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    June 18, 2015

Using Oracle Service Bus with Apache Kafka

Robert Wunderlich
Product Strategy Director

Apache Kafka is one of many technologies gaining popularity with the advent of microservices.  In a nutshell, Kafka provides a message broker that is capable of handling extremely high volumes of data.  Developers of microservices have voiced a preference for Kafka to handle messaging requirements between services, but as their implementations grow, they may find themselves in need of mediation between the services.

Oracle Service Bus is a great option and Ricardo Ferreira created a sample transport to connect to Apache Kafka!  Read all about it in his blog post to learn how to obtain, install and use the transport he created.  Oracle Service Bus provides these features out of the box:


Transform payloads as needed between topics.  Normally a user of Kafka would have to create intermediate stages between the topics to perform some sort of processing (transform, adapt, mediate and filtering), but Oracle Service Bus provides this out-of-the-box and serves as that stage.  Developers can simply leverage an industry proven integration platform for mediation instead of having to write code directly for this.  This allows developers to focus their coding less on plumbing (mediating between services) which reduces costs and shortens the project development lifecycle.  Developers and QA can focus more on the most critical value added features and offload the mediation requirements to Oracle Service Bus.

Management and Monitoring

Service Bus provides metrics out of the box to provide visibility into the health of all of your integrations, including the stages mediating Apache Kafka!  Oracle Service Bus is a robust integration platform that is fault tolerant and highly available.  Using Oracle Service Bus, the developer does not have to manually develop these features into mediation services but will benefit from the platform features by simply using Oracle Service Bus.

Hybrid Approach to Integration

Using Oracle Service Bus, you get features that handle the mediation, management and monitoring allowing you to focus on your business use-case.  This is an example of a hybrid approach to integration where you can use a microservice architecture where it makes sense and take advantage of Oracle Service Bus to connect, monitor and manage your services reducing your cost of operations.

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