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Top tweets SOA Partner Community – December 2012

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clip_image002Eric ElzingaBeer tastes good RT @biemond #soacommunity goes dutch , watch out . having a great time with fellow #aces

clip_image003SOA Community @biemond: #soacommunity goes dutch , watch out . having a great time with fellow #aces” Drinks with my friends :-)

clip_image004OracleBlogs ‏EAIESB OSB poster

clip_image003[1]SOA Community ‏EAIESB OSB poster

clip_image005OProcessAccel BPM as an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) - …

clip_image003[2]SOA Community In process to plan the OFM Partner Community Forum 2013 – which presentations & workshops do you want to suggest? #soacommunity #ofmforum

clip_image006OTNArchBeatHow to Achieve OC4J RMI Load Balancing | A-Team - SOA #oracle

clip_image006[1]OTNArchBeatUsing BPEL Performance Statistics to Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks | A-Team - SOA

clip_image006[2]OTNArchBeatConfigure Oracle SOA JMSAdatper to Work with WLS JMS Topics | A-Team - SOA

clip_image006[3]OTNArchBeatRetrieve Performance Data from SOA Infrastructure Database | A-Team - SOA

clip_image008orclateamsoaA-Team Blog #ateam: How to Achieve OC4J RMI Load Balancing - This is an old, Oracle SOA and OC4J 10G topic. In fact ...

clip_image008[1]orclateamsoaA-Team Blog #ateam: Using BPEL Performance Statistics to Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks

clip_image003[3]SOA Community New release of Oracle Process Accelerators (

clip_image009gschmutzMy latest upload : Five Cool Use Cases for the Spring Component … on @slideshare … #ukoug #spring #oraclesoa

clip_image006[4]OTNArchBeat 13 advanced Oracle SOA Suite presentations from #oow

clip_image009[1]gschmutzMy presentation at #ukoug on slideshare: Where and when to use the Oracle Service Bus: …

clip_image010Vikas Anand SOA on Exalogic a popular session at OOW São Paulo - #exalogic #soa #oow12 #oowbrasil

clip_image003[4]SOA Community Jose Pires from #link development in BPM and ADF are 30%+ more productive than legacy .net implantation #soacommunity #bpm #ukoug

clip_image003[5]SOA CommunityHuge interest in BPM at #ukoug Jose presenting BPM Suite use cases #soacommunity

clip_image003[6]SOA CommunityWant to become a certified middleware expert? Free assessments for SOA & BPM at #ukoug contact Oracle booth

clip_image003[7]SOA CommunityOSB expert Guido Schmutz at #UKOUG when and where to use OSB #soacommunity

clip_image003[8]SOA CommunityEarly morning SOA session at #ukoug with @SOASimone and @mark_gw full room thanks for joining #soacommunity

clip_image003[9]SOA Community@SOASimone: Looking forward to my #ukoug #oraclesoa session today with a case study by @mark_gw: 9 am, hall 7a: integration everywhere”

clip_image012Edwin Biemondnice, with minimumDelayBetweenMessages jca property you can control the consuming of the jms adapter #Oracle SOA Suite …

clip_image003[10]SOA Community Advanced Oracle SOA Suite Oracle Open World 2012 SOA Presentations

clip_image004[1]OracleBlogsOracle Product Leader Named a Leader in Gartner MQ for MDM of Product Data Solutions

clip_image003[11]SOA Community PEX Innovation Award 2013 nominate your SOA & BPM project success

clip_image004[2]OracleBlogsFinding it Hard to Deliver Right Customer Experience: Think BPM!

