Monday Jul 29, 2013

SOA Community Newsletter July 2013

Dear SOA partner community members

Do you know how to position and sell Fusion Middleware SOA & BPM? What are the FY14 sales plays, including customer examples, discovery questions, competitive information and objective handling. You can find its answer at our SOA Community Workspace (SOA Community membership required) where we uploaded the latest presentations for Oracle Fusion Middleware Sales Strategy FY14, SOA sales plays and BPM sales plays. Please use this information in the spirit of our partnership. We have also uploaded the Fusion Middleware Customer Reference Booklet and Applications Customers Using Oracle Fusion Middleware references with hundreds of successful customer examples in our workspace, a great source to get new ideas for your customer!

What does Cloud Computing mean for your service business? The answer is more services! Learn in a demo how you can re-use a SOA integration platform to integrate SaaS solutions. Also the latest Oracle SalesForce, Microsoft and NetSuite announcements are all about middleware!

If you missed the SOA Blackbelt training, thanks to Lonnekes blog posts for the excellent summery about the training. Make sure you do NOT miss the OFM Summer Camps III. Specially we recommend to register for the B2B & Adapters training!

As part of the Industrial SOA series we published two new articles SOA Maturity Alongside Contract Standardization & Enterprise Service Bus. Two new books have been published by the community Advanced OSB in 21 days and Getting Started with Oracle Event Processing 11g (see our publications wiki!). Thanks to Michel Schildmeijer who published an article series about Oracle Service Bus 11g. API Management is one of the hottest topics within SOA, our product management team just published a new datasheets API Management Datasheet & Enterprise Repository for API Management.

Within BPM unstructured processes used to be a big challenge, due to the potential high number of process flows. Adaptive case management can address this to create ad-hoc processes without to model each variety. With PS6 the ACM backend functionality is available, want to try it, check out the Case Management Samples Released. Read also the ACM Articles by Ajay Khanna & The Oracle Case Management API.

What to position BPM in certain industries - increasing Efficiency and Responsiveness BPM in the Public Sector & BPM in Financial Services.

Thanks to the additional BPM arcticles Customized BPM 11g PS6 Workspace Application & Detect, Analyze, Act – Fast! & Functional Testing Business Processes In Oracle BPM Suite 11g
Want to learn BPM Suite hands-on – attend the BPM 11g PS6  Hands-on Workshop by PTS September 17-19 2013: Oracle Kista, Sweden. If you can not come to Sweden or to the Summer Camps you can learn online on-demand Business Process Management (BPM) 11g PS6 Awareness Course.

Best regards Jürgen Kress

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Functional Testing Business Processes in Oracle BPM Suite 11g by Arun Pareek

imageOver the last couple of projects, I have been trying to establish a set of methodologies around initiation, development, deployment and management of business processes using Oracle BPM Suite 11g. In a series of posts, I will be taking about a lot of problem areas that can be effectively tackled in order to deliver a highly successful BPM project using this technology. The areas I intend to cover are around design and modelling best practices, team development, delivery methodologies, testing, troubleshooting, automation, performance tuning and operational management to name a few. However in terms of priority and the nature of pain experienced in each of these aforementioned areas, I am of the opinion that a great chunk is attributed to testing and maintaining code quality. Business processes are in constant need to be truly dynamic more than ever so that planned as well as ad-hoc changes can be promoted seamlessly. Also with Oracle BPM Suite 11g promising greater involvement of business users in terms of making deployable changes to the processes, ensuring that functionality and quality of the build/changes is maintained is very crucial. In the previous blog post, I had elaborated on unit testing strategies for business processes and methods of achieving them from the Oracle BPM Suite 11g studio. Proper unit testing is important in terms of validating that the core logical outcomes of a business processes are executed as expected. Read the full article here.

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