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In previous posts, I’ve focused on the components around BAM (starting with Impact of ACM Implementation on BAM). Now is will start with a number of posts that are related to the components of BAM. Hereby I will use the image below. The image comes from the BAM documentation of Oracle. This post will mainly be about Data objects.

A BAM data object models data for use within BAM. It contains the data to be monitored. The data can be saved in raw format in a database or in an external table. The data can also be a stream from an ongoing activity.

A data object is structured like a table, with columns and rows. A column can be one of these types:

  1. A measure column contains numeric data, such as procedure costs or case processing times.
  2. A dimension column contains data used to group or partition numeric data, such as departments or case type.
  3. An attribute column contains information that can be used for filtering or references, such as an ID or a timestamp.

A hierarchy is a set of dimension columns in a data object with a hierarchical relationship, such as Judicial system, Department, Team and Employee.

The following types of data objects exist:

    1. A simple data object is used as is. It can contain indexes and hierarchies, but no other column additions or modifications. It corresponds to a database view in the BAM database. Other data objects can use or refer to simple data objects.
    2. A derived data object extends a simple data object or another derived data object. It inherits the columns and hierarchies of the parent data object and adds its own columns. Read the complete article here.

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