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GaaS (Gaming as a Service) at Electronic Arts (EA)

Bruce Tierney
Director of Oracle Cloud Integration

No, I’m not trying to introduce yet another acronym (YAA) to
the SOA vernacular but check out this FIFA Soccer - EAgreat new cover story article in Profit
Magazine on Electronic Arts and how products are now becoming digital services
with many of the attributes long associated with Service Oriented
Architecture. Electronic Arts (EA) with
revenues of $4.1B from The Sims, Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer and much more
describes their use of Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Data Integrator to manage
the complexity of transitioning their physical media-based business into their
digital “iHub”.

From an SOA perspective, the comment that prompted the GaaS
title was:

“Games are becoming more of a
service rather than a product, which has all kinds of implications on how you
monetize it”
– Lewis Ward, IDC

Describing why Electronic Arts made the transition, Deepak Advani, vice president of enterprise services at EA

“We just got overwhelmed, because you’re
getting all this data in different formats. We tried to do it manually, but there was nothing to control it. There
was too much manual intervention, when people are touching the data.
Once they
touch the data, there’s a question of integrity."


The article covers many SOA-related topics on how they
achieved “flexibility”, “adapted in ways they hadn’t envisioned”, “standardized
data formats”, “publish/subscribe connectivity” and more.

The Electronic Arts case study is another indicator that more products are
migrating into SOA-style services to better conform to how a business needs to
manage everything from more granular financial “microtransactions”, rapid service
scalability with the enablement of massive simultaneous participation of new
releases such as FIFA Soccer, reliability, quality of service, and more. As more products migrate into an
Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS) SOA-style service-based approach, I promise not
to introduce new acronyms (apologies if I just did it). EA on Cover of Profit Magazine

Check out the full article (link)

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