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  • November 18, 2013

BAM Adapter Batching Deep Dive by Pete Want

Juergen Kress
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In the real business scenario of integrating SOA/AIA applications with Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), one common requirement is that such integration should not impact the operations of business systems running on SOA/AIA in terms of high availability and performance. To achieve this goal, one option is to use BAM Adapter or BAM Sensor Actions with Batching enabled. This article explains how batching works in Oracle BAM Adapter.

Why You Need Batching?

When talking about batching, the first impression you may have is that you put a set of data into a package or a batch, and send it across for processing as a whole. In the BAM Adapter context, batching not only allows a group of XML payloads to be sent to the BAM Server side, but also changes the behavior of a synchronous invocation to BAM Server API to Async.
In mission critical applications, the preferred approach to integrate Oracle BAM with live data feed is using the Fire and Forget Message Exchange Pattern (MEP). Fire and Forget MEP has two major benefits compared to synchronous integration pattern:

  • High Performance – Threads invoking BAM Adapter APIs are not blocked by down stream operations. Thus the slow execution of down stream code should not impact the performance of the core business system.
  • High Availability – The failures including application failure such as errors due to invalid payload, and system failures such as system outage due to maintenance, will not impact the normal operations of the main system. For example, in the Order to Cash (O2C) flow of AIA Communication PIPs, data integration between AIA and BAM should be in an asynchronous manner, thus, failures and outage of BAM will not impact AIA operations.

When Oracle BAM Adapter or BAM Sensor Actions is used, you should always enable batching to leverage the Fire and Forget MEP. In the next section, you will see how BAM Adapter works with batching enabled.

How Batching Works?

Oracle BAM Adapter is a JCA compliant adapter that primarily converts Oracle BAM operations (Insert, Upsert, Update, and Delete) into the standard Web Services Interface described by WSDL.

By default, BAM Adapter operates in a synchronous manner as shown in the following diagram.
Read the full article here.

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