003[1]Luis Augusto Weir A Comprehensive architectural overview of Oracle #AIA #FoundationPack @OTNArchBeat @soacommunity @OracleAIA #SOA

clip_image002[11]SOA CommunityBPM and SOA are going mobile by Guido Schmutz & Torsten Winterberg

clip_image015Oracle SOA How does #API management drive innovation? @Oracle’s @malatech’s article in Service Technology Magazine explains #soa

clip_image007[1]OTNArchBeatThe OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … Stories via @brendantierney @OracleSOA

clip_image002[12]SOA CommunityBPM Auditing Demystified by Mark Foster

clip_image003[2]Luis Augusto WeirA very robust although conceptual Governance Framework by the Open Group. … @soacommunity #soagovernance

clip_image016gschmutz You can still register for the Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum 2014 in Malta here: Looking forward to see you there!

clip_image002[13]SOA Community PM PS6 ( Demo

clip_image007[2]OTNArchBeatHere's my #2013 on Twitter: … #Vizify

clip_image002[14]SOA Community Get your seat for the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2014 #ofmforum2014 all the latest SOA 12c & BPM 12c!

clip_image017Maciej Gruszka@wlscommunity @soacommunity Happy New Year for you. See you in Malta

clip_image002[15]SOA Community Happy New Year and a great start in 2014. See you all in Malta #soacommunity #ofmforum2014

clip_image002[16]SOA CommunityBPM Suite available with Adaptive Case Management (ACM) User Interface for download

clip_image007[3]OTNArchBeatCongratulations to new #ACED @DSchmied #soa #middleware

clip_image018Edwin Biemondthanks a lot. Did you see the new module?, this supports bulk WLST, OSB and SOA clusters …

clip_image002[17]SOA Community Sample: BPM Organizational Chart

clip_image019Richard Voorintholt Registration for #ofmforum2014 confirmed

clip_image002[18]SOA Community Case management supporting re-landscaping by Leon Smiers

clip_image002[19]SOA CommunityWebcast: An Analyst's Take on Business-Driven BPM for Case Management - Replay

clip_image002[20]SOA CommunityAvio Discusses Oracle's Business Driven Process Management

clip_image002[21]SOA CommunityPresentations Oracle OpenWorld 2013 SOA & BPM / AppAdvantage

clip_image002[22]SOA CommunityBPM Recap OpenWorld & marketing update 2013

clip_image021orclateamsoa#orclateamsoa Blog: BPM Process Instances Faults, Rollback & Recovery Part 3

clip_image002[23]SOA Community The New Industrial SOA Article Series | SOA Zone: … #industrialSOA

clip_image023Andreas KoopFusion Middleware Support News : December 2013! 1347075.1

clip_image002[24]SOA Community BPM Integration Days 2014 in Munich

clip_image024Yogesh SontakkeLiking the new "SOA-in-a-box" from @oboxproducts, esp. the use of best practices from Enterprise Deployment Guide

clip_image025Jon petter hjulstad Book review: BPEL and Java Cookbook …

clip_image021[1]orclateamsoa#orclateamsoa Blog: BPM Process Instances Faults, Rollback & Recovery Part 4

clip_image002[25]SOA CommunityMobile Integration Leveraging Oracle SOA Suite - Customer Webcast by Bruce Tierney

clip_image004[1]OracleBlogsSOA Community Newsletter December 2013

clip_image002[26]SOA CommunitySOA Suite 11g ps6 – Download your log files directly from the Enterprise Manager by Dirk Janssen

clip_image023[1]Andreas Koop4 Bootcamps at OFM Partner Community Forum 2014 … #ofmForum2014

clip_image027WhitehorsesWhiteblog: fixing the WLSExeucutionContext error in the SOA logs. ( )

clip_image003[3]Luis Augusto Weir Tips for organizational maturity when implementing SOA. @OracleSOA @OracleMiddle #SOA

clip_image028Simon Haslam#ofmForum2014 in Malta: it's half-term week & flight prices are increasing - if you're going book now!

clip_image012[1]Ronald Luttikhuizen Booked tickets to Malta for #ofmForum2014 !! Limited number of places still available, register at @soacommunity

clip_image029Rajesh Raheja .@dschmied: Welcome! @RahejaRajesh - great! RT @OracleBlogs: "Oracle SOA Black Belt Cheat Sheets (Free Download) ””

clip_image006[1]Danilo Schmiedel Thank you @RahejaRajesh - great! RT @OracleBlogs: "Oracle SOA Black Belt Cheat Sheets (Free Download of the Year!)

clip_image002[27]SOA CommunitySOA Made Simple | Introduction to SOA by Ronald van Luttikhuizen

clip_image002[28]SOA CommunityGreat concept to deploy your #soasuite quick and easy - #obox for ODA want to learn more? Contact @oboxproducts #soacommunity @OracleODA

clip_image031Oracle Middleware Our own @RahejaRajesh is in the Holiday spirit and is giving away #Oracle #SOA black belt(s)? Find out more...

