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Why I'm Excited About Oracle Integration Cloud Service - New Video

Bruce Tierney
Director of Oracle Cloud Integration

Having worked with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) products
for many years, I have come to the conclusion that,

in the early days, SOA was
a solution looking for a problem

deployed standalone CRM, ERP, and other applications that were closed off from
easy integration and had few if any small services that could be assembled as
part of a composite application, thereby limiting the value of SOA.

Pre-integration Video LinkFast forward to today and “services“ are
everywhere providing easy justification for SOA. If you want to deliver new offerings on your
web site for your customers quickly, you don’t start from scratch. You leverage internal and external services
(ex: GetCustomerRecord, GetCreditScore, etc.) and your project is already partially completed. That’s great
progress but it took over 20 years for the concept of SOA (coined in 1994) to
become the accepted standard in most medium-to-large enterprises.

Integration complexity

In contrast, Oracle Integration Cloud Service marks a dramatic
shift in how we approach integration… equal to the shift from EAI to SOA but
with one major difference. Instead of requiring
a new learning curve on how to integrate with loosely coupled SOA, Oracle Integration
Cloud Service goes in the opposite direction with a focus on ease of use. And instead of integration from scratch, its
pre-integration; instead of your best guess, its crowdsourced recommendation
ratings. In the past, it was a shame
that the application developers who knew their respective CRM, ERP, service,
marketing, etc. applications best didn’t embed the integrations themselves into
the integration platforms. With Oracle
Cloud Integration Service and the Oracle Cloud Adapters…that’s what happened.

And so I wrote the script for this video to graphically
convey the ease of use and dramatic shift that Oracle Cloud is bringing to
integration into a story of how Oracle Integration Cloud Service can connect a
disconnected business.

It’s not very often that a solution to a long-standing
problem is such a major shift in the right direction. It’s my belief this has happened with Oracle Integration Cloud Service.Built by Oracle

Watch the new video now to see for yourself.  I expect it will be 3 minutes of time well

Link to video

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  • Krishnam Tuesday, August 11, 2015

    Is there any provision Where I can get Oracle Integration Cloud service as an additional feature with SOA Suite 12c? If not how can I be able to start using Oracle Integration Cloud service

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