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Top tweets SOA Partner Community – July 2013

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clip_image001Simone Geib Industrial SOA Chapter 4: SOA Maturity, by @soacommunity @HajoNormann @gschmutz @t_winterberg et al

clip_image002Rajesh RahejaThanks @soacommunity for a black belt. Literally! My pleasure meeting some of the best SOA minds #soablackbelt

clip_image003SOA CommunityWant to learn more about SOA Governance? Attend our #ofmsummercamps in Lisbon … #soacommunity #soasuite #soagoverance

clip_image003[1]SOA Community Fusion Middleware Summer Camps III – registration open for Oracle Partners!

clip_image004Michel Schildmeijer New blog Oracle Service Bus 11g: statistics projects and services with WLST – part 2 … via @Qualogy_news #OSB #weblogic

clip_image003[2]SOA CommunityB2B & Adapters training for partners by @SOAScott #ofmsummercamps details and registration … #soacommunity #opn

clip_image003[3]SOA CommunityWhat is new in Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 PS6? by Shanny Anoep

clip_image005OracleBlogsRegister Now, Free Webinar! Driving Self-Service Learning with UPK Knowledge Center

clip_image006Oracle SOA15X throughput, 2X faster file processing, lower maintenance costs and speed up time to market

clip_image007leonsmiersThe Oracle Case Management API #capgemini #oracle #bpm

clip_image008OTNArchBeat Industrial SOA Chapter 4: SOA Maturity, by @soacommunity @hajonormann @gschmutz @t_winterberg et al

clip_image008[1]OTNArchBeat#IndustrialSOA Chapter 5: Enterprise Service Bus by @soacommunity @hajonormann @gschmutz @t_winterberg et al

clip_image003[4]SOA Community Are you registered for the #ofmsummercamps 2013? … Learn advanced topics from the experts! #soacommunity

clip_image009SOA ProactiveWebcast: Recording of SOA PS6 Diagnostics session is available,

clip_image003[5]SOA Community SOA performance on SPARC T5 benchmark results

clip_image003[6]SOA Community Oracle Process Accelerators Release Now Available … #bpm #bpmsuite #soasuite

clip_image011Oracle BPMOvum's assessment of new Oracle BPM Suite. Check out the report in Analyst Reports section of resource kit. #bpm

clip_image008[2]OTNArchBeat Oracle #SOA Suite 11g Developers Cookbook Published | Antony Reynolds

clip_image012Jon petter hjulstad Win A Free Copy of Packt's new book on Oracle : “Getting Started with Oracle Event Processing 11g” -'s-new-book-on-oracle-:--%2520getting-started-with-oracle-event-processing-11g …

clip_image003[7]SOA Communitytop tweets SOA Partner Community – June 2013

clip_image003[8]SOA CommunityThanks to #Accenture for a great evening & many interesting innovation discussion to use #Oracle middleware #opn

clip_image005[1]OracleBlogs ‏SOA Community Newsletter June 2013

clip_image003[9]SOA Community Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) 11g ( Starter Kit available & Customizable Demos

clip_image008[3]OTNArchBeatZDNet's @JoeMcKendrick interviews #SOA guru and author Thomas Erl (@soaschool).

clip_image005[2]OracleBlogsCutting Edge versus Just Average? Your SOA, Got BPM? by Mala Ramakrishnan

clip_image013Sharif Aboulnaga@OracleBlogs @soacommunity Nice presentation,although I'd like to see what user perspective looks like dashboards,tasks,reports #BPM #ORACLE

clip_image015Andrejus Baranovskis Announcement - Red Samurai Code Quality Tool Version 2.0

clip_image008[4]OTNArchBeatCalling #ADF BC Web Service from #BPM Process | @AndrejusB

clip_image005[3]OracleBlogsBPM PS6 video showing process lifecycle in more detail (30min) by Mark Nelson

clip_image003[10]SOA Community ‏Build in better usability with UX Direct

clip_image003[11]SOA CommunityJust opened the registration for the #ofmsummercamps and already 1/4 seats booked - want to attend? … #soacommunity

clip_image003[12]SOA CommunityOracle Event Processing PS6 Enhancements & Quick Start Guide

clip_image017Robert SzilinskiSOA vs. Java EE Whitepaper von @MarkusLohn -English version coming soon! #soacommunity #JavaEE …

clip_image003[13]SOA Community Adaptive Case Management Series by Mark Foster

clip_image003[14]SOA Community Who did attend the #ofmsummercamps 2012 - what was the best part? Make your plans for 2013! … #soacommunity

clip_image003[15]SOA Community SOA Suite Tuning Guide for SPARC

clip_image008[5]OTNArchBeatYou won't need 3D glasses. OTN Architect Day: Cloud Computing, July 9, 2013. Redwood Shores, CA. Register now!

clip_image001[1]Simone GeibNew white paper: Next Generation Service Integration Platform: Oracle SOA Suite on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Exadata...

clip_image003[16]SOA CommunityMastering Oracle BPM Suite 11g Webcast Series

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BPM PS6 video showing process lifecycle in more detail by Mark Nelson

imageIf the five minute video that I shared last week has whet your appetite for more, then this might be just what you are looking for!

The same international team who made that video - Andrew Dorman, Tanya Williams, Carlos Casares, Joakim Suarez and James Calise - have also created a thirty minute version that walk you through in much more detail and shows you, from the perspective of various business stakeholders involved in process modeling, exactly how BPM PS6 supports the end to end process lifecycle. The video centres around a Retail Leasing use case, and follows how Joakim the Business Analyst, Pablo the Process Owner, and James the Process Analyst take the process from conception to runtime, solely through BPM Composer, without the need for IT or the use of JDeveloper.



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