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· Quality Control: How to Track a Diamond’s Journey Consumers want to ensure that their diamonds weren’t sold to finance insurgencies or wars, and insurers want to stop theft and fraud. Startup Everledger creates “a unique thumbprint from 40 metadata points of a diamond and records that into the blockchain,” says founder and CEO Leanne Kempuses, aspiring to trace the “lifetime journey” of a diamond from the mine to the end consumer. Tracking other high-value goods with emerging technology.

· Interview: The IoT Is in the Applications By now businesses are convinced that IoT can improve their operations, “but they really don’t want to assemble IoT solutions themselves,” says Oracle’s Bhagat Nainani. Instead, they want to see IoT data from industrial operations, manufacturing, transportation, and field service integrated into the business application they already use. Five examples.

· Free Ebook: SaaS for Dummies

· Using AI to Match Patients with Clinical Trials With tens of thousands of clinical trials worldwide, “it’s very hard to know what you’re eligible for,” says Dan Kuenzig, a director in Oracle’s Strategic Programs. Enter The Opportunity Project, a US-government-led initiative that attacks this and other problems by giving private software engineers swaths of “open” federal data so they can apply emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing resources to the analysis. How does it work?

· Data, AI, and Analytics: What Matters Most It’s a challenge for business leaders to know what technology trends to invest in first. Business intelligence and analytics expert Bruno Aziza suggests three trends that will define the years 2020 to 2030: cloud-based data control, more integration of analytics, and the embrace of artificial intelligence. The research behind his advice

· This Week’s Headlines: Blockchain Choice, Impending Disaster, Game Publishing Unbound and More Experts at Blockchain Cleveland sort out when to use a distributed ledger. Oracle’s Matthew O’Keefe asks why we miss signals of impending disaster. The Dragon Ball games publisher says that it will not be bound by established ideas. And how Puerto Rico wants to “become the center of the world for resiliency and rebuilding.” Plus new videos, events, and more

· ERP and Blockchain Work Together for Complex, Multiparty Transactions | Beth Stackpole 

· Synchronized Patient Health Data with Blockchain Technology | Neil Cattermull

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