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  • March 24, 2015

Akino Fishing Company now has a team of consultants helping to setup the BPM

Juergen Kress
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The Analyst Method

clip_image002At Red Mavericks we like to exercise our creativity, do things out of the ordinary, but sometimes, we need to do things with a certain consistency, with a certain methodology. For instance, to pickup information from a plain English description into structured information we follow a certain method. Now, again, there are other ways to do it, but we like to do it like this.

We go through a series of steps:

  1. Identify the verbs in the process description
  2. Identify the nouns in the process description
  3. Identify decision words (if, then, else, while, when, until, or, and, not)
  4. Identify time associating words (after, before, during, at start, in the end, prior)
  5. Build a table with your findings, identifying for each finding their type(1, 2, 3, or 4) and try to answer the 3W1H (What, Who, When and How)

it may not seem like it at the moment, but 80% of what you need to know to model your process is right here. Now eliminate any repitions that mean the same. For instance, in the description you have “…The requester is presented with a message stating “We’re sorry but currently there aren’t any parking spaces available in the requested period. Would you care to leave us your contacts and we’ll try to arrange a parking space for you?”, together with 2 fields: e-mail and mobile number. If the requester chooses to submit the contact information…“. In this case keep only e.mail and mobile number, as the contact information already refers to these two fields.

I’ll let you do the work for now, and identify them for yourself. Come back in 10 minutes when you’re finished. clip_image003

10 Minutes

You should end up with a list similar to this one, give or take a few:

  1. Verbs – filling form, submitting form, check available spaces, returns message, submitting contact information, create a task, generate e-mail or SMS,
  2. Nouns – Request, Requester, Form, Name, Company Name, Period Date, Period Start Time, Period End Time, External Entity, Employee, Parking Space, Message, E-mail, Mobile Number, System, Task, Concierge
  3. Decisions - if there are any parking spaces, if the requester is NOT an Akino Fishing Co. employee, if the system returns that the requester can take parking space X, if the system returns that there are no spaces available, if the requester chooses to submit the contact information, “if they can, they’ll mark the task as OK”, “if they can’t, they’ll mark the task as NOT OK”, if the system doesn’t return anything
  4. Time Associations –  Read the complete article here.

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