clip_image033Oracle BPMProcess of Process Management helps moving up in #BPM Maturity! Oracle BPM Blog

clip_image007[4]OTNArchBeat Podcast: Oracle #SOA #B2B Integration - Part 3: the Future w/ K. Bhatia, A. Perlovsky & @SOAScott

clip_image002[29]SOA CommunityTalking to Oracle ACEs - my first question did you read my newsletter? … @lonnekedikmans @simon_haslam #soacommunity

clip_image033[1]Oracle BPMWhy do some companies succeed in developing an enterprise wide #BPM program and others not ? Some thoughts:

clip_image002[30]SOA CommunitySOA Community Newsletter December 2013

clip_image002[31]SOA CommunityMobile Order Management for EBS GSE Demo using middleware technology

clip_image034Torsten Winterberg Not to miss! Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2014: #ofmForum2014

clip_image006[2]Danilo SchmiedelExcellent OTN Architect Community Newsletter! Subscribe for latest articles, podcasts, product news... @OTNArchBeat

clip_image035Oracle Tech NetworkVideo: New Oracle ACE @Luis19 talks about meeting #soagovernance challenges | @OTNArchBeat

clip_image002[32]SOA CommunitySurvey SOA & BPM Partner Community

clip_image002[33]SOA Community Looking for flights to the #ofmForum2014 best to check the malta airport website #soacommunity

clip_image036Lucas JellemaIn February I will attend the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2014 #ofmForum2014 You can be there too!

clip_image002[34]SOA Community SOA and User Interfaces (UI) part of Industrial SOA series

clip_image023[2]Andreas KoopBPM 11g Production Readiness Checklist

clip_image002[35]SOA Communityrt if you are part of it top tweets December … #soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM @ORCLPartnerBiz

clip_image038sbernhardt Just published a new blog entry: about using CSF in conjunction with Oracle HT API @OC_WIRE @soacommunity

clip_image002[36]SOA Community Top tweets SOA Partner Community – December 2013

clip_image002[37]SOA CommunityRecap of the "Real-World Cloud Integration Simplified with Oracle SOA Suite" presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

clip_image007[5]OTNArchBeatArchBeat YouTube Top 10 Videos: Middleware Mind Meld #soa #weblogic #coherence

clip_image039Ajay KhannaAdaptive Case Management hands-on Bootcamp at OFM Forum 2014

clip_image002[38]SOA Community Adaptive Case Management hands-on Bootcamp at OFM Forum 2014

clip_image002[39]SOA CommunityCloud integration with Oracle SOA Suite

clip_image040Vikram@FusionApplied #Oracle #SOA Server OutOfMemoryError Issue in #JRockit JVM @soacommunity @fusionApplied

clip_image028[1]Simon HaslamJust booked my flights for #ofmForum2014 & am looking forward to it already!

clip_image002[40]SOA Community Adaptive Case Management hands-on workshop for Oracle partners at #ofmForum2014 #soacommunity @ORCLPartnerBiz #ACM

clip_image002[41]SOA CommunityCanon Delivers Fast Data with Oracle Event Processing by Mala Ramakrishnan

clip_image002[42]SOA CommunityGet the latest update of SOA Suite 12c - only for Oracle partners #ofmForum2014 @OracleSOA

clip_image002[43]SOA CommunityOSB Threading and the HTTP Transport White Paper by Mike Muller … @OracleSOA #soacommunity

clip_image002[44]SOA CommunityWho of our US friends will join the #ofmForum2014 ? @_keste @avioconsulting #soacommunity

clip_image002[45]SOA Community@t_winterberg Hi Torsten You can also join our facebook page See you in Malta :-) #ofmForum2014 #soacommunity

clip_image002[46]SOA CommunityWant to know who attends the #ofmForum2014 visit our facebook page #soacommunity

clip_image041Frédéric Desbiens My white paper on using your existing #OracleADF applications in your #SOA to serve #mobile apps is here at last! …

clip_image007[6]OTNArchBeatPodcast: Oracle SOA B2B Integration - Part 2 w/ Krishnaprem Bhatia, Alan Perlovsky, and @SOAScott.

clip_image007[7]OTNArchBeatTech Article: #SOA Governance Through #EntArch | Manuel Rosa & Andre Sampaio

clip_image027[1]WhitehorsesPart 2 of the blog series Oracle BPM Suite Adaptive Case Management in action is available: …

clip_image002[47]SOA Community Luis Weir: Challenges to Implementing SOA Governance by Bob Rhubart

clip_image027[2]WhitehorsesOracle BPM Suite Adaptive Case Management in action. Blog post part 1 published: ….

clip_image007[8]OTNArchBeatEvent-Driven #SOA >> latest article in the Industrial SOA series by @soacommunity @gschmutz et al

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BPM Demo for Higher Education by Griffith Waite

This short demo highlights how a typical Higher Education process of transfering a student from one course to another can be simplified, controlled and automated by Oracle's BPM Suite. Watch the video here. For further details please contact Mark Simpson.

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