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What is the Power of Cloud? (to the Business)

Of course many readers, technologists
and businesses are acutely aware of the value prop of the cloud but what about
the rest of the "majority" of people who don't? If you do a search on
this topic, you will mostly get links to marketing materials that are fairly
high level and full of the usual buzzwords with more links to lengthy case
studies. As a business technology enabler, there needs to be a simpler message
or elevator pitch that is easy to understand yet convincing. Ah, the simplicity
or less is more approach rears it’s
beautiful head once again. Below are some recipes to draw from for an elevator
ride of any duration.

The Enterprise Cloud Reduces Business Outages Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Put simply and avoiding technical acronyms, can the business
rely on 99.99+% availability from the cloud? Look no further than Netflix as an example because
yes the cloud is certainly up to the task.

Immediate Availability Gives You a Your Competitive Edge (for now)

Back in the day, Dell drove industry change by assembling
computers on demand reducing inventories and wrecking havoc on computer
storefronts. Well the cloud equivalent is to be able to go to the cloud store,
answer a few questions, enter your credit info and within 1 hour or less you
are up and running.

A Right Sized Business Reduces Time, Headaches and Cost

You may wonder what this is? It takes many forms but to me
you have to ask does the business get what it paid for? No more shelf ware and
complicated upgrade processes. You need more capacity for certain business
cycles, zoom it’s there. You need more storage, of course that is automated.
You think Apple and other retailers have to turn on any switches to increase
capacity? Maybe they do now but they shouldn’t.

Business Friendly User Interfaces Decreases Time
to Market

Your thinking mobile and that is certainly true but it is
much more than that. This is the type of disruptive technology that could put
technologists like me out of work. Non-technical end users must be able to
build and deploy apps that previously required a CS degree and many years of
experience. Consider how Smart Data cloud initiatives are disrupting Big Data.
Nate Silver, beware.

Build a Nimble Business by Thinking Small

The cloud is all about modularity, extensibility
and continuous release cycles. A/B testing drives micro feature planning
rendering the traditional roadmap virtually useless. In a fully optimized
environment, features will show up before you even have a chance to request them.
Social tools will drive this change more than traditional communication
channels and you have to be on top of it because your competition sure is.

Focus on Business but Engage Developers and IT to Modernize

Remember, we are all in this new delicate cloud eco system
together so it is best to engage all parties even as you try to do an end
around them. Developers will be crucial allies in building a hybrid OnPrem
cloud solution and IT will help you track outages on cloud systems just like
they always have for internal systems.

Be Business Tech Savvy to Extend Your Brand

You may be asking yourself, how does this extend the brand?
Think huge retailer with leading cloud PaaS market share. Make a point of
understanding these new disruptive forces of nature. Understand how NodeJS and
NPM drive modularity and manage dependencies that reduce business risk. Utilize
GitHub to research and rate technologies that could impact and shorten your time to
market. Don’t be passive, get a free developer account on Koding.com to
experience a PaaS system and write a Hello app in 5 different languages. Use
the force, do a lot of “What is XYZ” searches.


Transform your business but don’t forget to have some fun.

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