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Debunking Myths at Cloud Expo 2013

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One of the advantages of living and working in the Bay Area as a tech-lover, is being steeped in high-tech to the brim, with easy access to  good quality conferences. One such was Cloud Expo 2013 that I had the fortune to attend earlier this Fall. The size of the conference was a stark contrast to the Oracle Open World conference that I was recuperating from hosting. But the quality of the keynote speakers was exceptional and the content was extremely engaging. It gave me an opportunity to examine what has happened in the world of cloud from the time of inception over a decade ago.

Several companies have been going the way of the cloud long before the term was even coined. It typically starts with consolidation and realizing gain with a shared infrastructure within the organization. Cloud adoption seems a continuum rather than one jump from the world of silo-ed on-premise hosting to a private or public cloud. And it seems to be the case that organizations will never really transition completely to a full cloud infrastructure, rather pick and choose based on need. This makes the integration challenge more relevant than ever before.

It was also interesting to observe the consistent message across vendors that private cloud seems to have picked up and surpassed public cloud in terms of adoption. Public cloud seems to be filled with specialized vendors who want to gain on solving common problems really well, which has created a whole new integration challenge for consumers who want to capitalize on the best-of-breed offerings across different public clouds while still continuing to host on-premise and even leveraging private cloud in addition. And though it seemed that cloud would be omnipresent with everything going the way of utilities such as electricity and water, where people don't want to know the source and just leverage the resource, we are not quite there with it. 

Rex Wang, VP of Product Marketing at Oracle who leads the Cloud marketing initiative put forth an excellent presentation that debunked a lot of myths surrounding cloud that helped enhance understanding of the trends in the space. You can watch the video here: Ten Myths of Cloud Computing You can also read more on his presentation and access it here: Download

Debunking Cloud Myths

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