clip_image003[12]SOA Community Win an iPad mini & daily fun - #Oracle enablement Christmas calendar … #opn #soacommunity #oracle

clip_image004[3]OracleBlogsSOA Community Newsletter November 2012

clip_image003[13]SOA CommunityWriting the December edition of the SOA Community newsletter – want to contribute? Send your news @soacommunity #soacommunity Good weekend

clip_image004[4]OracleBlogsJMS Step 4 - How to Create an 11g BPEL Process Which Writes a Message Based on an XML Schema to a JMS Queue

clip_image003[14]SOA Community Oracle Catalog – product overview for middleware

clip_image006[5]OTNArchBeatOracle BPM and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) | Dan Atwood #oracleace

clip_image014Lonneke DikmansVENNSTER BLOG: BPEL and Fire-and-Forget Web Services …

clip_image016Oracle Middleware Check out Oracle BPM Demo #oraclebpm #bpm #processmanagement

clip_image016[1]Oracle MiddlewareGet a little smarter! Listen to Amit Zavery's podcast and get insight to the latest in Fusion #Middleware

clip_image006[6]OTNArchBeatHow-to: Starting with Oracle Service Bus | @FrankMunz

clip_image006[7]OTNArchBeatMore than 200 Oracle webcasts on-demand

clip_image003[15]SOA CommunityAccenture Foundation Platform for Oracle (AFPO) – Your pre-build & tested middleware platform

clip_image004[5]OracleBlogsUndeploy multiple SOA composites with WLST or ANT by Danilo Schmiedel

clip_image017Ronald LuttikhuizenVENNSTER BLOG | Eventing Hello World (including downloadable workspaces) | … @soacommunity #oraclesoa

clip_image014[1]Lonneke DikmansVENNSTER BLOG: DOAG 2012 …

clip_image004[6]OracleBlogsADF & Fusion Development WebcastDecember 11th 2012

clip_image018Jan van Zoggel Excellent BPM Tech. Corner blog "handling HumanTask attachments in Oracle BPM 11g". Gave us a great quick start …

clip_image003[16]SOA Community @lonnekedikmans here we are waiting for the Dutch team - lekker meisje - Bratwurst BBQ #soacommunity

clip_image014[2]Lonneke Dikmans The noSQL presentation ny @doug_clarke is tomorrow at 9am. That means getting up early :( #doag2012

clip_image003[17]SOA CommunityExperience the eBook – “Oracle SOA Suite – In the Customers’ Words” By Bruce Tierney

clip_image006[8]OTNArchBeat#Oracle #BPM Process Accelerators and process excellence | Andrew Richards

clip_image004[7]OracleBlogsOracle BPM Partner Solution Catalog

clip_image019Lucas JellemaI just published article for AMIS Blog on the BPEL Aggregation Pattern (conditional correlation) in SOA Suite 11g PS5: …

clip_image006[9]OTNArchBeat OTN Virtual Developer Day: Oracle Fusion Development - EMEA - Dec 11, 2012 Registration is open and free.

clip_image003[18]SOA Community EAIESB is pleased to announce the release of book “Oracle Service Bus (OSB) in 21 days: A hands on guide for OSB”.

clip_image020Oracle BPMNeed a Crash Course in BPM? Check out webcast series on @OracleBPM #bpm #processmanagement

clip_image020[1]Oracle BPMCapGemini showcases Public Benefit Process and other processes on @OracleBPM partner catalog

clip_image006[10]OTNArchBeat Service-oriented organizations have a head start in the cloud race | @JoeMcKendrick

clip_image003[19]SOA Community Platform for Efficiency: Boeing Defense, Space & Security integrates supply chain processes using Oracle Business Process Management…

clip_image021Oracle SOANew - Cloud Integration White Paper on need for comprehensive approach beyond simple connectivity.#SOA #OracleSOA

clip_image022Simon Haslam@debralilley @JRSim_UIX @soacommunity #MiddlewareSunday is a more advanced level so we wanted it to be focussed - perhaps WC next year?!

clip_image003[20]SOA Community Administer, manage, monitor, and fine tune the performance of your Oracle SOA Suite 11g Service Infrastructure and SOA composite…

clip_image004[8]OracleBlogsThe Power of Specialization google ads for SOA & BPM Specialized Partners

clip_image019[1]Lucas Jellema Reading pretty good article on Custom Correlation in Oracle BPM 11g - …

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